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Losing Gamblers Bet Our Lives

 Human Collateral,

  Simplicius:  Ukraine's Latest Gasp Off to Rocky Start
An orgiastic hubbub continues to surround the West’s newfound ‘permission’ for Ukraine to strike Russian soil.
​  Many in the pro-Russian sphere are losing their minds over it, calling for nuclear retaliation, WWIII, and more.
But as I wrote last time, it’s clear that a large part of this desperate morale-boosting work-up is nothing more than a cheap grandstand without much substance behind it.
​  There’s the fact that when you look under the hood, the messaging itself is mixed, with Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh yesterday contradicting reports by stating that Ukraine does not in fact have permission to strike Russian territory.
​  This was followed by reports further tempering the noise which said that Ukraine has limited permission to use American weapons only around Belgorod region and only on Russian military targets which are involved in the ongoing Kharkov campaign.
​  Yesterday strikes on Belgorod region began, with images surfacing which show recovered GMLRS rounds from the HIMARS after Belgorod defenses allegedly downed a full salvo.​ 
[They used cluster-munitions on civilian areas of Belgorod, a war crime. US military has to provide targeting info.]​

​  Lavrov: Russia Sees NATO's Plans to Supply F-16s to Ukraine as Signal in Nuclear Sphere
​  The Russian Foreign Minister further indicated that Russia will consider the supply of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine a deliberate signal action by NATO in the nuclear sphere.
"F-16 fighter jets have long been the main means of delivery in the framework of the so-called NATO joint nuclear missions. Therefore, we cannot but consider the supply of these systems to the Kiev regime as a deliberate signal action by NATO in the nuclear sphere. They are trying to make it clear to us that the US and NATO are ready for literally anything in Ukraine," Lavrov said.​

​  Senior security official Dmitry Medvedev says Russia is not bluffing when it speaks of the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine.
Medvedev, who is currently the deputy chairman of Russia's Security Council, also warned Moscow's conflict with the West could escalate into all-out war.
​  His warning came after the US and Germany became the latest allies to let Ukraine's military use Western-supplied weapons to strike targets inside Russia.
"Russia regards all long-range weapons used by Ukraine as already being directly controlled by servicemen from NATO countries. This is no military assistance, this is participation in a war against us," Medvedev said.​  "And such actions could well become a casus belli (an act that provokes a war)."
​  He said giving Kiev permission by the Western countries to use provided long-range weapons and ammunition to strike targets inside Russia will escalate the Ukraine war to its final stage.​  "Nobody today can rule out the conflict's transition to its final stage," Medvedev said.
​  He said it would be a "fatal mistake" on the part of the West to think that Russia is not ready to use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine.​

​  Pepe Escobar: The West is Hell-Bent on Provoking Russia Into Hot War
​  Richard H. Black, a former US senator from Virginia, offers a sobering analysis:
“This is a continuation of the pattern in which the NATO forces recognize they are losing the war in Ukraine, with the fragile lines of defense breaking, and the NATO response is to escalate. This is not accidental, but very deliberate. It is not the first attack on the Russian nuclear triad. The ideological folks are seeing their world crumbling, after flying the rainbow flag over conservative countries and [waging] perpetual wars. They are frantic and could escalate to nuclear war to get out of the bind. They are taking a series of baby steps, and respond that ‘they don’t do anything in response,’ and so they keep taking baby steps until one of them lands on a land mine and we are into World War III. (…) Putin is very aware of the disconnect in the West, who keep saying he is just saber rattling, but he is not—he is informing the West of the dangerous reality.”​

​  Hungary wants to prevent Europe from entering war with Russia — Orban
​  The government of Hungary wants to prevent Europe from entering a war with Russia, and knows how to do that, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said, speaking during a rally at the Margaret Island after the "Peace March" in support of the government’s policy, aimed against the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.
​  "We face a huge task, like we’ve never faced before. We must prevent Europe from entering a war, which would lead it to its own demise," Orban said, adding that "the Hungarian government knows how to do that."​

