Monday, November 13, 2023

Resisting With Compassion

 C​ompassionate Humans,

​  Colombian President Gustavo Petro has announced that the Latin American country will seek to prosecute Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for atrocities committed against Palestinian civilians in Gaza.
​  Foreign Minister Alvaro Leyva was scheduled to meet with International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutors
on Friday, to formally press charges against Netanyahu over “the massacre of the Palestinian people’s children and civilians he has caused,” according to Petro.
​  The president posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday that Colombia “will contribute to the complaint by the Republic of Algeria” for war crimes, filed before the ICC against Netanyahu.
​  Earlier this week, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune called on the ICC to “take action” to stop Israel’s campaign against Gaza, and urged human rights organizations and other Arab nations to sue Netanyahu.
​  Three NGOs – Al-Haq, Al Mezan, and the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights – did so on Wednesday, urging the ICC to investigate Israel for “apartheid” and “genocide” over the “continuous barrage of Israeli airstrikes on densely populated civilian areas within the Gaza Strip.”
​  The US classifies both Colombia and Israel as “major non-NATO ally” states. Trouble between the two began last month, however, when Israeli ambassador in Bogota, Gali Dagan, pushed Petro’s government to endorse Netanyahu’s war on Gaza.

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 38: Premature babies dependent on incubators in Gaza are officially being left to die.
All the hospitals in Gaza City are now out of service as Israel’s attack on healthcare continues, forcing medical staff to abandon their dying patients, including premature babies
11,078 killed*, including 4,506 children, and 27,490 wounded in Gaza
*The casualty numbers from Gaza have not been updated in at least 3 days, as the “collapse of services and communications”
has made it nearly impossible for the health ministry to document and update the numbers
187 Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem

Israeli army shoots whoever tries to leave Al-Shifa Hospital: Doctor tells Anadolu

At least 22 hospitals closed in Gaza Strip​ , It was noted that the Israeli army also shot 53 ambulances

​  Chris Hedges:  Israel's genocidal attacks, which are killing hundreds of Palestinians a day, including some 160 children, have expanded to shelling the remaining hospitals in Gaza.
​  DOHA, Qatar: I am in the studio of Al Jazeera’s Arabic service watching a live feed from Gaza City. The Al Jazeera reporter in northern Gaza, because of the intense Israeli shelling, was forced to evacuate to southern Gaza. He left his camera behind. He trained it on Al-Shifa hospital, Gaza’s largest medical complex. It is night. Israeli tanks fire directly towards the hospital compound. Long horizontal red flashes. A deliberate attack on a hospital. A deliberate war crime. A deliberate massacre of the most helpless civilians, including the very sick and infants. Then the feed goes dead.
​  We sit in front of the monitors. We are silent. We know what this means. No power. No water. No internet. No medical supplies. Every infant in an incubator will die. Every dialysis patient will die. Everyone in the intensive care unit will die. Everyone who needs oxygen will die.  Everyone who needs emergency surgery will die. And what will happen to the 50,000 people who, driven from their homes by the relentless bombing, have taken refuge on the hospital grounds? We know the answer to that as well. Many of them, too, will die.

​  There are no words to express what we are witnessing. In the five weeks of horror this is one of the pinnacles of horror. The indifference of Europe is bad enough.  The active complicity by the United States is unfathomable. Nothing justifies this.

In a flash, Melissa Joudah lost 60 family members and use of her legs
​  An Israel air raid that killed the toddler’s family also fractured her spine and paralysed her from the chest down.
​..Yasmeen looked around helplessly as body after body was pulled out from under the rubble.
Then 16-month-old Melissa, her sister’s cheerful daughter who had just taken her first steps weeks earlier, was pulled out, completely still and quiet. Everyone assumed she was dead.​ Shrapnel from the Israeli air attack had lodged in Melissa’s spinal cord, paralysing her from the chest down.

After 10 days of waiting to take a shower, the displaced Palestinian mother of four was killed inside a bathroom by an Israeli missile
​  Om Ahmed Jendiya was in the toilet of Tal al-Hawa School in Gaza on Wednesday, 8 November, when shrapnel from an Israeli missile penetrated her chest and immediately killed her.
​  The 35-year-old Palestinian woman had taken refuge in the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (Unrwa) school to escape the Israeli bombardment of her neighbourhood in the east of Gaza City.
​  She and her four children left their home on 11 October, believing that a UN school would be the "safest place in Gaza" during the Israeli invasion that has killed at least 11,000 Palestinian civilians since hostilities with Hamas began on 7 October.

