Monday, March 14, 2022

Preparing For Less

 Conserving Fuel,

  We have all exited the era of fossil-fuel driven exponential growth of our human population and the industrial economy which is our life support system.
This has not officially been announced yet.
  We are seeing increased cost of fuel, factory-farmed food, and manufactured goods, as supplies become erratic and uncertain going forward.
  Those who command the western liberal economic system are threatened uniquely, because they have put the rest of us in a situation to take the majority of the real-world losses as the system implodes. The "owners" reasonably fear the backlash against them when this happens. 
  They need to preemptively assume further emergency powers, martial-law type powers, to protect them from revolt from threat-factions such as "home-grown-white-supremacist-MAGA-terrorists".
  The COVID-Pandemic narrative stalled out. It never worked as quickly and efficiently as planned. An unanticipated threat-to-ownership has arisen from the growing public awareness of "vaccine" deaths and crippling side effects, after so many were forced to receive them and allow their children to be injected with them.
  The WAR! narrative is all powerful, and can be escalated to sweep this under the rug by ramping up current fear levels. The problem with war, actual war, is that those in power run the very real risk of losing power if "they are on the wrong side of history", as I believe our current elite global financial-capitalist value-extracting class is.
  They can only worsen the declining resource and declining wealth situation for the many in order to maintain their position atop a shrinking total global economy.
They need a lot of faithful military and faithful police and faithful local political machines to do this. All of these groups are made up mostly of the class of people who are set to be dealt the major blows of hurt, and to take financial and human losses.
  The sooner this class is forced to capitulate, the less harm they will be forced to bring upon everybody else.
  The $US financial system is their format for extraction of wealth from the world. Iit is huge, (almost) all-pervasive and completely established.
This is being used to punish Russia by the $US system defaulting on the $US that the Russian central bank holds, refusing to honor those US dollars.
  This selective default on a currency to harm another country, which uses that currency, makes the currency suspect to all who would use it, since it contains a death-switch that can be thrown from afar without any legal process. Using this against Iran was somewhat more subtle, and against Venezuela, and their oil could somehow be substituted in global markets, to garner support.
  Now we see that China, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and India are not supporting these moves. These are critical large economies with lots of citizens and with other options for global trade. Saudi Arabia has been critical to support of the Petro-Dollar regime since America had to default on the gold standard.
  It seems that there is much talk of a "commodity based eastern currency system". Gold, oil, wheat, soybeans, coal, iron, and manufactured goods are all "commodities". Such a system could be activated this year. Already sub-systems have been activated to trade with Russia in Rubles/Yuan, and Rubles/Rupees, for instance. 
  In the near term, our threat as humans seems to come from the death throes of a global financial-military regime, whose owners fear its citizens enough to kill any number of them. In the longer term, we are directly threatened by the collapse of this form of global financial capitalism. We can do a lot better than this, reduce military spending, which is very destructive to the world, using resources to kill people and bomb infrastructure.
  However, we need to regroup during an absolute and rapid decline in wealth. This will be even more rapid in the US, which will not get commodities-for-dollars from the world, and will need to export resources and goods that it now takes for granted for domestic consumption.
  Peaceful prepping with food stocks and a vegetable garden, cash and cargo-bikes, and being debt-free, with healthy social relationships seems sane and prudent.
We are low on cash, but not letting it stop us...

Briefings by the Russian Defense Ministry3/14/21 and fairly brief, no maps...

​Much more extensive is the Russian government statement on humanitarian relief work in Ukraine. Azov Battalion and related Ukrainian military in Mariupol has been suppressed enough for humanitarian relief convoys to bring supplies in and to evacuate residents and wounded out.

Moon of Alabama (Germany) has the story about the frequent and recurrent hints of a Russian chemical-weapons attack coming, and the western response that will follow.
This seems like fairly blatant foreshadowing. "Blame Russia" is the operational plan for anything that happens. Russia has no reason at all to use chemical weapons, and every reason to avoid it, as did the government of Syria a few years ago when false-flag attacks by western-funded anti-Syrian groups killed loyal Syrian citizens and blamed it on the Assad government forces.
Ukraine - Officials Announce False Flag Attack - Sanctions Hit Back

​Eric Zuesse has this detailed investigation of the threats to Ukrainian President Zelensky's life, which are not new, but are ongoing.
Why did Vladimir Putin (Probably) Save Volodymyr Zelensky’s Life?

Tom Luongo looks at the ins and outs of "Money" in the rapidly-degrading $US global financial regime. The "outside money" he speaks of can be thought of as real-economy, while the "inside-money" is cheap central-bank lending to insiders, used to extract value from the real economy. "Paper gold" and "physical gold" are exemplary. This is good, extensive and detailed.
The Ins and Outs of Whose Money is it Anyway?
FYI, there are a lot of empty glasses around the world right now and more are being created everyday as the financial system turned predatory after the Lehman Bros. collapse in 2008.

​I'm warning you, though...​"Media Isn't Warning You" That US Careening Towards Food Crisis

​"Class-Consciousness" from Charles Hugh Smith​  (Know what class you will fall into. It's useful for planning.)
Serf-Expression​  ​
​[​Eventually the "flock of timid and industrious animals" changes their minds about how much exploitation by the few is acceptable.​]​
​  ​You may have noticed the news flow beyond the hot war in Ukraine is largely focused on capital: financial capital (markets, liquidity, interest rates, commodities, central bank tightening, etc.) and political capital (geopolitical maneuvering, sanctions, revising energy and defense policies, etc.)
​  ​Notice who's left out, unnoticed and invisible? The serfs, the bottom 90% who have been decapitalized in the developed world and exploited in the developing world for the past 45 years.
​  ​With capital ascendant, the vast majority of financial and political gains flowed to the top tier of speculative capital (banks and billionaires) while the purchasing power of labor (i.e. wages) has been in a 45-year descent. (See chart below)
​  ​This disemboweling of labor transferred $50 trillion from labor to capital in the U.S. alone. Financialization and globalization devalued labor and working-class assets such as savings and boosted leveraged speculative bets only available to financiers and corporations...

​Thanks for this, Tessa:  
mRNA "DNA Gene Editing" - no Longer a Conspiracy Theory
Reckless "Gene Editing" with no Oversight is Very Dangerous

​This seems rather odd... Where will a billion $US come from? Does Moderna have it? Who might take the company over and pay that? It's sort of a "poison pill".
Would a "golden shower" be more appropriate?
Moderna approved a $926MILLION golden parachute for its CEO at the end of 2021 in the event he's replaced

Penny Pinching Prepper
(pictured with 2 lovely spinach quiches from fresh garden spinach)


  1. Yummy, those look delicious. Thank you for keeping us informed John with all that's going on.
    The DNA gene editing , not a conspiracy theory after all was worth opening up the article to read on... WOW 😳...kind of freaky to think about.
    We also are prepping as usual, back at gardening and continue to keep our food prep closets rotated. Everything else is as good as it can be for now. Thankful we've been out of any kind of debt for many years. We go are in the process of building another shed and keeping busy. God is good 🙏☺️

    1. The quiches were everything that they should be. I'm a pretty good quiche cook, though this was the first time in a long time.
      I'm sure glad you are vegetable gardening.
      Good Work!

    2. We went a year without a garden so I told Vic to take all his poles and fencing down and he went to do it and saw his soil was still rich...and I've got my garden back 😬lol

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