​  US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. condemned President Joe Biden's decision to greenlight Ukrainian strikes using US-supplied weapons inside Russian territory.​ "More insane escalation by the Biden administration — authorizing Ukraine to strike targets deep in Russia. Using our weapons, trained in their use by our trainers," Kennedy said on X.
​  In a major policy shift, Biden authorized the use of US weapons against military installations in Russia. A State Department spokesperson insisted that the authorization was limited to what they called "counter-fire purposes" in Kharkov (also known as Kharkiv) region.​

​   French President Emmanuel Macron’s support for Ukraine's targeting of military facilities in Russia's internationally recognized territory is another step toward a world war, Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French right-wing National Rally party, said on Thursday.
​  "Macron wants France to enter the war. This statement is an additional step in that direction. I am against it and I think it creates an enormous risk for the security of our citizens," Le Pen told French radio broadcaster Franceinfo.​ The right-wing politician only supports the supplying of defensive weapons to Kiev, she added.​

​  First French troops on the way to Ukraine – MP​   The first group of French military instructors are on their way to Ukraine, senior Ukrainian MP Aleksey Goncharenko said on Friday.​

THE REAL REASON SUNAK CALLED AN EARLY ELECTION IN JULY - ANDREW BRIDGEN MP​ (Rishi can't be a "war prime minister". Rishi needs out.)​

​  Andrew Korybko, Putin Expects NATO, And Possibly Poland In Particular, To Escalate The Proxy War In Ukraine
​  From the looks of it, Poland is indeed preparing to conventionally intervene in Ukraine if Russia achieves a military breakthrough, which could spike the risks of World War III by miscalculation due to the US’ dangerous game of nuclear chicken that it’s playing as explained here. In sum, the NATO-Russian security dilemma is spiraling out of control, and Russia might use tactical nukes in self-defense to stop any large-scale NATO invasion force that threateningly crosses the Dnieper towards its newly unified regions.
​  Therein lies the importance of President Putin hinting that his country might expand its “security zone” to defend against Ukraine’s use of long-range precise strike systems against targets within its pre-2014 territory. He wants NATO to know the territorial extent to which Russian forces might go in the event that the front lines collapse, which is essentially dependent on them and their decision to allow it to use such Western arms with the bloc’s space reconnaissance support.
​  The message being sent is that Russia has no interest in going beyond those geographical limits that NATO itself is responsible for setting through its abovementioned decision, which is meant to prevent the bloc from overreacting if their opponents achieve a military breakthrough. A Polish- and/or French-led conventional intervention would already be dangerous enough, but that invasion force’s potential crossing of the Dnieper could trigger a tactical nuclear response from Russia in self-defense.
​  The latest military-strategic dynamics suggest that a conventional NATO intervention is seriously being considered, even if it’s only a partial one that remains west of the Dnieper. The signals coming from NATO as a whole and Poland in particular show that they want an escalation in order to continue fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian, but President Putin just countersignaled that his country is prepared for all eventualities. It’s therefore up to the West whether or not everything spirals into World War III.​

​  Moscow Has Right to Take Proxy War With NATO Global as Bloc Greenlights Strikes Deep Into Russia
​  Russian officials blasted Washington and its allies on Friday over the escalation of the Ukrainian proxy war through NATO countries' decision to approve long-range attacks on Russia, with both the Kremlin and the Foreign Ministry pointing out that the alliance never shied away from allowing its proxies in Kiev to target the Russian hinterland.
​  “We are aware that attempts to strike Russian territory with American-made weapons are already being made. This is sufficient for us, and it clearly demonstrates the extent of the United States’ involvement in this conflict,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Friday.
Separately on Friday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that allies had approved long-range strike weapons’ deployment, and said the bloc expects Kiev to use these arms “in a responsible way” in line with international law...
..Former Russian president and deputy Security Council head Dmitry Medvedev said Friday that Russia would “proceed from the fact” that all long-range weapons used by Ukraine “are directly controlled by military personnel of NATO countries,” and emphasized that “this is not ‘military assistance’, but participation in a war against us” which constitutes a possible “casus belli.”
Earlier this week, President Putin warned that NATO countries should be aware “what they are playing with” when it comes to approving long-range attacks on Russia via Ukraine.​

​Andrew Korybko,  Is Ukraine Going Rogue Or Did It Attack Russia’s Early Warning Systems With American Approval?

