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Saving A Life

 Good Samaritans,

  A very short video clip of men working fast with hand tools to chip away the concrete trapping a toddler, next to a crushed family member, maybe Mom. 
Have you ever helped save a human life? There is no greater exultation that I have experienced.

​  ‘They see us as human animals,’ says Palestinian journalist with 21 family members killed by Israel
​  In the early hours of 22 October, Israel bombed the Alnaouq family home in Gaza, killing 21 members of the family, including Ahmed’s father, two brothers, three sisters and 14 nieces and nephews.
​  “In normal days, the people who live in my house are my father, my two brothers, and the family of my older brother,” Alnaouq told Anadolu in a video interview. “But during this war, my sisters, who are married and live in different areas, decided to move to my home because they thought it is one of the safest areas and they maybe could survive the war there.”
​  The reality of the Gaza Strip, however, is that there is not a single building safe from Israeli bombs.
​  “It was 4 or 5 am when they were targeted. And I was sleeping then, but I woke up suddenly, panicked for some reason in my sleep,” he explained. “I woke up and heard the news from a friend who lives there. He told me that my house was bombed and my family were killed.”

​  Former US Marine and geopolitical analyst Brian Berletic told Sputnik that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's declaration of "war" on Hamas was "just a pretext" for ethnic cleansing...
​..Israel favoured Hamas over the PLO because the Islamic resistance movement "was utterly opposed to a two state solution" — as was Netanyahu's hard-line government. "That is that is what is mandated under international law — a two state solution is an Israeli state, a Palestinian state. This occupation has to end," Berletic said.
Israel has made its intention to force out the 2.3 million Palestinian inhabitants of Gaza since the start of its bombing campaign a month ago, the analyst said, telling civilians to flee to the southern end of the enclave so it could bomb Gaza City in an attempt to destroy Hamas bunkers and tunnels.
​  "In the very beginning, they were quite open. They wanted to just displace the civilian population of Gaza and move in militarily," Berletic said. "Once it's erased, they don't have to worry about a two state solution ever again."

​  Iran Warns Of 'Inevitable Expansion' Of War After IDF Conducts Flag-Raising Ceremony In Gaza
​  On Friday Israeli media produced this headline hailing that "Israeli flags wave proudly along the shores of Gaza". Starting on Thursday footage began widely circulating online showing IDF troops holding an Israeli flag raising ceremony, laying stake to conquered areas of the Strip. In a short speech during the ceremony on a Gaza beach, just prior to leading troops in the national anthem, an IDF soldier said "this is our land" and told his forces they are leading the way for Jews "to return to our lands." ...
​..After reports emerged starting Wednesday and Thursday that Israeli tanks had pushed to the center of Gaza City, Palestinian officials have said tanks have drawn close to and have surrounded key hospitals where thousands of Palestinians are taking shelter as wounded patients are receiving treatment. They said Friday that air strikes have hit the Strip's biggest hospital, Al Shifa, killing at least one and wounding several others.
​  Other hospitals were were also reportedly struck at dawn, including strikes on the grounds of the Indonesian Hospital and the Rantissi cancer hospital, according to eyewitnesses cited in Reuters. Sprawling tent encampments of the internally displaced can be seen on the hospital campuses, but Israel claims that Hamas has 'terror tunnels' underneath, and further that the group has a base of operations in Rantissi hospital. Civilians waiving white flags have been trapped, in at least one instance coming under fire while trying to escape. Gazan authorities say the Israel's military is firing on them, while Israel claims Hamas is shooting its own people to keep them as "human shields".

