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  Gilbert Doctorow on Russian Memorial Day, June 22
  22 June is Memorial Day in the country. Summer Solstice, the longest day in the year, was the day in 1941 when German forces stormed across the Soviet borders at 4am.  This day is dedicated to the memory of the 27 million Soviet citizens who perished in WWII, of whom 8 million were soldiers and 19 million were civilians...
..Nikonov’s separation of the Soviet Union’s global death figure into civilians and soldiers is something we have almost never heard before in official commemoration of the war dead. But it was essential to enable him to say the following, that we also have not heard in the past: that the war on the USSR initiated and led by Hitlerite Germany was a program of genocide against the entire Soviet people. It was not just intended to physically eliminate Jews and Russians, but also Ukrainians, Byelorussians, the peoples of the Baltic States, etc...
..The tie-in between Soviet Russia’s existential struggle in 1941-45 and its existential struggle today against NATO countries on the territory of Ukraine was made in a speech earlier in the week by Vladimir Putin which Nikonov put up on the screen.
  I might add parenthetically that the vicious crime against humanity in that Moscow region hospital had a counterpart at roughly the same time in the Krasnoye Selo suburb of St Petersburg where the grand aunt of my wife was murdered by German troops together with 500 mentally ill patients whom she, a medical worker, refused to abandon to their executioners. This type of tragic family lore is passed down through the generations in every household in Russia.
  British MP Warns NATO Planning ‘Dirty Bomb’ False Flag in Europe to Spark WW3
"Services tell me there is going to be a "9/11 like" nuclear detonation in Europe" - Andrew Bridgen.

  Children Among Mass Casualties After US-Supplied Missile Targets Crowded Crimean Beach
  The Russian Ministry of Health in a recent update said that five people were killed in a series of strikes from Ukraine, which injured 124 people including 27 children. Among the deceased, two were children, the ministry said. The casualty toll is likely to climb over the next hours amid the emergency response and as hospital data is reported.
  Moscow is calling it a 'terrorist missile strike' on Sevastopol with five US-supplied ATACMS tactical missiles, carried out just after noon local time. What's more is that Russia says they were equipped with cluster warheads, making for a bigger casualty strike zone.
  Crimean officials said that in once instance a missile exploded above a crowded beach, unleashing shrapnel on people who had been relaxing there.
  A separate Russian Defense Ministry (MoD) statement directly accused Washington. "Flight missions for ATACMS missiles are programmed by American specialists based on US satellite reconnaissance, making Washington primarily responsible for the deliberate missile strike on Sevastopol's civilians," the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) stated.

  Thanks Eleni. (Don't be)  Consumed by Hatred, Martin Armstrong
  When will the world wake up that the American Neocons are engaging in the same ethnic cleansing, for they claim roots in Ukraine and are persecuted by Russians? Naturally, some have not been indoctrinated, but you can have an intelligent conversation. But many were brainwashed with hatred just a Stalin taught kids that the State was your real parent and if your biological “caretakers” ever spoke against the State, they were to report them...
..The hatred in that area runs very deep, and it has been taught for generations all because the borders have changed constantly. Talk to a 20-something Ukrainian, and they will tell you what the Russians did to them. It was a Bosnian Serb who, on June 28th, 1914, assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife that instigated World War I all because of this ethnic hatred that is passed from generation to generation as the borders have constantly changed.

  Tens of thousands rally against Israeli government
Anti-government protest organization Hofshi Israel estimated more than 150,000 people attended the rally, calling it the biggest since the Gaza war began
  TEL AVIV: Tens of thousands of protesters waving Israeli flags and chanting slogans against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government rallied in Tel Aviv Saturdaydemanding new elections and the return of hostages held in Gaza.
  Large protests have occurred in the Israeli city on a weekly basis over Netanyahu’s handling of the nearly nine-month-old war in Gaza started by Hamas’s October 7 attack on southern Israel.  Many protesters held signs reading “Crime Minister” and “Stop the War”. 

  IDF: Rafah Crossing Completely Destroyed, No Longer Usable
Prior to its destruction, the crossing served as a crucial lifeline to bring food and other aid to over a million Palestinians

  'Total Lawlessness' & Looting Has Made Gaza Aid Delivery Nearly Impossible: UN Chief
  For months, there have been two primary threats to aid convoys entering the Gaza Strip. First, on their way in, trucks carrying vital humanitarian supplies often come under attack by Israeli settlers. Second, once convoys are inside the Strip, they face the potential of being swarmed and coming under attack by desperate Palestinians who rip the supplies away before they arrive at intended drop-off points...
..UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday called the situation one of "total lawlessness" and decried that it has led to wide-spread looting at aid storehouses.
  "The situation in Gaza became a situation of total lawlessness. Most of the trucks with humanitarian aid inside Gaza are now looted because this is a war that is different from any other one," Guterres said a news conference.
  He said this is large-part due to the nature of this conflict, where Israel has not occupied and managed any single territory with enough permanence to bring any level of stability, also amid a state of internecine attacks and continued bombings. 
  Guterres further characterized "total chaos in Gaza" in which there is "no authority in most of the territory," as it remains that "Israel does not even allow the so-called blue police to escort our (UN) convoys, because it's a local police linked to local administration."

