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​  ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 30: Nearly 10,000 people killed in Gaza as U.S. rejects ceasefire calls, Israel continues ground invasion
Hundreds of thousands protested in the Washington D.C. and around the world, calling for a ceasefire. Israel continues to target civilian infrastructure
, using the "equivalent of two nuclear bombs," says rights group.

​  Israel’s Gaza operations not ‘self-defense’ – Moscow
The Jewish state is an “occupying power,”
Russia’s UN representative Vassily Nebenzia has claimed

  ​I watched Nasrallah's 90 minute speech live on Friday. He was very reserved, saying that Hezbollah has been doing what it can to help Gaza since October 8, that the rest of the resistance needs to embargo oil and gas to Israel, and that Hezbollah has all options open to counter-strike the US Navy if attacked.
Hezbollah Chief: US "Directly Responsible" For Gaza Atrocities, Will Soon Pay "Heavy Price"

​  This is completely true. The big bomb craters make bad impression on the world. Smaller craters are better PR.
Blinken Tells Abbas He Asked Israel To Use 'Smaller Bombs' On Gaza

​  US Official Says Israel Has Not Come Close to Destroying Hamas Leadership
The US is refusing to leverage military aid to Israel despite the massive number of civilian casualties

​  Going hungry in Gaza
​  People spend hours in line for some bread, braving the hellfire of Israel's warplanes. Flour has run out in the south. Everything has changed, and life has reverted to a state of bare existence.​.. People wake up in their homes, or in schools or hospitals where they have sought shelter, in a struggle for survival. The first thing they check is the water tap. Everyone waits for a drop of water, whether it’s for drinking or washing. The lucky ones have enough water to last them throughout the day.

​  The Israeli Occupation Forces targeted a civilian car on Lebanese territories using precision munition claiming the lives of three children and putting their grandmother in the hospital with serious injuries.
The munition was launched from a drone directly targeting the car, in Ainata, Southern Lebanon, according to Al Mayadeen's correspondent.

Iron dome misfires, missile falls on Israeli hospital

​  White phosphorous causes a horrific, agonizing, death by burning of all the moist tissues in a person's body.
Israel widely using prohibited white phosphorus to shell Gaza Strip – TV

​  Unrelenting genocide until ...?
Israel promises no ceasefire or pauses in Gaza fighting — Hersh
According to the journalist, the ceasefire and the humanitarian pause are perceived by the Israeli leadership in the same way, namely as a break in the bombing

  Simplicius has a well detailed and balanced Ukraine war update: The Ukrainian military is short on offensive weapons, but much shorter on soldiers for the meat-grinder, with the "total mobilization" efforts only managing to capture about 30,000 Ukrainian new-recruits, after losing 90,000 this summer. Offensive weapons from the west are in short supply, but defensive weapons, like mines and anti-tank missiles are not, so a defensive holding action can be supplied for a year and a half. US politics can't wait until 2025, but need to be done with Ukraine before next summer, due to US elections. Ukraine looks likely to have a presidential election March 31, 2024. Zelensky has completely ruled out negotiating with Russia, so he will be replaced if this is to happen. Ukrainian military commanders would be able to negotiate, and are in communication with NATO, so they are the "threat" to him. Zelinsky is directly threatened by Ukrainian fascists, so he cannot back down. Negotiations would need to "give" Russia everything it has taken and security assurances of a neutral Ukraine. Alternatively, Russia can take the whole coastline and anything else it sees fit. The current Russian offensive remains a slow grind, with very low casualty rates. 
  Ukrainian grift has become almost complete, "like there is no tomorrow". This is just "how things are done" in Ukraine. It looks like Ukrainian officials see the end coming soon.
  Russia has new AI-targeted Lancet drones which recognize targets they are programmed to find and hit, like Leopard tanks (shown).Russia has been shooting down essentially all long range Ukrainian missiles, any airplanes that take off, and just hit an awards ceremony for artillery commanders, taking out a huge number of Ukraine's best artillery officers.
Western Officials Increasingly Pushing "Peace Talks" + War Updates

