Friday, May 20, 2022

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  Azovstal surrenders are now completed. Some further high profile prisoner identities should be announced soon.
Today, on May 20, the last group of the 531 militants surrendered.

  High-value prisoners previously captured in Mariupol are linked to bioweapons lab there:
(retired) US  Admiral Eric Thor Olson, (Canadian, suddenly resigned for sex scandal) 4 star General Trevor Cadieu,
and  (UK) LTC John Bailey.

​  ​Russia’s First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyanskiy gives key takeaways from the last UN Security Council meeting on US biolabs in Ukraine​:​
​  ​The US refuses to explain its engagement in military bio activities in Ukraine. Keeps shrugging off several hundred pages of evidence. “These are all lies and Russia’s propaganda, and we are good guys because it can’t be otherwise”. Not a word on the point of discussion.
​  ​Western delegations are praising the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) and calling on us to make use of its mechanisms. They fail to mention however that it is the US who is blocking the elaboration of BWC verification mechanism. Such a hypocricy!
​  ​The US refuses to explain why it doesn’t want an effective international verification mechanism for bio weapons. Why act like this unless you are trying to conceal something? Why does Washington position itself above the international law? American exceptionalism at its best.

​  ​Turkey is demanding that Sweden must hand over and extradite "terrorists" in its midst before seeking to join the NATO alliance. In fresh televised remarks on Thursday, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Swedish and Finnish diplomats shouldn't even bother trying to dispatch delegations to Turkey if they aren't willing to stop supporting Kurdish PKK 'terrorists'.
"We have told our relevant friends we would say 'no' to Finland and Sweden’s entry into NATO, and we will continue on our path like this,"

​  "Conciliatory tones" from the west, towards Russia, regarding war in Ukraine? 
There are mainly rumors about the content of the US Secretary of Defense's phone call 5/13/21 to the Russian Minister of Defense, but they talked.​
We also know that the EU is having trouble divorcing from Russian oil and gas...

​  ​Putin: Oil Sanctions Will Be Europe's "Economic Suicide" On Orders From "American Overlords"​   (Ouch, shaming)

  ​Moon of Alabama explains the strategic objectives pushing the EU towards "suicide" cliff.
  As President Biden explained, the current military escalation (“Prodding the Bear”) is not really about Ukraine. Biden promised at the outset that no U.S. troops would be involved. But he has been demanding for over a year that Germany prevent the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from supplying its industry and housing with low-priced gas and turn to the much higher-priced U.S. suppliers.
  [T]he most pressing U.S. strategic aim of NATO confrontation with Russia is soaring oil and gas prices. In addition to creating profits and stock-market gains for U.S. companies, higher energy prices will take much of the steam out of the German economy.
  In early April Professor Hudson took another look at the situation:
  It is now clear that the New Cold War was planned over a year ago, with serious strategy associated with America’s perceived to block Nord Stream 2 as part of its aim of barring Western Europe (“NATO”) from seeking prosperity by mutual trade and investment with China and Russia.
​  ​So the Russian-speaking Donetsk and Luhansk regions were shelled with increasing intensity, and when Russia still refrained from responding, plans reportedly were drawn up for a great showdown last February – a heavy Western Ukrainian attack organized by U.S. advisors and armed by NATO.

​  Gail Tverberg looks at cheap energy as the fuel for economy, and that rising debt and falling interest from 1981 to 2020 allowed borrowing to cover energy costs, so that economy could grow, though more feebly after 2008. 
  Energy and modern economy are tightly linked. The current period is not actually like the 1970s stagflation, but is much more akin to the Great-Depression/WW-2 period, when declining coal production and higher cost of extracting coal globally created a similar situation of falling living-standards. (UK coal production peaked in WW-1, after which they could no longer supply Italy. Italy had to get coal from Germany, causing a change of alliances)
​  ​The economy can only continue as long as all of its important parts continue. We cannot assume that reported reserves of anything can really be extracted, even if the reserves have been audited by a reliable auditor. What actually can be extracted depends on prices staying high enough to generate funds for additional investment as required. The amount that can be extracted also depends on the continuation of international supply lines providing goods such as steel pipe. The continued existence of governments that can keep order in the areas where extraction is to take place is important, as well.
​  ​What we should be most concerned about is a very rapidly shrinking economic system that cannot accommodate very many people. It seems that such a situation might occur if the debt bubble is popped and too many supply lines are broken. There may be a time lag between when interest rates are raised and when the adverse impacts on the economy are seen.

​  Killing more kids: Who needs expert advice? Support Pfizer!  
FDA Authorizes Pfizer Booster for Kids 5 to 11, Bypasses Advisory Panel

  Not only are the mRNA and DNA vaccines killing people and immunosuppressing them, more with each subsequent dose, but the push for an "Omicron specific vaccine" is a push for an oxymoron...
​  ​The so-called “Omicron Variant” is a very inclusive term that includes “every Sars-Cov-2 descendant after Delta”. It is best to think about it as a marketing term giving an excuse why Covid vaccines do not work, rather than as a scientific term.
​  ​For example, the Ba.1 and Ba.2 variants are MORE distant from each other, than they are from any past Sars-Cov-2 variants.

  Officially published (UK just stopped publishing) statistics from various national governments show progressively worsened immune system function among those vaccinated 2 or more times against COVID. Plenty of graphs. Hospital admissions for COVID and deaths from COVID per 100,000 are higher for the vaxxed.
There is a sharp rise in acquired immunodeficiency syndromes directly related to these gene-therapy vaccines, also. The plague of (non-COVID) all-cause deaths of the working age populations which peaked in Q3 2021, and continues, is also noted. .

​  ​Monkeypox might stand-in for smallpox, and is currently spreading at a low level in the world.
Spartacus: Monkeypox is the new COVID​

​  ​NYC Reports First Suspected Monkeypox Case As WHO Convenes Emergency Meeting

​  ​  Smallpox vaccines (like what I got in 1962 or so) are about 85% effective against monkeypox ​(​which does not appear to include the ​COVID-​triple-jabbed​)​.
​  ​

​  ​The US government supposedly has 20 million doses of tecovirimat, approved to treat smallpox, and ​effectively​ treats monkeypox:
"postexposure treatment with tecovirimat alone or in combination with ACAM2000 provided full protection. Additionally, tecovirimat treatment delayed until day 4, 5, or 6 postinfection was 83% (days 4 and 5) or 50% (day 6) effective."

​Somewhat Prepared 
(pictured behind corn, bean and banana plants recently)​

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