  Ten Holocaust survivors condemn Israel’s Gaza genocide
Holocaust survivors say using the Holocaust to justify genocide in Gaza and repress student protest on college campuses is a complete insult to the Holocaust's memory.

  Wounded Palestinian man strapped to front of Israeli army vehicle, used as human shield
During a military raid on Jenin, Israeli soldiers strapped an injured Palestinian civilian to the front of a military jeep and paraded him through the street as a human shield. He was eventually handed over to Palestinian medical teams.

  Two Distress Calls: UK Navy Reports Crew Abandoned Ship In Gulf Of Aden, Kamikaze Drone Attack In Red Sea
  The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) reported two maritime incidents involving merchant vessels on Sunday. The first occurred in the Red Sea, where a suicide drone struck a vessel. The second incident took place in the Gulf of Aden.
  A new update from UKMTO said a merchant ship 96 nautical miles southeast of Nishtun, Yemen, "reported severe flooding that cannot be contained, forcing the master and crew to abandon the ship."

  I suspect they had to do some cosmetic surgery on the Eisenhower, out of sight, before bringing in a TV crew a few days ago, and now announcing that the carrier will return home after all.  US Withdraws Aircraft Carrier Eisenhower From Red Sea Amid Stepped-Up Houthi Attacks   
  Another nuclear-powered carrier, the Theodore Roosevelt, is expected to soon be en route to the Middle East from its current position in the Pacific in order continue a US presence mission in the region.
  As of Saturday the Roosevelt was anchored in Busan, South Korea, amid the ratcheting rhetoric and threats between Seoul and Pyongyang.

  Hezbollah shows off Israeli target bank in new video warning   [Hezbollah would be able to block shipping and take out the electrical grid.]
A retired Israeli general said over the weekend that declaring war on Lebanon would be ‘mass suicide’ for Israel  
  The targets include several sensitive targets in Haifa, the port of Ashdod, the Hadera power station, the Ramat David Military Airport in Afula, Pengrion Airport, Nevatim air base, oil refineries on the coast, and the Research Center at the Dimona Nuclear Reactor.  The clip also showed the HaKirya Complex, which includes the headquarters of the Israeli Ministry of Security and the General Staff.
  Fears are growing in Israel as Tel Aviv has threatened that it is preparing an expanded attack on Lebanon.

  Hungary ‘won’t ride NATO war train’ – OrbanBudapest will stay out of the Ukraine conflict, the prime minister has vowed
The US appears intent on continuing to fight Russia in Ukraine and hopes to win, but Hungary is acting to counter this destructive policy, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said.

Hungarian PM says West's quest to defeat Russia in Ukrainian conflict hopeless 

  Rishi is on his way out ahead of WW-3, but he can set the stage.  British PM threatens teens with sanctions for refusing national service
Rishi Sunak says young people may lose access to finance or drivers’ licenses for refusing to serve.

  Russia sends another batch of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan
  The Russian Emergencies Ministry is sending another 21 tons of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, the Federal Agency for Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation said.
  "A Russian Emergencies Ministry plane has left Moscow on instructions from President Vladimir Putin. Twenty-one tons of humanitarian assistance, including food and basic necessities, have been put together for the citizens of this friendly country," the agency for international humanitarian cooperation said on its Telegram channel.
  The agency also added that the assistance was delivered within the framework of the People Together Through Ages international project. "Thanks to the project, the air corridor between the countries was opened for the first time in 30 years, which allowed not only to systematically help the Afghan people in post-disaster relief, but also to restore diplomatic relations," the statement said.

  Russia and Vietnam switch to national currencies for payments
Russian President Vladimir Putin noted the importance of a transition to national currencies in trade between Russia and Vietnam. According to him, the volume of such transactions amounted to almost 60% in the Q1.