  ​John Helmer: In the coming winter phase of the Russian offensive in the Ukraine, the electric war will be run quite differently from the way the first electric war was directed last winter.
  The impact on the Ukrainian grid and on the country’s and military’s capacities to cope will be  more destructive than a year ago. The reason for this, Ukrainian sources have been saying publicly and Russian military assessments now confirm, is that most of the money which the US,  the European Union,  and the World Bank have provided Kiev officials over the past nine months to repair, reconstruct, and prepare the country’s power generating and distribution system for the coming winter has been stolen.
  The US and NATO command and control centres inside the country for running the war will be operating in the dark, not only because of the precision of the Russian missiles and drone operations, but because of the corruption of the Ukrainians. They understand that defeat and capitulation are coming; they are running away with the loot before it’s too dark, too late...
..“A rapidly growing shortage of transformers…is threatening the nation’s ability to remain a leader in innovation and is undermining long-term economic security…Despite a heavy reliance on HV [high voltage] transformers, the U.S. has very slim manufacturing capabilities. To meet demand, roughly 85 percent11 of these HV transformers are imported from South Korea and Germany—however, China is seizing market share and forcing out competition...
​..“My suppliers are telling me that things are levelling out”, the US maintenance administrator reports. “Transformers, depending on the size — the larger, the longer the wait —  are still 12 to 35 weeks out. Large power transformers, such as those used by utilities, can still be more than a year out. All gear is still expensive and certain equipment, such as protection relays, have long lead times. It’s easy to see that the US power grid is a handful of transformer failures away from collapse.”

​  The US rolled out its 50th weapons package for Ukraine. The arms shipment will include air defenses, artillery rounds, and anti-armor weapons. The Pentagon will purchase $300 million in arms on behalf of Kiev, depleting all the funds in the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI).
​  On Friday, The Department of Defense announced a new $425 million in military aid package for Ukraine. $125 million in weapons will be sent directly from American stockpiles through the Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA). The funds used to transfer the arms came from a Pentagon accounting error that gave the White House access to an additional $6 billion in PDA funds.

​  Does Any Member of the US Government Represent Americans?​  Paul Craig Roberts 
​  And especially, the US Congress represents the artificial state of Israel and all of Israel’s agendas.  
​  Indeed, Matt Gaetz himself cannot escape having to support an occupier of Palestinians’ land, claiming that it is Israel’s.  The fact that even a brave man like Matt Gaetz has to support an aggressor against a people abandoned by the “moral” West shows how captured the US government is at all levels by vested monied interests.
​  Gaetz along with the entirely of the US Congress and the President  are purchased by the billions of dollars that American taxpayers are forced to hand over to Israel each year. American taxpayers are forced to give Israel annually billions of dollars that are used to purchase our government. Israel, considered a rich country, does not need foreign aid, but any member of Congress who does not vote for  Israel’s billions finds in his next election a challenger financed by Israel’s billions  and himself a victim of Israel’s slander machine. The same thing happens if you vote against an excessive military/security budget or against the agendas of powerful organized interests.  A government whose election is financed by interest groups has to represent those interest groups.

​  Turkey is a regional lynchpin, with a powerful military, diverse trade and diplomatic ties, and controlling a lot of pipeline and shipping flows.
​  Turkey on Saturday announced the recalling of its ambassador to Israel, and the temporary breaking off of contacts with the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in response to the soaring death toll in Gaza due to Israeli aerial and ground attacks.
Israel had already begun recalling some of its diplomats from Turkey
exactly one week prior, after President Erdogan said Israel has been "openly committing war crimes".

​  The Israeli military stands by and watches Jewish "settlers" kill Palestinians, destroy their olive orchards, and take their homes and farms.
Surging Abuse Of West Bank Palestinians May Spark New Front For IDF

WHO: 218 Israeli attacks targeted hospitals in Gaza Strip

Massive Airstrikes Level Large University In Gaza

​  Thanks Eleni , Israeli military censorship hides the truth from you , by Thierry Meyssan   Extensive reporting of what is really taking place despite the "invincible IDF".
​  This was the most important information of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, yet it had escaped us. The attack on Israel was not carried out by Hamas jihadists, but by four united armed groups. This is the first time in fifty years that the Palestinians of Gaza have united.
Like it or not, the long years of Western indifference to the fate of the Palestinians are ending. From now on, we will have to start applying international law.