​  Anti-Russian Coalition Expands | Russians Entered The Vovchansk Citadel. Military Summary 2024.05.31​  [Belarus prepares for martial law and war. Ukraine places antipersonnel mines along the border to kill men trying to flee to Romania to escape conscription.]​  ​

​  The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) is an intergovernmental military alliance in Eurasia consisting of six post-Soviet states: Armenia,​ Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Tajikistan, formed in 2002. The Collective Security Treaty has its origins in the Soviet Armed Forces, which was replaced in 1992 by the United Armed Forces of the Commonwealth of Independent States, and was then itself replaced by the successor armed forces of the respective independent states.
​  Similar to Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty and the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, Article 4 of the Collective Security Treaty (CST) establishes that an aggression against one signatory would be perceived as an aggression against all.​

​  CSTO Enters The Game | Afghan Recruiting Traffic. Military Summary And Analysis 2024.5.31​ [Putin and Lavrov have been visiting the central-Asian republics and China a LOT in the past couple of weeks for high level diplomatic coordination. The CSTO and China appear to have Russia's back, and Russia is about to completely normalize diplomatic relations with Afghanistan, which might have some men who would like honest-work fighting NATO again, ... maybe.]​

Ministry of Defense of the People's Republic of China: The Chinese Army is ready, together with the Russian Army, to defend justice in the world​

Sergey Lavrov Full Interview: US Missile Threats, Strategic Partnership With China, Ukraine Conflict​

​  China ready to ‘forcefully’ stop Taiwan independence: Defence minister
Dong Jun says ‘whoever dares to split Taiwan from China will be crushed to pieces and suffer his own destruction’.​

Netanyahu Quickly Slams Door On Biden's Major Gaza Ceasefire Plan: "Non-Starter"​

​  Skulls, burned bodies, beheaded children among horrors in Jabalia​,  In the aftermath of the Israeli occupation forces' withdrawal from Jabalia, haunting scenes emerge as decayed bodies and skeletal remains lie scattered amid the rubble and streets of the area.​

​  Police crack down on Palestine campus protests in California, Detroit
Graduate student workers at UC Santa Cruz pursue their strike, which began last week, protesting the university system's treatment of pro-Palestine demonstrators.​ 

​  Israeli Forces Now Operating in Most Areas of Rafah​, The IDF also said it had completed its objectives in north Gaza's Jabalia refugee camp
​  On Friday, the Israeli military said it had expanded its operations to the central area of Rafah. Before the assault on the city, Rafah served as a refuge for over one million displaced Palestinians.
​  The Associated Press reported that the Israeli military confirmed its forces were now fighting throughout most of Rafah. President Joe Biden claimed that if Israel attacked the population centers in the city without a plan for the civilians living there, it would cross his “red line.”
​  However, as Israeli troops continue to push into the city, killing hundreds in the process and forcing over one million to flee, Biden administration officials have asserted that Tel Aviv has not crossed the red line.​

​  Houthis Attack US Aircraft Carrier, Destroyer in Red Sea - Military Spokesman
Yemen's Ansar Allah movement, also known as Houthis, attacked a US aircraft carrier, destroyer and a number of ships in the Red Sea, Houthi military spokesman Yahya Saree said.
The Houthi navy, missile units and drones have conducted six operations, the spokesman said.
​  "The US aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower was attacked in the northern Red Sea with several missiles and drones," Saree said, adding that a US destroyer was also attacked in the Red Sea.​

​Video purporting to be actual missile strike on carrier USS Eisenhower, flying over the top of a burning US destroyer escort. (It looks real, but who can tell these days?)