​  Video shared Friday morning on social media shows Israeli Defense Forces soldiers allegedly using a handcuffed, blindfolded Palestinian prisoner as a human shield during an operation in the occupied West Bank.
​  The prisoner was identified by Al Jazeera as Alaa Abu Hashhash.​  "Hashhash was seen in the video being handcuffed, blindfolded and kneeling on a street, as an Israeli soldier took cover behind him, while aiming his rifle towards an unseen enemy," Al Jazeera reported.

​  The ​UN charter says no state can use military force against the territorial integrity or political independence of another state “or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the UN.”
​  Although Israel denies that Palestine is a state, the Israeli Supreme Court in the Targeted Killings case recognised the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians to be of an international character. Israel cannot use the Palestinians’ lack of statehood to justify its use of military force.
​  The only two exceptions to the prohibition on the use of force are when a state acts in self-defence or the [UN] security council authorises force. A state may use military force in self-defence under Article 51 of the charter “if an armed attack occurs” against a state. The use of armed force for reprisal or retaliation is prohibited.
​  For an armed attack to give rise to the right of self-defence, it must be directed from outside the territory under the control of the defending state
. A state cannot invoke the right of self-defence to defend against an attack which originates inside a territory it occupies. Because Israel has continued to occupy Gaza, it has relinquished its right to claim self-defence in response to the Palestinian attacks.

​  Arab-Islamic summit adopts resolution on Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people​  [Breaking the blockade with aid convoys through Egypt]
​"..We decide to:
​  Condemn the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip and the war crimes as well as the barbaric, inhumane and brutal massacres being committed by the colonial occupation
government against the strip and the Palestinian people in the occupied West Bank, including East Al-Quds. We demand ceasing this aggression immediately.
 ​  Reject describing this retaliatory war as self-defense or justifying it under any pretext.
 ​  Break the siege on Gaza and impose the immediate entry of Arab, Islamic and international humanitarian aid convoys, including food, medicine and fuel into the Gaza Strip. ​  We call on international organizations to participate in this process, stressing the need for their entry to the strip and for protecting their teams to enable them to fully fulfill their role. We affirm the necessity of supporting the United Nations Relief and Works for Palestine Refugees Agency (UNRWA).
 ​  Support all steps taken by the Arab Republic of Egypt to confront the consequences of the brutal Israeli aggression on Gaza. We support its efforts to bring aid into the strip in an immediate, sustainable and adequate manner.
 ​  Call on the UN Security Council to take a decisive and binding decision that imposes a cessation of aggression and curbs the colonial occupation authority that violates international law...​"

​  Watch Turkey. Attacking Turks in an aid-convoy w​ould be an act of war against Turkey.
Israel acting like ‘spoiled child’ of the West – Erdogan
​  Speaking at a joint Arab-Islamic summit in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh on Saturday, Erdogan accused Western nations of double standards and highlighted what he sees as contrasts in their responses to other global conflicts. He added that “the Israeli government is acting like the spoiled child of the West, and it has to compensate for the damages that it causes.”​  [demand for reparations]
​  “It is a shame that Western countries, always a voice for human rights and freedoms, remain silent on the massacre in Palestine,” Erdogan said, according to the Anadolu news agency. “We are faced with unprecedented barbarism in history, where hospitals, schools, and refugee camps are bombed and civilians are massacred.”
​  Saturday’s emergency summit at which the Turkish leader spoke was jointly organized by the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as representatives of the Arab and Islamic world convened to discuss the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

  ​We Are The Resistance   (Not figuratively, but actually "resistance-warriors")
​  Holding the line of decency, respect and basic social justice – is not just an important aim for every feeling individual in this precarious moment of human history – it is an absolute imperative.
​  At a time when the political status quo is riven through with hypocrisy, immorality and arrogance, we have a very real war on our hands right here in our own backyards.
​  That which can turn into full blooded fascism at any moment, has its origins in a breakdown of the basic rights, freedoms and values of a sane society. That breakdown is already well advanced under the corporate, banker, military dictatorship that heads the dominant global power structures of today.
​  Let us not hesitate to recognise that ‘we the people’ who are possessed of warm hearts, courage and a deep sympathy for the plight of the downtrodden, are the resistance. We carry the flag of human honour.
​  Let us sever any lingering illusion that some existing political institution, or ‘fake saviour’ will come forward to bring dignity and basic equality back to human, animal and ecological life.
​  We must be fiercely realistic. With very few exceptions, those who politically represent their constituencies in the fake democracies of the world, are there to do the jobs the hidden deep state cabal has consigned them to fulfil.
​  We who refuse to be slaves to these puppets – and refuse to be sucked into their WEF led digital, hive mind artificial intelligence control programme – whose technological dictatorship is sucking-in all but the most determined freedom fighters – we are the ones who must carry forward the great struggle for human emancipation.
​  There is an unseen universal vibratory energy field which connects all those who share a deep aspiration and determination to bring about a better world.
​  It supersedes the primitive and polluting WiFi-EMF radiation grid and cannot be brought under ‘surveillance’ programmes of central control.  It is a common wavelength which connects-up spirit warriors wherever they are in action in the world.

