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Children Of Gaza

 Former Children,

  Chris Hedges: Letter to the Children of Gaza (excerpt)
​  I have been bombed by jets in Gaza. I have been bombed in other wars, wars that happened before you were born. I too was very, very scared. I still have dreams about it. When I see the pictures of Gaza these wars return to me with the force of thunder and lightning. I think of you.
​  All of us who have been to war hate war most of all because of what it does to children.

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 35: Tanks besiege Gaza City hospitals as Israel ramps up attacks on medical centers
Palestinians seeking refuge in Gaza hospitals fear the worst as Israel drops all pretenses of not targeting medical facilities, while Netanyahu makes the unbelievable claim that Israel doesn’t “seek to displace anyone.”

  ​Moon of Alabama:  A Few Notes On The War On Palestine
​  Having been lightly prodded by the Biden administration the Netanyahoo regime in Palestine agreed to split its days into a 20 hours block dedicated to genociding Palestinians and a 4 hours block for ethnic cleansing.
Israel agrees to 4-hour daily pauses in Gaza fighting to allow civilians to flee, White House says - Chicago Tribune, Nov 9 2023
Neighbor countries have rejected to accept ethic cleansed Palestinians from Gaza. This leaves Netanyahoo with no real plan for what is to happen with Gaza. He is changing his war aims by the minute.
Netanyahu says not seeking to ‘occupy’ Gaza but ‘demilitarise’ it - AlJazeera, Nov 10 2023
> Netanyahu’s comments come days after he said Israel would take responsibility for Gaza’s security for an “indefinite period” after the end of its war with Hamas, prompting pushback from the United States. <
​  Meanwhile it has become obvious that many of the casualties of the Palestinian Al-Aqsa flood were killed by indiscriminate fire from Israeli Apache helicopters as well as its ground troops.
Israeli Apache helicopters killed own soldiers, civilians on 7 October: Report - The Cradle, Nov 9 2023​  

White House Aides "Simply Cannot Stomach" Biden's Israel Policy, Dissent Memos Leak, Revolt At State Dept

​  Ceasefire in Gaza Depends on US as Washington 'Fully Controls' Conflict - Hamas
​  "The ceasefire depends on the US. The US is the main supporter of Israel: American drones are in the skies over Gaza, military ships are off the Palestinian coast. They supply both arms and money. They also provide political cover for the process. All the states in the region are under pressure to save Israel. That is why the ceasefire depends on the US. If the US administration wanted the ceasefire, it would have been reached by now," Marzouq said in an interview with ​the Turkish newspaper.

​  Hamas Not Interested in Keeping Civilians Hostage – Erdogan
​  “On the issue of hostages, Hamas is not interested in holding civilians hostage. On the contrary, there must be a release of Palestinians held by Israel. If we, as Turkiye, intervene, then Israel must immediately release the Palestinians, and on the other hand, the Israelis held by Hamas must be released immediately,” Erdogan told reporters on his way back from Tashkent.
​  Hamas does not have a “determination” to not release hostages, and the movement said that they are ready to free them, Erdogan added.
“Of course there are [also] soldiers there [in Hamas’ captivity]. Among these soldiers there are also high ranks,

‘Thought police’: Israel passes law criminalizing ‘consumption of terrorist materials’   [Look at the ​online news. Go to prison.]
  On Wednesday, November 8, Israeli lawmakers passed an amendment to the country’s Counter-Terrorism Law by a 13-4 majority, criminalizing the “consumption of terrorist materials,” carrying a maximum of up to one year in prison.

Israel-Palestine war: Israelis in fear and denial as society slides towards fascism
​  Palestinian students, academics, doctors, and dissenting Jewish Israelis are among those caught up in an escalating wave of repression
​  Hasan Jabarin, the general director of Adalah, told the committee of one teacher who was summoned for posting that “there is no god but Allah”, a phrase used in bereavement.​ She explained that her aunt had died. The school demanded to see her aunt’s death certificate and was only “pardoned” then.