  Catherine Austin Fitts on Sasha Latypova's blog.  The Central Banking-Warfare Model
  For approximately 500 years, the Western world has operated on an economic model sometimes referred to as the “central banking-warfare model.” In brief, the central banks create money, and the military and intelligence services make sure that the money is accepted in trade for labor and natural resources...
..Every 100 or so years, the reserve currency system seems to go through a reset. We are currently in the midst of such a reset. For centuries, dominance of trade routes, and particularly the sea lanes, helped to determine the reserve currency; the British Navy—and then the U.S. Navy—played an important role in this regard. As more and more information, transactions, surveillance, and even weaponry have been processed by or with the help of satellites, dominance of the satellite lanes also has grown in importance. Hence, we see the military creating the U.S. Space Force...
..All media operations and financial institutions depend on reliable high-speed communications. That means that DOD controls their hardware—whether cables under the ocean or satellites in the sky. That’s why, when you see a movie or a media story distributed in the Western world, you can appreciate that DOD let it happen. Not every movie or media story is allowed through...
..The growing costs—and the opportunities afforded by new digital technologies—mean that central bankers will find central control of infrastructure, surveillance, and enforcement inherently attractive.
  The central bankers began a new reset in 2019 called the Going Direct Reset.
...While the Fed insisted throughout this episode that the extraordinary actions it took were all emergency measures necessitated by the onset of an alleged virus pandemic beginning in December 2019, the irrefutable fact of the matter is that the Fed’s novel and extraordinary acts were carried out in accordance with the plan presented to the Fed on August 22, 2019—four months before anyone had ever heard of SARS-CoV-2.
  What’s more, this plan was presented to the Fed by BlackRock, which the Fed later appointed to assist the Fed in executing the $3.5 trillion plan. To put it bluntly, the actions taken by the Federal Reserve starting in March of 2020—actions that represented a massive departure from the Fed’s responses to crises before that time, as we have just seen—are exactly what BlackRock told the Fed to do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming over half a year before the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic. It was in August 2019, months before the first coronavirus story broke, that BlackRock instructed the Fed to get money into wholesale and retail hands when “the next downturn” arrived—which, as luck would have it, occurred less than a month later...
..The best way to understand DOD’s Operation Warp Speed (OWS) is in the context of the Going Direct Reset—OWS is one aspect of the implementation of this reset. By the very nature of the central banking-warfare model, the central bankers and military must act and pivot together...
..Planet Debt
  Debt is one of the key components of the central banking-warfare model. An indebted country, business, or person is controllable. If a foreign country borrows in dollars, they need to earn dollars to service and pay back their debt...  There is an old saying: “All wars are bankers’ wars.” Debt is part of that game—interest is part of the tithe to the empire...
..If countries need to earn dollars to carry their dollar debt, then essentially they need to earn them from the people who control the dollar system. This means they need to trade—typically across the trade routes that the empire controls—and they need to hold dollarsUltimately, no matter where those dollars are in the world, they will be deemed to be under the jurisdiction of United States authority and law...
..Military spending has a significant impact on every local economy in America.
  In most counties in America, total federal spending, purchases, and retirement checks constitute more than 40% of the local GDP. In some counties, especially those with large military bases and installations, it is even more. America’s national security payrolls, contracts, and acquisitions buy a lot of Congressional, state, and local clout...   ..No doubt, as the military-intelligence establishment launches more satellites and implements more surveillance—allowing DOD and U.S. intelligence agencies to track and influence what each of us is saying and doingit accumulates even more clout at the state and local levels, including by building control files5 on local officials and decision-makers...
..Wherever you are in America, if you follow the money, invariably it will lead back to a military or intelligence budget and related political leashes, most involving contracts, purchases, grants, and/or payrolls. It pays to track those leashes into your community, company, employer, and family and friend circles...
  DOD: Missing $20 Trillion
  Fiscal 1998 was when vast amounts of money started to go missing from DOD and HUD, with those two agencies consistently refusing to produce audited financial statements as required by law...
..The gusher of “undocumentable adjustments” and refusal to publish financial audits or to track down enormous and inexplicable discrepancies in the DOD and HUD financial records that began in fiscal 1998 were significant. They followed the process of globalization begun with the creation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1995 and the push to build a “unipolar” empire...
..According to agency financials, between fiscal 1998 and 2000, approximately $4.3 trillion went missing from DOD and HUD. These balances would have been managed and transacted with the help of payment and IT contractors at DOD and HUD and the U.S. Treasury and its depository, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York...
..On September 10, 2001, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced that DOD was missing $2.3 trillion. This announcement was quickly buried by the events of the following day, September 11, when numerous offices filled with records and documents related to the accounting for DOD’s money and related Treasury and other securities were blown up in New York and Washington. This included offices of the Office of Naval Intelligence at the Pentagon, said to be investigating the trillions missing from DOD. Subsequently, the Army—led by a former Enron executive—claimed that as a result of records lost on September 11, it could not produce an audit...
