Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Democrats Bust Loose

Ready for a Change,

I don't have much for you. I think Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders respect each other and will be respectful, not divisive. Buttigieg may try to come up with something new. He's pretty much a Ken Doll. Beto is an expired Ken Doll. Marianne Williamson is described in the second story as a potential left-wing Trump. I like that. I looked at about 15 minutes of her candidacy announcement. Not bad at all, but I don't have a lot of time for videos. Anyway, I'm rooting for Williamson, who has a lot of snap in front of crowds, and has had the ability to impress and mentor a lot of rich, smart people, to do the Trump-of-Love thing and shake up the proceedings tonight.

The line-up"

Closer zoom on Williamson and Love candidacy. 

Caitlin Johnstone took a closer look at Williamson, since anybody who gets that much snide press must be worth hearing out.

Here is her announcement of candidacy for the presidency, all 43 minutes, of which the first 15 is ok by me,

Love Child

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