​  The relatives of Ahmed Dawabsheh, a Palestinian boy whose mother, father and 18-month-old baby brother were burned to death by illegal Jewish settlers in 2015, describe the escalating Jewish settler violence in the occupied West Bank as like “living in a ring of fire” At a time when all eyes are on Gaza, Israeli army violations against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and violence by Jewish settlers are both escalating...
​..The Palestinian family’s house in the village of Duma near the West Bank city of Nablus was set on fire by Jewish settlers on the morning of 31 July, 2015. Eighteen-month-old Ali was killed in the fire. His father, 31-year-old Saad Dawabsheh, and his mother, 28-year-old Riham Dawabsheh, and their other child, four-year-old Ahmed, were seriously injured and taken to hospital. Doctors could not save Saad and Riham, leaving Ahmed as the sole surviving family member. He suffered burns on 60 per cent of his body, and now lives with his grandfather and uncle in Duma...
​..During the visit, Ahmed, now 13 years old, was playing with his cousin in his uncle’s house. He appeared shy and reserved but had a cheerful demeanour. His grandfather, Hussein, who lost his daughter, son-in-law and grandson in the arson attack, said that, since the 2015 tragedy, violence by fanatical Jewish settlers against the Palestinian people has been on the rise.
​  “For example, to go out in the street, you have to make a thousand calculations,” he explained. “You have to take care to avoid being attacked by Jewish settlers and you are afraid. Jewish settlers can stop you and kill you. In other words, the situation is very bad.”
​  Asked how Palestinians cope with this chronic problem, which paralyses their daily lives, he replied: “We are Muslims, and we believe in destiny and fate. Our dead have become martyrs; they have risen to the Lord of the worlds, Allah. But after them, those who suffer are their families, siblings and their homeland. Everyone is going through this pain.”
​  He pointed out that although it is the Palestinians who are victimised, they are regarded as terrorists. “They treat us as terrorists at any time. In any situation, Israel cancels the work permits of our children working in the Israeli areas. They suffocate us from all sides.”

​  It is the same story in every village in the South Hebron Hills.
​  Israeli settlers are seizing livestock, wrecking water tanks, smashing solar panels, bulldozing outbuildings and destroying the olive groves upon which Palestinian farmers depend for their livelihood.
​  They arrive unannounced armed with M16 machine guns which they are more than happy to use. They beat up villagers with iron bars, with sticks, with fists, with the butts of their guns.
​  They assault women and the elderly.
They enter Palestinian houses ripping out fixtures and fittings, stealing money, destroying papers, overturning furniture.
​  They shoot to kill. Many wear a military uniform.

Israel Denies US Claims It Agreed to Four-Hour ‘Humanitarian Pauses’ in Gaza Assault

Israel's Staunchest Supporters Balk: Macron Calls On Israel To "Stop Killing Gaza's Women and Children," Anthony Blinken Says Far Too Many Palestinians Have Been Killed."​ , Norwegian MD Shouts To Camera On CNN: "President Biden, Mr. Blinken Can You Hear Me? Can You Hear The Screams…From Innocent People?"

Tens of thousands flee on foot as UN says north of Gaza is ‘hell on earth’​ 
Israel says more than 100,000 Palestinians have moved from the north to the south of Gaza in the last two days.

​  Two Israeli Captives in Gaza to be Released, Blaming Netanyahu for Failure​ ​  [The​ hostages have experienced it all in Gaza now.]
​  In further detail, the Israeli elderly captive stated that she found herself in an unsuitable situation, blaming Netanyahu for “all of this chaos that occurred and responsibility for the lives of the Israeli prisoners in Gaza.” She added that Netanyahu “destroyed everything beautiful, targeted people, tortured them, and killed children.”
​  She asserted that “Netanyahu committed major mistakes and harmed Israeli society” and demanded that he “leave the government and return home.”
In regards to the captives’ detention circumstances, Caster stated that the resistance fighters “did everything to keep the Israeli captives alive,” adding that “everything was good, and they were treated with all respect in terms of health and other matters.”
​  Yagil Yaakov, a young captive, said that “Netanyahu is causing the deaths of children in addition to Israeli captives held by the resistance and exposing their lives to danger and difficulty by shutting off water and power to the Gaza Strip.