..The Department of Defense never explained why the U.S. Air Force ignored standing protocols regarding planes going off-course and effectively “stood down” three or four times on September 11, 2001...
..By fiscal 2015, the undocumentable adjustments at DOD totaled $20 trillion. The undocumentable adjustments at HUD, including the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Ginnie Mae with significant credit and responsibilities in the U.S. mortgage market, totaled almost $1 trillion... When we published this survey, the total outstanding Treasury debt of the U.S. government was $21 trillion. So, grossly oversimplified, the U.S. government had borrowed $21 trillion, and then something like that amount of money disappeared out the back door of DOD’s and HUD’s—or Treasury’s—bank accounts.
  In theory, this makes DOD and the U.S. government’s bank depository—the New York Fed and the private banks that own it and implement many of its operations—the largest money laundering institutional team in the history of the world.
  Note that the New York Fed became a shareholder of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in October 1994. The BIS is based in Basel, Switzerland and is the central bank of central banks, having 63 of the largest central banks in the world as its members. The BIS enjoys sovereign immunity and can hold assets without disclosure on its balance sheet...
..Determining where this money went, holding parties responsible under the law, and achieving an offsetting return of assets is at the heart of any meaningful reform...
..The U.S. government is not run by political appointees and the civil service; it is run by private corporate contractors and banks.24 The largest defense contractors also hold significant contracts at non-military agencies, allowing for significant integration with the military across government...
..The top contractor at DOD is Lockheed Martin. During the period from 1998–2015, as $21 trillion went missing, Lockheed was the lead information and payment systems contractor at DOD, as it certainly was at HUD...
..The Big Tech firms and their hardware and software infrastructure and products are now also integrated into these contracting arrangements. For example, Amazon runs the cloud contract for the CIA, which provides an integrated cloud for all 17 intelligence agencies...
..Privatization through U.S. federal government contracting has put many operations beyond the governance or control of the government itself. [fascist oligarchy]...  The operations were now entirely in the hands of corporate contractors and private banks. This also has put government operations beyond the reach of serious researchers, scholars, reporters, or citizens...
..Between a handful of defense contractors, Big Tech firms, and New York Fed member banks, the U.S. government can be quickly and radically reengineered, especially in an all-digital financial system...  This likely would mean moving governance of the U.S. under the jurisdiction of international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the United Nations (UN) and its various agencies, and the BIS, who would be free to use AI, financial surveillance and control, and robotics without any legal obligation to the U.S. Constitution;  instead, these entities would enjoy the protection of sovereign immunity.
  For those who wish to preserve U.S. sovereignty, the intelligent response to the corruption of the civil service is to reform the civil service and remove private parties from control positions that compromise the government’s informational, financial, and operational sovereignty...
..My efforts to stop mortgage fraud as both Assistant Secretary of Housing and then as lead financial advisor to the FHA resulted in my getting fired in 1990 and my company being fired in 1997... I was immediately approached by a small Washington think tank that did strategic planning for the U.S. Navy. In the process, an effort was made to persuade me that aliens exist and live among us. Among other things, I was offered the opportunity to have lunch with several aliens...
..Declining to have lunch with aliens, I asked for and received a long list of the best books on the UFO and alien topic and proceeded to read approximately 25 of them...
..I remember watching the documentary The Phoenix Lights when it was first released. It showed footage of a large UFO that slowly flew through Phoenix to the edge of Tucson in March 1997. In the middle of searching for what was then $4 trillion missing from DOD, my first response was, “I’ll bet Lockheed Martin would build that for $4 trillion.”
  Ben Rich (the retired CEO of Lockheed’s “Skunk Works” group) famously said in 1993, “We now have the technology to take ET home.” I came upon this quote, referencing the development of black budget technologies and invisible weaponry, when as an investment advisor I experienced insider trading a week before the Indonesia tsunami and started to research invisible weaponry. I became convinced that such weaponry was playing a significant role in the dominance of the U.S. dollar as reserve currency.
  Indeed, in April 1997, U.S. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen spoke about such weaponry at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy at the University of Georgia...  Cohen said: “Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.” He added: “It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts.” ...
..The DOD’s refusal, for 25-plus years, to produce audited financial statements and its increasing inability to account for $20 trillion of undocumentable adjustments resulted, in 2018, in a new administrative policy promulgated with the approval of a bipartisan Congress and the Trump White House: Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board Statement 56 (FASAB 56).This policy purports to authorize DOD and the other agencies of the U.S. government as well as scores of related federal governmental entities to keep what amount to secret books, in essence overriding the Constitution and financial management laws and regulations with an administrative policy.
