Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Dance Your Life


  Paralyzed by too much information, is just where the machine wants us to stay. 
There is always more information coming. 
Don't act yet, except, maybe click these boxes and enter your credit card. 
Don't act outside the machine-pattern! Don't grow your tendrils out to the light!
Life is complex and adaptive, growing this way, then that way, like a tomato vine, not usually like a field of regimented cornstalks, awaiting the combine....

Take spontaneous actions. Plant vegetables. Go for a walk. Bike to the store. 
Where will you lock the bike? How will you carry the groceries? Do you have anything you can adapt to that functionality?

  Break free of the machine by dancing your every day life, guided by love, whimsy, and curiosity. 
Engage the archetypal patterns of vegetable gardening. 
Let the lives of the plants and their variability teach you. Let the seasons and their uncertainty teach you. 
Know the satisfaction of a few good fruits, and the frustration of squirrels in your peach trees. 
(Uh, don't advocate shooting squirrels, even with a smiley face emoji, or Facebook will ban you for 24 hours. Hi Randy!)

  Do you dance like a white-boy? Do you look kinda; like you're jogging? Are you wacky and unpredictable? Are you sleek and suave?
Go for it! 
Keep dancing your life.

Funky Chicken

(pictured taking out the southern peas that the weevils prefer, to feed to happy chickens nearby)

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