​  Houthis claim to have launched missile attack on US aircraft carrier in wake of US-UK strikes on Yemen​  [Seems completely fair and reasonable to me.]
The Houthis said the alleged attack was in response to British and American strikes on its bases in Yemen on Thursday​

​  White House Lied To Congress About Israel-Gaza, Per Official Resigning In Protest
A State Department official has resigned in protest, saying the Biden White House lied to Congress on a critical report so American weapons could keep flowing to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) for its war in Gaza.  
That official is Stacy Gilbert, a 20-year State Department employee who was a civil military advisor in the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration. In February, a national security memo directive tasked the State and Defense departments with writing a report assessing whether Israel was complying with the Geneva Conventions, and whether Israel was thwarting the flow of humanitarian assistance. Working with other experts, Gilbert was tasked with answering the latter question...
..The Foreign Assistance Act prohibits aid to countries that thwart the flow of US humanitarian aid. Gilbert says she and other experts formed a clear consensus that Israel had blocked aid "in many ways," and that they began crafting a report with that conclusion.
​  However, with the report still in rough draft form, Gilbert said senior officials shut her and other subject matter experts out of the project, and proceeded to rewrite the report over the ensuing days before it was due to be filed with Congress.
​  Gilbert told PBS:
​  "When the report came out on May 10, and I read the conclusion...that Israel was not blocking humanitarian assistance, I decided I would resign, because that was absolutely not the opinion of subject matter experts in the State Department, USAID, the humanitarian community, organizations that are working in Gaza."​

  Without apparent embarrassment...  Questioning Trump’s guilt is ‘dangerous’ – Biden
The US president has insisted that “no one is above the law,” after a jury found his political rival guilty on 34 felony counts​

​"Small donations"  Trump Raises $53Mln in 24 Hours After Conviction, Averaging $2Mln Per Hour - Campaign

​  Trump Campaign Raises Staggering $200 Million Since Thursday Conviction
​  If Democrats needed further confirmation that prosecuting Donald Trump on an obscure misdemeanor elevated to a felony just for him... (while the same DA reduced 60% of felonies to misdemeanors last year), the Trump campaign has raised over $200 million since Thursday's verdict in the former president's New York 'hush money' trial.
​  Of that, $70 million was from small donors, and 30% of the total were first-time donors to a political campaign, Eric Trump told Fox News' Maria Bartiromo on Sunday.​

​  Scott Ritter: Georgian 'Foreign Agents' Law Exposes Western Influence and Protects Sovereignty
​  Georgia's "foreign agents bill," which designates non-governmental organizations (NGOs) receiving more than 20 percent of their funding from abroad as "pursuing the interests of a foreign power," became law on May 28. The US immediately announced sanctions against Georgian politicians backing the legislation, while the EU threatened to freeze the country’s candidate status.
​  One might wonder as to why the law, which resembles the US' Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), has been received with such animosity in the West. The crux of the matter is that the legislation is aimed at exposing the West's deep disrespect of Georgia's sovereignty, according to former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter.​

​  Bank of England bond sales blamed for cash shortage​, Use of a central bank lending facility has shot up after short-term lending rates surged briefly 
​  The Bank of England’s vast sale of government bonds is causing a shortage of cash in corners of the money markets and may need to end, investors have warned. Over the past two years, the BoE has shrunk its balance sheet from nearly £1tn to about £760bn largely by reducing its holdings of government debt it bought under numerous rounds of quantitative easing stimulus. Unlike other central banks, the BoE is not just waiting for bonds to mature but actively selling them.​

​  India Repatriates 100 Tonnes of Gold from UK, More May Come
 ​  In a significant move, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has repatriated 100 metric tonnes (1 lakh kg) of gold from the United Kingdom to domestic vaults during FY24. This strategic decision, carried out in utmost secrecy by officials from the Ministry of Finance, the RBI, and other agencies, marks one of the largest gold movements by India since 1991, when gold was pledged to mitigate a foreign exchange crisis.
​  With this repatriation, India’s total gold holdings have risen to 822 metric tonnes as of FY24, with 27.46 metric tonnes added in the current fiscal year. According to official data, the distribution of these reserves is now almost evenly split between domestic and foreign vaults.​

​  India-Russia Oil for Rubles Deal Another Sign of Rapid Dedollarization​  (Rubles, not Rupees)
​  On Wednesday, it was reported that India’s largest private corporation Reliance Industries and the Russian energy company Rosneft signed a one-year agreement for up to three million barrels of oil per month that will be paid in Russian rubles, putting another nail in the coffin for the US dollar’s hegemony.​