  In combination with other classification and national security laws, and national security waivers of SEC regulations applicable to public financial statements of private enterprises doing business with the government, the result is that the large banks and corporate contractors that do business with the federal government can also keep secret books...
  Underground Bases and Secrecy
​  I am often asked how so many secret operations can go on without being noticed. One reason is because so many military and intelligence bases are in restricted areas and underground. In 2010, the Washington Post published an excellent report on this topic, “Top Secret America,” giving an overview of the exploding number of classified military and intelligence facilities built after 9/11 and the passage of the USA Patriot Act.32
​  Because of the many rumors about classified underground bases, I once spent several hours a week for two years working with another researcher to estimate how many underground and undersea bases existed in North America—both publicly acknowledged as well as classified or secret. We collected all known reports, rumors, and documentation on underground bases and then analyzed military and federal installations and spending for all U.S. states. Our final guess was that the U.S. military-intelligence establishment and related corporate contractors had built 170 such bases as well as connecting underground transportation systems.
​  Building an underground base is very expensive. Building and maintaining it on a secret basis is many multiples more expensive than that—which is why underground bases are one of my votes for where a portion of the $21 trillion that disappeared by 2015 was reinvested.​..
​..Global Spraying and High-Tech Fires: Who Controls U.S. Air Space?
​  Since 1998, it has been my habit to travel extensively around the United States, mostly by car. One of the first things I noted in 1998 was extensive aerial spraying. I could drive for many hours down a highway in the heartland and watch multiple planes flying back and forth across the sky, laying down large spreading plumes of chemicals. One of the first things that struck me about this phenomenon was how expensive it must have been. Multiple planes and pilots spraying chemicals are not cheap, especially given that fleets of planes were spraying almost everywhere I went, including in all U.S. states, most countries in Europe, and Australia and New Zealand.
​  I will never forget taking off from Zurich in the early morning in 2010 and breaking through the cloud cover to see a thick layer of crisscrossed plumes being sprayed by planes that were not visible from the ground.​..
​..No one can spray chemicals above our heads for decades unless DOD does it, and/or unless DOD and the FAA permit it.
​  Here is a factoid: When I checked the FAA contractors at the time of 9/11, interestingly enough, Lockheed Martin was the lead contractor at FAA in addition to serving as lead contractor at DOD and HUD.​.. 
​..As the spraying intensified, we witnessed an explosion of cellular technology, High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) technology, and EMF radiation. Numerous citizen scientists and engineers have tried to understand what is in the spray, including heavy metals and bioengineered particles, and if and how they relate to wireless technology.​..
​..This issue of who and what controls U.S. air space keeps coming up—and not just because more people are questioning the spraying or because some states are starting to pass laws to try to curtail “geoengineering.” The growth of sporadic and highly unnatural high-tech fires is also raising questions. This includes the fires in northern California in 2017, including the one that destroyed most of Paradise, and the recent fire in Lahaina on Maui in Hawaii. These fires involved highly sophisticated engineering. Yet again, it is difficult to create a hypothesis of what happened other than that DOD and/or its contractors did it or allowed it to happen.
​  Global spraying and high-tech fires—and what they suggest about the technology at play in our environment—have profound implications for what the term “national security’ has come to mean.​..  
​..Narcotics Trafficking
​  I spent several years in the 1990s researching the growth of narcotics trafficking in the United States after the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, and particularly after its explosive post-WWII growth.​.. I became convinced that opening U.S. markets to narcotics trafficking from Europe, Asia, and Latin America was part of an intentional strategy to finance secret black-budget military and intelligence operations as well as to help provide low-cost capital to fund the rise of American multinational corporations.
​  For most of my life, this narcotics trafficking was blamed on African-American teenagers and various mafiosi. At the same time, the American taxpayer was funding a $500 billion to $1 trillion annual budget for the Department of Defense to govern and defend our air space and borders.​.. However, in any meaningful quantity, what and who come across those borders and shores into the country is what the U.S. government and military permit. They have the authority and resources to stop it.
​  DHS now includes the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which has taken the position in a recent court filing for Missouri v. Biden that it has jurisdiction over citizens’ minds because what citizens think is a national security issue.​..
..During the mortgage “crisis” of 2006–2012, the total U.S. taxpayer bailouts were calculated at over $23 trillion, according to Neil Barofsky, Special Inspector General to the TARP Program at the U.S. Department of Treasury.​..​  
​  In that review, I quote Barofsky as saying:
​  “I really didn’t believe the figure [of total commitments made during the financial crisis] until I saw the backup documents that had been provided by each of the agencies themselves. This total commitment was almost double the entire economic output of the United States. If there were ever a single number that demonstrated the panic felt by the regulators during the financial crisis, it was that $23.7 trillion.”