Two Israelis Arrested for 'Looting Music Festivalgoers Killed in Oct 7 Attack'
The Israeli armycommand has officially recognized the tragic incident that occurred on October 7, when civilians were shot as a result of an erroneous action by the crew of a miThe Israeli army command has officially recognized the tragic incident that occurred on October 7, when civilians were shot as a result of an erroneous action by the crew of a military helicopter. According to preliminary data, Israeli citizens, trying to avoid the Arab attack, were mistaken for attackers and attacked from the air. Video footage circulated showed a helicopter opening fire on fleeing people who were said to be unarmed.

Hamas 'Mass Rape' Hoax Falls Apart: Israeli Paper Admits 'Evidence' of Alleged Rapes Has 'Slipped Away'

  ​Simplicius , SITREP 11/10/23: Israeli Economy Buckles, Russia Breaks Through in Avdeevka
  israel steams ahead but still tiptoes around Gaza City without entering its heart. Expert commentators have noted how Israel sticks to their armored vehicles and has very few patrolling foot soldiers to guard them—the exact ‘amateurish mistake’ that Russian mechanized forces were accused of making in the early part of the war.
​  But we see now that in many ways it’s a necessity because soldiers become targets for snipers. For instance, one illustrative story was the following—an IDF tanker who stepped out for just a second to get supplies for his unit, and was instantly taken out​.
​  This has led to speculation that the IDF is terrified of engaging in firefights with Hamas units, preferring to bomb everything into dust prior to moving their huge armored columns forward, inch by inch.
​  This is standard NATO doctrine but we’re seeing the limitations of it. Huge armored columns are sitting out in the open, doing ‘nothing’ but waiting while the airforce clears the path. Against a competent enemy they would be targeted and taken out en masse.
..Now as of this writing, another major and unprecedented meeting is taking place, with both Assad, Iran’s Raisi, and the Emir of Qatar all landing in Saudi Arabia for what some described as an ‘emergency meeting’ on the Gaza situation.
  The truth is, it’s not any major expected action itself that is the big story here. It’s the continued reconciliations and birth of a new Middle East hierarchy and [geo]political and security architecture; in short, the steady realignment and establishment of an Arab/Muslim ‘pole’—as Dugin calls it—in the nascent multipolarity sphere.
  Many anticipate one flashy “big arrow” event, like a total Hezbollah declaration of war and invasion of north Israel. But in fact, the slow needling strategy of tension from the Iran-aligned side is doing great harm to the West and its political fabric. There are renewed rumors of huge, unprecedented ‘mutinies’ within the [deep] State Department of the U.S.
  Yesterday a report hit the newswires that American diplomats and consuls in the MidEast, acting as canaries in the coalmine, are signaling alarm from their milieu that an entire “generation of Arab support” is being lost by what the U.S. is helping perpetrate in Gaza.

​"High Explosive Anti Tank" RPGs and parked tanks:
Al-Qassam published new scenes showing their forces confront the IOF invading the northern and southern axes of Gaza City, and destroy a number of army vehicles & Merkava tanks by using the Yassin-105 tandem HEAT rockets.

​Supporting local-industry: Al-Yassin 105: A heavily modified anti-tank round based on RPG-2 and RPG-7 design
Подробнее на: helicopter. According to Nov. 09 (YPA) – The Yemeni Armed Forces announced on Thursday evening the launch of a batch of ballistic missiles at various sensitive targets of the Zionist entity south of the occupied territories, including military targets in the Umm al-Rashrash area (Eilat).
​ The Armed Forces confirmed in a statement issued this evening that the military operation successfully hit its specified targets, despite the enemy’s secrecy about it. 

​This is what Nasrallah was talking about, the ability to hit back at the American fleet, if it attacks Lebanon.
"Take revenge for Moskva": Russia gave Hezbollah supersonic anti-ship missiles P-800 Oniks! – And Chinese C-802s in her arsenal!

 ​"Iran, Iran, Iran", but the Syrian Army attacked American army troops, illegally occupying Syria, a distinct change for the Syrian army.
​  The US carried out airstrikes with two F-15s against Iranian Guard positions in Syria with Tehran's response being immediate: Pro-Iranian forces, the Syrian Army and Iraqi militias attacked US bases and positions in Syria and Iraq.
​  The Iranians hit US bases with kamikaze drones and ballistic missiles. A standout is the attack by Iraqi militias with an Iranian Fath/BM-120 ballistic missile launched from a converted civilian truck.