​  Yakov M. Rabkin, on the importance of the Russian Revolution to Israeli attitudes: On the Impasse of Political Violence
​  Waves of pogroms continued to descend on the Jews in the first years of the 20th century, particularly in what today is known as the Ukraine and Moldova, where anti-Jewish violence was virulent and widespread. A few Jewish self-defence groups were organized to ward off pogroms, but insecurity was endemic. Nearly two million Jews emigrated, mostly to the Americas.
​  It is in this context that a number of mostly young Jews embraced the novel ideology of Zionism and grafted it on top of their socialist convictions. A few thousands of these aggrieved revolutionaries arrived in Ottoman Palestine with the intention of edifying a new socialist society and educating new Hebrew Men and Women, physically strong and spiritually freed from religious beliefs. They were ready to do physical work, started socialist agricultural communes (kibbutz in Hebrew) and acquired arms to defend them. Unlike most Jewish émigrés from Russia heading for America who yearned to fit in the new country, Zionist settlers in Palestine sought to establish their own independent society.
​  These young Socialist Zionists arrived in Palestine with enthusiasm and a strong desire to break with the past, including the powerlessness they had experienced in the Russian Empire. They abandoned their native Yiddish and strove to speak the new Zionist tongue of Modern Hebrew. They cast away religion, building up a new identity as secular Hebrews. While many had been prohibited from toiling the land in Russia’s Pale of Settlement, the only part of the Russian Empire where Jews had been allowed to reside till 1917, in Palestine they became agriculturists.

​  Historical Analysis (1897-Present): Crimes Committed against the People of Palestine. “Israel, State Sponsor of Terrorism”
​  The genesis of the current Israeli/Palestine conflict began in 1897 when the First Zionist Congress was held in Switzerland, establishing the World Zionist Movement.
​  The Jews strove for their own homeland after suffering systemic anti-semitism and pogroms in Europe. The Zionists initially considered countries like Cyprus, Argentina, Uganda, and the State of Texas in the United States. However they ultimately decided on Palestine, the historic homeland of the Jews where Arabs had been living for thousands of years and now owned close to 100 percent of the land. Liberal Zionists like Achad Ha’am wanted to coexist with the Arabs but a more violent element of the Zionist settlers wanted to displace them.
​  In 1917, Arthur Balfour, Britain’s Foreign Minister, sent a letter to Lionel Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, requesting “…the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.” The letter further stated that Britain would “use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object.” This letter is historically known as the Balfour Declaration. The British earnestly facilitated European Jews emigration to Palestine where their population was under 30 percent.
Although the Balfour Declaration hypocritically suggested that “nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine;” the complete opposite was done by the settlers. The Jews used the opportunity and the conditions created by the Declaration to undermine Palestine while organizing and arming themselves, all of which became the precursor to establishing the formal State of Israel through the Nakba in 1948.
​  During this almost two-year siege more than 500 Palestinian villages were destroyed, over 13,000 Palestinians killed and more than 750,000 forced to flee their homes. To this day the majority of Palestinians have not and cannot return to their former homes, because Israel through its occupation and policies have prevented it. Al-Jazeera has reported that
​  “Palestinian refugees and their descendants number more than seven million. Many still languish in refugee camps in neighbouring Arab countries, waiting to return to their homeland.”
​  Western powers thus helped establish the state of Israel on territory belonging to indigenous Palestinians. For 75 years the people of Palestine have experienced occupation, genocide, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, bombings, raids, wanton killings including women and children, frivolous imprisonment, torture and indefinite detention. All these atrocities can be considered to have been fueled by a Zionist ideology rooted in racism, national chauvinism, and a misguided fallacy of religious exclusivity.

  ​If you kill innocent children with artillery from 15 miles away, their ghosts can still haunt you. PTSD meds don't fix it. Official Denial is the Pentagon's policy. Thanks Christine.
A Secret War, Strange New Wounds, and Silence From the Pentagon

​  Iranian drones are of high quality, and combat proven.
​  According to the Israelis, a MahanAir Airbus A340-313 took off from Tehran's Mehrabed Airport and landed at the Russian Aerospace Forces' Hmeimim Air Base in Latakia, Syria.
​  The Israelis note that the Russian Air Force has sole control of the area as well as the port, which appears to provide a safe haven for Revolutionary Guards aiding Hezbollah.
​  The plane, according to Israeli information, was carrying about five tons of weapons.