​  At the time, an estimated $8 trillion would have paid off all of the single-family residential mortgages in the country. This will give you a sense of the extent of the mortgage fraud.​.. 
.. I said, “What do you think is going on at HUD?” to which she replied, “HUD is being run as a criminal enterprise.”
​  HUD and its various mortgage programs are run on a matrix infrastructure, which means that to run them as a criminal enterprise requires the cooperation of the Treasury Department, the New York Fed and its member banks which are its owners (including JPMorgan Chase and Citibank), the DOJ, and, yes, DOD. Please let that sink in.​..

​..When I studied the rise of U.S. narcotics trafficking, I discovered that running illegal operations was one of the reasons for having layers of private contractors... ​  My favorite example was when Congressman Cynthia McKinney referred to the State Department protection afforded to a contractor indicted on sex slavery charges. After Insight ran a cover story describing the contractor’s sex slave trafficking and related indictment and conviction, the U.S. Navy issued them a large new contract. DOJ, the SEC, DOD, and the State Department also maintained them as a contractor in good standing.
​  Running global organized crime is big business—and ultimately, that business is owned and controlled by the people who control the sea lanes, the satellite lanes, and the financial transaction system. As a retired DEA agent said in the late 1990s to a Washington reporter who I was helping with research on narcotics trafficking, “Let’s face it, honey. All the wire transfers batch and run through the New York Fed. They know where every penny is.”
​  Pension and Retirement Funds
​  Where does all the money come from to fund DOD’s operations? First, we as taxpayers fund a portion of federal operations with our taxes... Additional sources of DOD funding come from borrowing. The primary source is from the sale of U.S. Treasury bills and bonds to U.S. and global investors. Traditionally and increasingly, the largest buyers are U.S. pension funds—including corporate, union, and state and local pension funds—as well as retirement accounts, such as IRAs and 401(k)s.​.. Now my pension fund holds a Treasury bond sold through the primary dealers who are the trading counterparties of the New York Fed. The assets that the bond funded are presumably gone—into private ownership or someplace else—and my bond is simply an IOU from the taxpayer, who is me. So, I have traded an asset—my retirement savings—for a liability from myself!​ ...
..One of the reasons that the Solari team and I worked hard over many years to highlight the issue of the money going missing from the U.S. government was that we understood that this was essentially a theft of resources from U.S. pension and retirement savings. If the theft were not stopped, the only solutions would be to extend the retirement age, lower benefits through inflation or benefit cuts, and/or lower life expectancy.
​  Because the government took numerous actions that began to lower life expectancy starting around the time the financial coup began, I am convinced that lowering U.S. life expectancy is an intentional policy.  It seems appropriate that the very same agency that is missing $20 trillion of taxpayer money would be the agency to lead Operation Warp Speed, an exercise that has significantly and intentionally increased excess mortality and done so in a way that extends the solvency of the Social Security system.​..
..Globalization, technology, and our investments in space have all created new economic models. As Larry Fink, the head of BlackRock (the largest asset manager in the world) recently explained, we now have new models for growing economies in countries with shrinking populations.​..
​..The Great Poisoning vs. a Land Army
​  One of the baffling questions before us is this: How is the U.S. going to field an effective army and navy if the population that supplies soldiers is shrinking and poisoned? Between the deterioration in the quality of food, the impact of extensive screen time and related mind control, and heavy vaccination schedules, the pool of young people interested in or capable of becoming soldiers has shrunk considerably...
..The House of Representatives just passed a defense bill that included a provision that would automatically enroll men between the ages of 18 and 26 in the Selective Service database.50 Some representatives are trying to expand the enrollment to women. In short, a military draft is coming.
​  First, they take your money—$21 trillion translates to $65,000 for every citizen. Then, they poison you. Nearly one out of five knows someone killed by the Covid injections, so this is bound to touch you. Next, they take your kids. How many of your children or grandchildren are between the ages of 16 and 28? How do you feel about them risking their lives to serve the quest for global empire, missing money, pension fraud, taxation without representation, and total technocratic control?​...
​..Next Steps for NATO
​  There is much chatter these days about the possibility of a World War III.​.. No doubt, the push for regime change and implosion in Russia is still on. However, because it has not gone as planned, it would seem that more subsidy will have to be extracted in the G7 nations to make up for it...  If I were of draft age, I would not be eager to serve the U.S. military. Who wants to finish boot camp only to find themselves in operations to poison their family and launder money out of their relatives’ pension and retirement funds?​  But this is dangerous business. The leadership of the United States and NATO have put themselves in quite a pickle, and things could get very serious.​..
​..Take Action: What Can We Do?​ ...
..The first and most important thing we each need to do is not fall for the liesAs an investment advisor for many years, I calculated the price paid by a family for one lie related to their health care or financial management. Let’s take the Operation Warp Speed lie that insisted that the Covid injections were “safe and effective.” For many families, this lie has cost them a loved one’s life or health, and/or drained their financial health and future.
​  Not falling for lies includes not falling for fake solutionsFake solutions include the hope that our problems can be solved by a presidential candidate.​..  Other fake answers include the call to pass new laws or hold a Constitutional Convention in which the Constitution can be hopelessly altered.
​  Solutions require, first and foremost, that we enforce the good laws we already have—and this starts with holding DOD, HUD, Treasury and its banking depositorythe New York Fed, responsible to obey financial management laws both currently and retroactively. Let’s get the $21-plus trillion back.
​  Reversing the Going Direct Reset requires understanding what is happening in the financial system, and how it relates to what is happening at DOD. We need to understand DOD’s goals—which means both its money laundering operation and Operation Warp Speed. We also need to understand how DOD’s operations thread through our local economies and lives and the power of its political “leashes,”  including in our personal and professional lives.
​  At the same time, before we propose changes to DOD and U.S. military operations, we need to understand the real phenomena that DOD may be dealing with and the existence of a secret, independent financial system that has grown up under the guise of a national security state.​..
..Fundamentally, though, we need to understand that we are staring down the barrel of a coup d’état, mass atrocity, and a serious escalation of global military operations. Someone is trying to kill us, and DOD works for them, not for us.​