​  Where Are The Largest Oil Reserves?
​  Russia has reportedly discovered colossal oil reserves in the British territory of Antarctica. According to documents presented to the UK House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee in early May, the discovery was made by Russian research vessels in the Weddell Sea, part of the Antarctic territory claimed by the UK. The reserves discovered are estimated to contain some 511 billion barrels of oil, around 10 times the production of the North Sea over the last 50 years.
​  However, as Statista's Anna Fleck reports, the exploitation of hydrocarbons in Antarctica is strictly prohibited. Since the signing of the Antarctic Treaty in 1959 (which came into force in 1961), the continent has been reserved for peaceful activities only, and may become “neither the scene nor the object of international disputes”...
..Estimated at 511 billion barrels, the area would rank as the second largest crude oil reserve by region in the world, behind only that of the Middle East, whose proven reserves stood at over 871 billion barrels in 2022. This also represents almost double the known reserves of Saudi Arabia, the country with the second-largest proven oil reserves in the world (behind Venezuela, whose reserves are dense and more difficult to process, and therefore less profitable).​

  ​Aspartame was FDA approved under Reagan, due to Donald Rumsfeld's insistence, over all prior medical assessments that it was unsafe and gave baby monkeys epilepsy.
Decades of Science Link Popular Artificial Sweetener to Serious Health Risks
​  Dozens of studies have linked aspartame to serious health problems, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, seizures, stroke and dementia, plus mood disorders, headaches and migraines.​

​  Not ​"Round​up Re​ady​":  55% of Sperm Samples Contained High Levels of Glyphosate Weedkiller
More than 55% of sperm samples from a French infertility clinic contained high levels of the world’s most common weedkiller, raising further questions about the chemical’s effect on reproductive health and overall safety, a new study found.​

​  Peter McCullough MD, Excess Cardiopulmonary Arrest and Mortality after COVID-19 Vaccination in King County, Washington
During Intense Vaccine Campaign Population Declined but Cardiac Arrests Skyrocketed
​  We previously brought you news from King County, Seattle Washington about cardiac arrests from the elite MEDIC ONE EMS system which has the most accurate data in the country. It also happens to be one of the most heavily vaccinated metro areas in America.​..
​..“Approximately 98% of the King County population received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by 2023. Our analysis revealed a 25.7% increase in total cardiopulmonary arrests and a 25.4% increase in cardiopulmonary arrest mortality from 2020 to 2023 in King County, WAExcess cardiopulmonary arrest deaths were estimated to have increased by 1,236% from 2020 to 2023, rising from 11 excess deaths (95% CI: -12, 34) in 2020 to 147 excess deaths (95% CI: 123, 170) in 2023. A quadratic increase in excess cardiopulmonary arrest mortality was observed with higher COVID-19 vaccination rates... Applying our model from these data to the entire United States yielded 49,240 excess fatal cardiopulmonary arrests from 2021-2023.”​

​  Elevated Risk Of Epilepsy, Appendicitis In Children After COVID-19 Vaccination: Study
Children who received the AstraZeneca or Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines faced an elevated risk of epilepsy and appendicitis, according to a new study.
​  Dr. Julia Hippisley-Cox, a professor of clinical epidemiology at the University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Primary Health Care Sciences, and colleagues obtained data from a national database on COVID-19 vaccination, mortality, hospital admissions, and COVID-19 infections. They wanted to look at the link between COVID-19 vaccines from AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna with 12 outcomes, including the heart inflammation condition called myocarditis.
​  The population of nearly 5.2 million included 1.8 million children aged 5 to 11 and 3.3 million children aged 12 to 17.
The data examined were through Aug. 7, 2022.
​  In the primary analysis, researchers found 12- to 17-year-olds who received Pfizer’s vaccine were at increased risk of myocarditis, with an additional three cases per million versus the expected rate after a first dose, and an additional five cases per million after a second dose, and hospitalization with epilepsy, with an additional 12 cases per million after a second doseFemales in the age group also faced an increased risk of demyelinating disease after receiving a second dose of the vaccine.
​  Researchers also identified a “substantially increased risk of hospitalization with epilepsy” among females after receipt of a first dose of AstraZeneca’s shot, with 813 more hospitalizations with epilepsy than expected per million doses, and an elevated risk of appendicitis after a second dose of the vaccine, with 512 excess events per million doses.
​  While no excess events were found among Moderna recipients, the study lacked the power to detect statistically significant issues, due to few children in the UK receiving Moderna’s vaccine.​