​  The House on Wednesday passed a resolution that suggested the US would use force against Iran in the future in the name of preventing the country from acquiring nuclear weapons.
​  The resolution says a nuclear-armed Iran is “unacceptable” and declares that it’s the policy of the US to “use all means necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”
​  A US intelligence report recently affirmed that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons, but reality doesn’t stop Iran hawks in the US and Israel from constantly hyping up the threat of a non-existent Iranian nuclear weapons program. The same officials do not officially recognize that Israel possesses a nuclear arsenal.

​  Lawyers with conscience [Officially] need not apply.
​  Two dozen top US law firms have sent a letter to more than 100 law school deans advising them to take an "unequivocal stance" against antisemitism on their campuses, which we assume includes protests opposing the Israeli government's longstanding treatment of Palestinians (who are technically 'semitic'), Bloomberg reports.
​  The letter, signed by firms including Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP, Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP and Wachtell Lipton Rosen and Katz LLP (which we imagine aren't exactly headed by supporters of Palestine), follows several incidents in which law students saw job offers rescinded over their support of the Oct. 7 Hamas attack.

​  Gail Tverberg, Today’s energy bottleneck may bring down major governments
​  Recently, I explained the key role played by diesel and jet fuel. In this post, I try to explain the energy bottleneck the world is facing because of an inadequate supply of these types of fuels, and the effects such a bottleneck may have. The world’s self-organizing economy tends to squeeze out what may be considered non-essential parts when bottlenecks are hit. Strangely, it appears to me that some central governments may be squeezed out. Countries that are rich enough to have big pension programs for their citizens seem to be especially vulnerable to having their governments collapse.
​  This squeezing out of non-essential parts of the economy can happen by war, but it can also happen because of financial problems brought about by “not sufficient actual goods and services to go around.” An underlying problem is that governments can print money, but they cannot print the actual resources needed to produce finished goods and services. I think that in the current situation, a squeezing out for financial reasons, or because legislators can’t agree, is at least as likely as another world war.

  Alasdair Macleod ,  The Future For Fiat (money)
​  The day of reckoning for unproductive credit is in sight.
With G7 national finances spiraling out of control, debt traps are being sprung on all of them, with the sole exception of Germany.
​  Malinvestments of the last fifty years are being exposed by the rise in interest rates, increases which are driven by a combination of declining faith in the value of major currencies and contracting bank credit. The rise in interest rates is becoming unstoppable.
​  Do not be surprised to see a US Government deficit exceeding $3 trillion this fiscal year, half of which will be interest payments. And in the run-up to a presidential election, there’s every sign of deficit spending increasing even further.
​  We now face America and her allies being dragged into another expensive conflict in the Middle East, likely to drive oil and natural gas prices higher; far higher if Iran becomes a target.​..
..There are a number of events coming together that suggest we are about to undergo a major upheaval in world economic, financial, and monetary affairs.​..
​..The US Government’s debt trap​...
​..The entire G7 banking system is broken​...

European Regulator Confirms Pfizer Did Not Highlight DNA Sequence In COVID-19 Vaccine​ (Sshhh, ​The DNA-plasmid "contaminants" are a secret...)

​  Leading the way for the "vaccine" industry in killing-some-more-folks:  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is refusing to recall the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, promoting the view that the inclusion of a previously-undisclosed DNA sequence that leaves behind fragments is not of concern.

  Peter McCullough MD, "Avoid them all", but ...Comparative Risks of Myocarditis and Pericarditis with mRNA, Adenoviral DNA, and Spike Antigen Vaccines
WHO VigiBase Gives Rare Look at Differential Risks

​  Peter McCullough MD, Yes hydroxychloroquine treatment of COVID saved lives, the earlier, the better. 
Outcomes after Early Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin: An Analysis of 30,423 COVID-19 patients
Huge Outcomes Study Delivers Good News

​Home Economist (pitchforking mulch for garden walkways)

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