​  Charles Hugh Smith, on how that feels on this end of the boot... The Anxiety Economy
We're told to stop being so darn negative even as the tsunami of inequality washes away the beach chairs of the bottom 90%​

​  Surplus Energy Economics,  The Battle of Little Big Rates
​  Growth in material economic prosperity has long been decelerating towards inflexion as the impetus originally imparted to the economy by the harnessing of fossil fuel energy fades out.
​  Unwilling to accept this, and persuaded by the deluded nostrum that the material can be stimulated by the monetary, we’ve allowed debts and quasi-debts to outpace the economy to the point where simple affordability decrees low rates.
​  As a result, each dollar of the economic “growth” reported over the past two decades has been accompanied by between $3 and $7 of additional financial liabilities, whilst most of this “growth” itself has been the cosmetic product of credit expansion...
..In the industrial economy, though, trends in output and prosperity are functions of the supply, costs and characteristics of energy, most of which is sourced from oil, natural gas and coal. The economic characteristics of fossil fuel energy have been deteriorating because of depletion, which is a fancy way of saying that we’ve used lowest-cost resources first, leaving costlier alternatives for a ‘later’ which has now arrived...
​..We’re living in a fantasy world in which, whilst economic inflexion is disregarded, no potential harm is seen in the growing quantum and worsening risk-profile of credit in a borrowing-addicted economy. Few (if any) observers have, for instance, recognized the obvious connection between “growth” of $675bn (2.5%) in the US economy during 2023 and the $2.1tn (8.8%) fiscal deficit which alone made this “growth” possible.
​  If we look at the propositions put forward by even the most sober of governments, everyone seems to promise “growth”, but nobody has any idea about how to deliver it without ramping up public and private debt. There is, as yet, no recognition that accommodation is as much a necessity as food and water, such that driving down the cost of housing should be a matter of very high priority.
​  Businesses are caught in this same trap of wil​lful blindness, imagining that they can grow discretionary activities even as the repression of disposable incomes unfolds in plain sight. Any business model which presupposes that consumers can take on yet more commitments to the financial system has to be a model drafted in the dark.
​  What this means is that we can’t data-collect, advertise or subscribe our way to prosperity, any more than we can borrow our way back to financial stability.
​  Meanwhile, the drive towards ever-cheaper capital is heading towards a collision with the very real limit set by zero-bound. Negative nominal rates are inoperable, even in a post-capitalist economy but, like General Custer, we seem to have left ourselves with no line of retreat.​

​  A Midwestern Doctor,  We Now Have Proof The COVID Vaccines Damage Cognition
Story at a Glance:
​  •Subtle and overt neurological injuries are one of the most common results of a pharmaceutical injury.
•The COVID-19 vaccines excel at causing damage to cognition, and many of us have noticed both subtle and over cognitive impairment following vaccination that relatively few people know how to address.
​  •For a long time, the hypothesis that the vaccines impaired cognition was “anecdotal” because it was based on individuals observing it in their peer group or patients.
•Recently large datasets emerged which show this phenomenon is very real and that the severe injuries we’ve seen from the vaccines (e.g., sudden death) are only the tip of the iceberg.
​  •In this article we will review the proof vaccine are doing this and explore the mechanisms which allow it to happen so we can better understand how to treat it.