​  Drones have struck an Iraqi air base that hosts US military forces and aircraft in Iraq's Kurdistan region in the latest attack against US troops amid Washington's unwavering support for Israel's onslaught on the Gaza Strip.
​  The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an umbrella group of anti-terror fighters, in a Thursday statement published on its Telegram channel claimed responsibility for the attack on the al-Harir Air Base, situated 45 kilometers (27.9 miles) north of the Erbil International Airport in northern Iraq.
​  It noted that two drones were launched at the base and “directly hit their targets.” The group added the operation came in retaliation for US support of Israel’s bloody military campaign in the Gaza Strip, where more than 10,800 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been killed.

​  Defense officials have further said that all or most of the over 50 US troop injuries have been minor, and that all have since returned to duty.
The US has had some 1,000 or more troops and personnel in Syria for years. Originally claiming a "counter ISIS" mission, the US "mission" quickly became an oil and gas resource grab - ultimately with an eye toward regime change in Damascus, via suffocating sanctions and diverting of domestic energy.

​  I woke up at 3:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. I watched this 90 minute interview that Eleni had just sent, explaining the "three types of political Zionism", "Labor Zionism", the "join a kibbutz" and live in peace kind, "conservative and religious Zionism" as a lumped group, and "Revisionist Zionism", of which Netanyahu's father was a founder, raising his family in the US, because "Labor Zionism was too Satanic". Netanyahu's brother was in the IDF special forces and died in action. It is important to understand Netanyahu's absolutist position.  Most people do not understand that he will not rest to get every Palestinian out of "greater Israel". Consequences don't matter to him. Labor Zionism, for the peaceful 2-state solution, essentially died in 1995 with the assassination of Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin by a Revisionist Zionist.
The Invasion of Gaza is Worse Than You Think with Idriss Aberkane
  There are several different forms of Zionism. From the 1920s until the 1970s, the dominant form was Labor Zionism, which sought to link socialism and nationalism. By the 1920s, Labor Zionists in Palestine established the kibbutz movement (a kibbutz is a collective commune, usually with an agricultural economy), the Jewish trade union and cooperative movement, the main Zionist militias (the Haganah and Palmach) and the political parties that ultimately coalesced in the Israeli Labor Party in 1968. The top leader of Labor Zionism was David Ben-Gurion, who became the first Prime Minister of Israel. 
​  A second form of Zionism was the Revisionist movement led by Vladimir Jabotinsky. They earned the name “Revisionist” because they wanted to revise the boundaries of Jewish territorial aspirations and claims beyond Palestine to include areas east of the Jordan River. In the 1920s and 1930s, they differed from Labor Zionists by declaring openly the objective to establish a Jewish state (rather than the vaguer formula of a “national home”) in Palestine. And they believed that armed force would be required to establish such a state.
More Than 80 Lawsuits in UK Allege AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Caused Deaths, Severe Injuries
Two lawsuits working their way through the U.K. court system could determine the fate of a class-action suit filed against AstraZeneca by more than 80 people
who allege they or a family member were injured by the drugmaker’s COVID-19 vaccine.

​  Major UK Newspaper Openly Reports BBC Radio Presenter Killed By Covid Injections: "Lisa Shaw Died On May 21 From Complications Arising From The Astra Zeneca Covid Vaccination."
Three Years After Frontline "Anti-Vaxxers" Sounded The Alarm, The Telegraph Declares the "Real Covid Jab Scandal" Is "Finally Emerging"


  1. Ever save a life... Most of my career was in MGHs neonatal ICU. Also flew medflight picking up critical neonates for nitric oxide and ECMO in MA, NH, and ME. It was the best and worst of times... Den

    1. You get it, Dennis. I also "know" what the man felt as he carried the precious living child away to a hospital. It's a "heroic" feeling of accomplishment and deep joy.