As Jews we know, this is not a war. It’s a genocide.
Understanding our own history as Jews leads us to speak out against Israel's genocide of the Palestinian people. We stand for the liberation of the Palestinian people because we have known what it is to not be free.
​  Chris Hedges: The War According to Hamas
The Palestinian resistance understands its enemy. It has learned through experience how to fight it. This is not good news for Israel.
​  Al-Araj argued that the fight with Israel cannot be measured with body counts. The Israelis will be able to kill far greater numbers of Palestinians. Resistant movements, he wrote, always suffer disproportionate losses. In the independence war in Algeria, between 1954 and 1962, upwards of 1.5 million Algerians —  or around 10 percent of the population —  were  killed by the French.  In the airport in Algiers, the country’s capital, is a huge sign that reads: “Welcome to Algeria. Land of a million Martyrs.”
​  “We are far more capable of bearing the costs, so there is no need to compare or be alarmed by the magnitude of the numbers,” he wrote.
​  Al-Araj, who led hunger strikes while in Palestine Authority prisons, was long a target for Israel.  Israel’s counter-terrorism unit
, Yamam, pursued him for months before raiding his home on March 6, 2017 in el-Bireh. After a two-hour gun battle, Israeli forces, which fired rockets into the building, burst inside and executed him at close range. He was 31.

​Larry Johnson does a good enough review of the last 3000 years for most of us.

The Legacy of the Balfour Declaration 106 Years Later​   (Thanks to a reader​, we can all review this in more detail.​)
This 106th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration is an appropriate moment to recall that the existence of Hamas is a consequence and not the cause of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

​  John Pilger , We Are Spartacus
​  There can’t be democracy and colonial war; one aspires to decency, the other to fascism. Meanwhile, once welcomed mavericks are heretics now in an underground of journalism amid a landscape of mendacious conformity.

  ​Russia's 5th generation fighter jet is ready and in-production, the "Checkmate". F-16s arriving in Ukraine will fly up to shoot down Russian missiles, while they last.
Checkmate Is Coming | Ukraine Will Use F-16 As Air Defense. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.11.13

​  The US ran the "dirty war" in Laos and Cambodia with money from CIA export of heroin from the "Golden Triangle" during the Vietnam War. The CIA/Army ran heroin rat lines from Afghanistan into Russia, China and Iran for 20 years.
​  Medvedev says US was interested in exporting Afghan heroin to Russia
The Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council noted that the Taliban movement has done more to combat drugs in one year than the coalition led by the United States has done in 20 years

​  Why is everyone concerned about the W.H.O.?​  Meryl Nass, MD
This is a fairly comprehensive but reasonably short explanation of what is wrong with the WHO proposals. It is hard to dispute.

​  Meryl Nass MD has this. I was able to hover over the video timeline to peek in on the speakers and their topics, to get a feel, and watch longer for some of them.
Here are my slides from the Congressional symposium. Please do listen to it and share.
​  Let me say again: the audio was terrible when first posted online, but it has been fixed now. I include the Youtube link again because some people were stopped at the Epoch Times site by a paywall.

Popular Sovereignty v. the W.H.O.​ Meryl Nass MD and Reggie Littlejohn begin at about 50 minutes, with Steve Kirsch​ (nice intro song from Eric Clapton)

​  Some are now saying LNG is worse than coal for global warming. It sure needs a lot of infrastructure, and travels on big ships.
LNG emits about as much greenhouse gas (GHG) as coal
​  Methane from the production of fossil gas may make LNG about as bad a greenhouse gas emitter as coal. The argument from industry has been that gas is about 50 per cent cleaner burning than coal. But a key study industry cites only looked at emissions from burning the two fuels, not at the whole process, including the extraction, refining, and shipping. More recent studies have shown LNG and coal to have closer overall emissions, and LNG sometimes being even more emitting than coal.
​  In part, this is due to the huge amounts of methane that leak into the atmosphere while making and transporting LNG. Methane is a much more potent GHG than carbon dioxide (CO2), and methane leaks have long been massively under-reported.
​  Large volumes of methane can be released while fracking, the process of extracting gas from shale rock.

​Greenhouse Gas Emitter (pictured with some little eggplants)


  1. SEC to authorize 'Natural Asset Compamies'. Takeover public land.

    1. Plan:
      1) Get free money
      2) Buy everything in the world and "own" it.
      3) Collect rent on everything, especially air and water.
      4) Make it to where people can only pay with biometric ID digital wallets, that only hold money if they do what they are told.
      5) Withhold all services like air and water from deadbeats who don't follow rules and won't pay.