​  Infants Who Receive Multiple Vaccines at Once at ‘Exponentially’ Greater Risk of Disease, Developmental Delays
“If safety signals sounded alarms, the results would be deafening,” said Karl Jablonowski, Ph.D., senior research scientist at Children’s Health Defense (CHD), co-author along with CHD Chief Scientific Officer Brian Hooker, Ph.D., of a study published Wednesday in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research.​      

​Steve Kirsch,  The COVID "vaccine" had no benefit. Zero. Zip. Nada.
Here's official US government data, all in plain sight, so you can decide for yourself. If the vaccine reduced the risk of death, this data is simply impossible to explain.​    

Steve Kirsch,  New Zealand data leaked by Barry Young has a smoking gun: a 27% increase in all-cause mortality over 12 months if you got the jab
It's amazing nobody noticed. It took just 2.7 seconds for Oracle to run the query that shows this. You can replicate my work yourself on the data I published last year.​

​John Leake, HHS Will Likely Declare a Bird Flu Public Health Emergency in Coming Months
Educating the public is the best way to prepare for Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex skulduggery.​

​  Meryl Nass MD re-tweets Bobby Kennedy,  Is a Bird Flu pandemic "inevitable" (in your milk cartons)
  24 different pharmaceutical companies are racing to develop a bird flu vaccine—for cows! How many more are working on a bird flu vaccine for humans?
Moderna’s stock price has gone up 40% since bird flu moved into cows. The company is worth over $20 billion dollars more than it was 3 months ago. The market knows that our government plans to use mRNA vaccines for emerging infections, regardless of whether the public wants them.
  They are already testing mRNA bird flu vaccines in cows.

  Meryl Nass MD,  Is Gain-of-Function Responsible for the Bird Flu Jump to Cows and Humans?/Epoch Times
Certain types of bird flu viruses that typically spread among birds are now causing infections in cows and humans in Western countries​

​  Peter McCullough MD,  Chinese Single Immunization with H5N1 Virus-like Particle Vaccine Protects Chickens Against H5N1 Influenza but Enables More Viral SheddingPoultry Vaccine Backfires with High Shedding Rate of Vaccinated Birds

  Meryl Nass MD,  More on the looming bird flu disaster. Lots of good new info, especially on how they avoid regulation of pandemic vaccines
Our old friend Jeremy Farrar helped create and control the narrative for 20 years, and now he is marketing the vaccines.​

​  Did the AIDS virus originate from the US Special Virus Cancer Program?
​  VAIDS as a "vaccine" induced SV40 promotor "viral" state: "It may be that tumor-associated molecules we seek are not due to mutations, but rather are the result of virus infection."
  “It was really a miracle how I discovered the Special Virus Cancer Program texts from 1971 and 1972,” Dr. Horowitz continued. “I thought I was done my 3-year investigation. I needed one last primary citation that was in a Congressional Record in the basement of the Chapel Hill Davis Library. There I needed access to the “Government Documents” part of the basement under librarian supervision. I was following the librarian when I suddenly, literally, heard a loud voice inside my head that told me to ‘Stop. Turn right.’
  “It was like I entered the Twilight Zone. And I needed to cajole the librarian who didn’t want me to ‘turn right’ and walk into a restricted area. It was really bizarre. The voice told me, ‘Don’t mind him. Just walk.’
  “So I followed the voice and really got the librarian angry and frustrated. ‘All right. I’ll get your Congressional Record,’ the fellow finally said, as I continued to walk slowly away following the voice." ...
.."Suddenly, from among thousands of volumes, the words Special Virus Cancer Program flew up into my face. I had seen those words in the funding acknowledgement sections of Gallo’s early publications with Litton Bionetics. But when I searched for those Special Virus Cancer Program records, they could not be found. They had been ‘disappeared’ from all the library catalogs."
  “In that miraculous moment I reached down, picked up the book, and happened to open it to the first page of Litton Bionetics’ report to the National Cancer Institute.
  “‘I think I found what I am looking for.’ I yelled 
across the expansive floor to the angry librarian. I then took the texts to the photocopying machine and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening photocopying the books.
  “Later, in 1997, after I came out with the secreted contracts, and the library reference numbers, there were so many people requesting the volumes that officials could no longer hide the records. That’s when the volumes showed up for the first time in the library catalogs and online data bases.”

​Thanks Red. 2 minutes on what happens if you simply invert the graphic data, turn positive to negative:  Error or Fraud - A New Bombshell in the Data   

Independent Researcher (pictured riding uphill in the Palestine bike jersey)

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