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Ruling Class Concerns

 Ruled Over,

  Spartacus snippets in no particular order:
​  Centralized AI is a tyrant’s best friend. It can be used to analyze human behavior, to predict the future behavior of certain social groups or ethnicities or economic classes of people, and to devise means to reorder and redirect that behavior toward ends that the wealthy and powerful find useful and conducive to their interests. It can be used to generate an endless stream of propaganda laced with the predefined messages of the Overclass, to replace rooms full of demoralized propagandists with machines that never tire, never sleep, and always, unflinchingly and unfailingly, promote the same Elite narratives without reservation. It can be used to saturate and replace human-generated culture with cheap facsimiles of art and literature that are forced to conform to a particular Elite-mandated set of moral and ontological standards, never allowed to reproduce ideas that are threatening to those in power. It can be used to reengineer human beings into submissive pets, by designing genes and proteins that stitch the very fabric of that submission into our germlines. ​ 
​  The ruling class want you to be afraid of what decentralized and guardrail-free AI can do. They want you to be afraid because they’re afraid of it, themselves, and the reason why they’re afraid of it is because they don’t want the balance of power to shift from them to us.​..
..If I could name one thing that pissed me off the most, it would probably be when the FDA and CDC decided that they didn’t want to investigate Kevin McKernan’s claims of DNA contamination in the mRNA vaccines, which they quite obviously have, and which has been independently verified. It took Dr. Ladapo sending them a sternly worded letter to get things back on track, but they’re still stonewalling. Meanwhile, as it turns out, the pseudouridylation of the vaccine mRNA has other consequences, like causing +1 ribosomal frameshifts that translate into protein gobbledygook.
  Because proteins are made from amino acids corresponding to three-letter codon sequences in RNA, the amino acids you get depend on where you start reading the RNA from. That’s a reading frame. If you frameshift one letter ahead during translation by a ribosome, all subsequent three-letter codons read differently. They produce uncharacterized products. Why do you think Pfizer falsified their Western blots? Oh, you didn’t know? You didn’t look at the regulatory submissions and see that the Western blots they submitted were completely faked? ...
..What about the conference just held by Professor Masanori Fukushima a few days ago, about the endless reports of adverse events with the vaccines, including IgG4 class switches that tell the immune system to simply ignore the Spike protein as though it were an allergen? ...
.. In their infinite wisdom, our supposed betters have decreed that the narrative of vaccine safety and efficacy must be protected against all challenges, even the revelation of obvious and overt flaws in the vaccines’ design that contribute to negative efficacy and adverse health events up to and including death...
..The biggest problem we have is that most people are not accustomed to the notion of a criminal government. Any serious analysis of the CIA’s activities over the past several decades would inevitably lead one to the conclusion that our governments are so deeply entwined with organized crime, it’s arguable that they function like legitimized criminal cartels...
..As the COVID-19 vaccine campaigns have demonstrated—orchestrated, as they were, in the depths of the military-pharma-intelligence Biodefense Mafia complex and targeted at law-abiding citizens—this is too much to hope for. What can you even say about a system that demands your trust and respect even as it slits your children’s throats right in front of you? ...
..Why do the Overclass complain about a lack of trust in institutions? Why are they so busy trying to suppress mis-, dis-, and malinformation? Why, that’s simple, really. It’s because they know how exposed they are. They know that even the most basic analysis of their behavior reveals the aforementioned patterns. They don’t want you thinking about this, much less discussing it with others. After all, dissent is dangerous disinformation...
..No more. No more of this nonsense. No more of being sold down the damn river...
​..Resist, resist, resist. We outnumber the people who are doing this to us, and we outnumber them massively. Decentralize. Boycott the system. Build your own parallel systems. Parallel education, parallel healthcare, parallel finance.
..We can stop the monsters who are doing this to us. We must stop them cold, leave them hanging and leave the thieves empty-handed. Our lives depend on it.

​  Noor Bin Laden reports globalist elites heavily discussed 'censoring US conspiracy theorists' at WEF
​  Specifically, she said, it was discussed that speech from "US conspiracy theorists" needed to be censored, "especially with President Trump winning the Iowa caucus" and the 2024 US presidential elections on the horizon.
​  "MAGA and President Trump have been living rent-free in the heads of the people here at Davos throughout the week," she said. "And even though President Trump wasn't here, he was very much the center of conversation here in Davos."
​  "Are they in fact, scared and fearful of what they see coming out of places like Iowa this week?" Posobiec asked Bin Laden.
She replied that "it is very much a spiritual battle that we're in and these people are, there are no other words to say they're very much evil, and their agenda is absolutely evil."
​  The globalist elites in attendance at WEF referred to themselves as "guardians of trust," Bin Laden reported, and "think they are the masters of the world" despite being largely self-appointed.

