Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Cost Of Winning, 5/22/16

Succeeding to Death,

What Would a War With Russia Look Like? The Saker
"I fear the (relatively) new generation of “ass-kissing little chickenshit” officers à la Petraeus, or maniacs like General Breedlove, which have replaced the “old style” Cold Warriors (like Admirals Elmo Zumwalt, William Crowe or Mike Mullen) who at least knew that a war with Russia must be avoided at all cost."

The EU is expected to extend economic sanctions against Russia, since Minsk Agreement is not completely enacted (by Ukraine). Vassal states comply with US orders.

Roundup is glyphosate and "inert ingredients, right? Wrong.
“It took around one year and three people (a specialist in pesticide toxicology, a specialist of chemical mixtures, and a specialist in mass spectrometry) to unravel the secrets of Monsanto’s Roundup formulations,” Mesnage explained in an email. The hard work paid off. In 2013, his team was able not only to deduce the chemical structure of additives in six of the nine formulations but also to show that each of these supposedly inert ingredients was more toxic than glyphosate alone."
In February, the team published its findings, which showed that each of the five co-formulants affected the function of both the mitochondria in human placental cells and aromatase, an enzyme that affects sexual development. Not only did these chemicals, which aren’t named on herbicide labels, affect biological functions, they did so at levels far below the concentrations used in commercially available products. In fact, POEA — officially an “inert” ingredient — was between 1,200 and 2,000 times more toxic to cells than glyphosate, officially the “active” ingredient."
"John Sanders, who is now in remission after undergoing chemotherapy, it doesn’t really matter which chemical did what. When he was using Roundup, Sanders had no idea that anything in the liquid that sometimes dripped on his clothes and skin might cause cancer. “That was never in my wildest dreams.”

These 3 People just Tore Apart the Democratic Party
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Former JFK and LBJ Press Secretary, Bill Moyers, says the Democratic Party cannot unite until Debbie Wasserman Schultz goes away.

There is a big surge in Democratic voter registration for the 2016 California primary, a lot bigger than in 2008 when people registered to vote for Barack Obama. Who do you think these new registrants intend to vote for?
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Clinton leads Sanders by about 10 point in polling before the 6/7/16 California primary. Team Clinton really wants a victory to justify hammering Sanders to capitulate. ("Resistance is Futile" works so well for the Borg, right?)

Counting Chickens

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