  A high-profile Japanese government official has issued a public apology to his people over the mass deaths and vaccine injuries caused by Covid mRNA shots.
  The apology was made by Kazuhiro Haraguchi, a former Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan who currently serves as a member of the House of Representatives.
  Haraguchi made a heartfelt statement during a speech at a major protest against the World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday.  “I apologize to all of you,” Haraguchi told the massive crowd.  “So many have died, and they shouldn’t have.”

  Meryl Nass MD (who is finally taking a weekend off at home)  Here we go again. MPOX. If we don't stop the globalist agenda we WILL enter the era of pandemics
Bird flu, Moneypox, Dengue... What do they plan next? (And they have licensed vaccines for all 3)​

​  Dr. Nass, Just found out why the Moneypox vaccine is being pushed​ , And what is in the Monkeypox care kit​  [missing condoms, which would really reduce the spread]
​  There were 270 mpox cases in 2022, 30 cases in 2023 and, as of April 30, eight cases so far in 2024. There have been no deaths.​  So why would state health departments encourage this vaccine when there have been few cases in Oregon and the disease is mild? Because the moneypox vaccine just entered the commercial market. Money is now on the table, where it wasn’t, before​.

​  Meryl Nass MD, The barely changed IHRs were just adopted. Don't worry -- the changes are practically meaningless
​  The diplomats in Geneva have been called back for another Plenary meeting to approve a new version of the IHR amendments dated TODAY ​June 1, 2024.I am pleased to report that while I had only a short time to read this, the document looks basically like what I have predicted all week. It is a “vanilla” version from which all terrible items have been removed, with one exception and one partial exception. I have made screen shots below to show what the problems are.
​  The one odious item is the agreement to “address” misinformation and disinformation. But as I explained earlier, this is already being implemented by our nations, so it is not new.
​  The section that demanded digital health documents aka digital IDs is gone; now both paper or digital health documents can be acceptable during a declared pandemic. The detailed demands to prove the “authenticity” of such documents has been watered down to the need for a doctor to sign the document.​

​  Dr. Nass, Some people worry that the IHR amendments passed. DON'T. This list of the bullets we just dodged should make the result clear. CELEBRATE!
We did it. People power beat the $ and the connections of the globalist cabal. The IHRs that passed were merely a face-saving measure.​

  ​Dr. Nass from a few days ago, Louisiana became the first US state to deny jurisdiction to the WHO, UN and WEF
Governor Landry signed SB133, which will go into effect immediately​

​  Dr. Nass,   Oklahoma becomes 2nd US state to pass a law that denies jurisdiction to the WHO, UN and WEF
No edicts coming directly or indirectly from WHO, UN or WEF will be enforced in Oklahoma​

​  Th​e ​white haze seems to have ramped up a lot over the past 12 to 18 months around Austin, where I see the sky regularly.​                                                                                    Bill Gates Wants to Block-Off the Sun​                      ​  The prestigious Forbes ‘millionaire’s magazine’ reports that billionaire Gates’s intervention involves financing Harvard University scientists to establish what is being called ‘The Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment’ (SCoPEx) to examine if a sun dimming solution might be achieved by spaying calcium carbonate (CaCo3) dust into the atmosphere.
​  Forbes simply takes for granted this form of geophysical climate tampering to be a reality of life.​..
​..Calcium carbonate, the leaders of this project believe, will act as a sun reflecting aerosol that could offset the effects of global warming.​

  ​Kyle Young has a series of weather satellite photos and video clips, which he explains:  This is not weather - satellite proof of cymatics/chemtrails   (Note perpendicular cat-scratch chemtrails on Pacific clouds approaching California.)

Weather Watcher (pictured early morning in Austin garden with bright, hazy sky)

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