  ​I saw an essay by a Vietnam-era "tunnel rat" who says he still has nightmares. Thanks Christine, for this detailed research-story.
Analysis: How would Israel find, map, take and keep Gaza’s tunnels?​  
To enter Hamas tunnels, Israel will have to resort to military practices decades old and long forgotten.

​The valuable Palestinian natural gas, being completely requisitioned by Israel, is one important factor which makes this a regional war.

​Here is a more hopeful industry view from August, which foresaw the possibility of limited cooperation and sharing of the wealth between Israel and Palestine.
How a Gaza Marine Deal Could Benefit Palestinians, Israelis and the Region

​  If I may encapsulate: All economy uses energy, whether sun, food, coal or oil, to create value. Economy has been ramping up for 300 years on fossil-fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, which enabled the acquisition of more of these fuels and mineral resources, then industrial agriculture, and increases in efficiency, including efficiency of finding and pumping oil. 
  The cost embedded in a barrel of oil hit bottom around 1970, and has generally risen since then, though expenses came in waves and spurts. The easy-oil is declining, and the coal is dirtier and more expensive, too. 
  Solar and wind work, but do not provide reliable and dense energy, especially needed for transportation. They are so spread out as to require a lot more copper and steel in distribution networks, which are also energy-intensive to build and maintain, after mining and refining those ores.
  The decisions of the last 30 years, to run up debts, for instance, while return of GDP increase to investment is now down to 1:7, make sense primarily if one realizes that the current system is running out the clock, with no actual political-intention to make-good on promises once crisis takes hold...
..This explanation divides into two possible motivations.
First, decision-makers have noted material economic deceleration without understanding its cause. If this has been so – and if they still believe in the orthodox tarradiddle that the material economy can be re-energised towards infinite growth using financial tools – then these might have been successively more extreme and desperate exercises in the impossible.
​  Conversely, they may be well aware that the economy has been decelerating towards contraction, for the reasons set out in this article. If that’s the case, then decision-makers have been buying time, in the hope that ‘something will turn up’.
​  In either case, we need to start looking at the economy in new ways, placing economics and finance in their material and environmental context
The idea that the authorities don’t know what’s really happening is every bit as disturbing as the notion that they understand this perfectly well, and are simply playing for time.

​  Is an End Game in Sight for Ukraine?​  ​("Rationalists" must throw Biden, Zelensky and NATO under the bus and give Russia the reclaimed-territory and a neutral Ukraine.)
Illusory talk about a “stalemate” and U.S. feelers about peace talks underscore Ukraine having no options left and Russia having plenty, writes Tony Kevin.

  ​German Attorney Reiner Fuelmich was lured into an ambush in Mexico, trying to get a stolen passport replaced, renditioned to Germany from an airport on secretive criminal charges, where he sits in prison, awaiting trial on these trumped up financial charges. He cannot make further trouble about the illegalities and harms of COVID vaccines
Update On Reiner Fuellmich Via Elsa
There was a personal message from Reiner.
He is doing well, is thankful for all of you for being there.
He has a TV and has now had contact with other prisoners and knows the stories of several of them.
Letters take about 2 weeks to get screened. He gets only 30 a day, and is grateful for each and every one.

​  World Council For Health, Thanks Ricc.  As Excess Deaths Rise, Malaysia Must Reject the WHO and Remove mRNA Vaccines from the Market
Enough is enough! Malaysians are suffering and must reject the proposed amendments to the IHR and immediately remove all Covid-19 mRNA vaccines from the market.

US Congress Members Call for Biden to Drop US Extradition Request Against Assange

​The Onion (barely)  House Votes To Censure 66% Of Americans For Antisemitic Support Of Ceasefire
​  “In a clear vote of 234-188, Democrats and Republicans stand united in our belief that the vast majority of Americans cannot continue to spread hate by acknowledging that a war that has claimed the lives of over 10,000 Gazans, most of them women and children, might be bad. While we believe in free speech, this time, an overwhelming number of U.S. voters have taken it too far.”

​Crying  (pictured removing dead black eyed pea vines recently)

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