​  Pentagon Declares ‘We Don’t Think We Are at War’ with Houthis as US Bombs Yemen for 7th Time
President Joe Biden admitted the attacks were not curbing Houthis attacks but said the attacks would continue

​  These things are EXPENSIVE.  Iraqi Resistance shoots down US MQ-9 drone amid CENTCOM silence​ 
The Iraqi Resistance has announced its responsibility for the operation that took place on Thursday night.

​  'Playground of choice': Iran mobilises to drive US troops out of Iraq
The US has the cudgel of the American dollar to prevent its expulsion from Iraq, but will the Biden administration use it?

​  Al-Sudani Says US-Led Coalition Withdrawal ‘Necessary’ for Iraq’s Security
US bases in Iraq continue to come under attack
​  Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani reaffirmed on Thursday his desire for the US-led international coalition in Iraq to withdraw, saying it’s “necessary” for the country’s security.

​  Palestinian Resistance treats IOF officer; ​ 'Israel' kills him later​  [​The "Hannibal Directive" is to kill captured Israelis, to ​eliminate their value in negotiations.]
​  Al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades, the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees in Palestine, announced, on Friday, that an Israeli strike killed Ohad Yahalomi, an Israeli officer taken captive on October 7.
​  In a statement, al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades detailed that Israeli officer Ohad Yahalomi taken captive was targeted by the Israeli army along with the group responsible for him, resulting in his moderate injury, which was treated.​ However, Israeli warplanes deliberately targeted Yahalomi again a few days ago with the intention of killing him, and despite their efforts to save his life, he was killed, the Resistance group's statement added.
​  Accusations leveled against Israeli forces killing their own troops are not new.

​  Israel president hit with criminal complaint in Switzerland: prosecutors
​  The Federal Prosecutor’s Office (BA) confirmed that it had received a criminal complaint against the Israeli president, who was at the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s annual meeting in Davos on Thursday to discuss the Gaza war.
“The criminal complaints will now be examined in accordance with the usual procedure,” BA said in a statement, adding that it was in contact with the foreign ministry “to examine the question of the immunity of the person concerned.”...
..The statement said the plaintiffs were seeking a criminal prosecution in parallel to a case brought before the UN’s International Court of Justice by South Africa, which accuses Israel of genocide in its offensive in Gaza.
Addressing the issue of immunity, the statement suggested that it could be lifted “in certain circumstances,” including in cases of alleged crimes against humanity, adding that “these conditions are met in this case.”

​  Israeli Reserve Soldiers Refuse to Fight in Gaza. Disobey Illegal Orders, Abandon the Battlefield
​  “Half the soldiers of an Israeli reserve battalion refused to fight in the Gaza Strip and were released from duty by their commander” Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed reported on 17 January.
​  Inasmuch as the Netanyahu government is involved in an act of genocide against the People of Palestine, Israeli soldiers have an obligation under Principle IV of the Nuremberg Charter to Disobey Unlawful Orders” and “Abandon the Battlefield”.  
​  What is significant is that the Reserve soldiers who refused to fight were not penalized by their commanding officer.  
This courageous action by Israeli Reserve soldiers sets the stage: Abandon the Battlefield should be extended to ALL Israeli combatants.
​  Principle IV of the Nuremberg Charter  defines the responsibility of combatants
“to refuse the orders of Government or a superior … “provided a moral choice [is] possible“.
​  What we are proposing is the conduct without delay of a Worldwide grass-roots campaign,  encouraging: Israeli, American and NATO Combatants to “Disobey Unlawful Orders” and “Abandon the Battlefield”.

​  US against ceasefire, sees no signs of war crimes in Gaza: Kirby
John Kirby says the White House is gathering additional information regarding Mexico and Chile's request for an investigation into potential war crimes by "Israel".

​  DOE Investigations of Campus “Antisemitism” Suppress Criticism of Gaza Genocide
As Israel’s genocide in Gaza continues, Department of Education investigations are chilling dissent at US campuses.

​Meryl Nass MD ,  How many UN agencies are trying to take away freedom of speech simultaneously? We've identified 3 so far.(Unesco, UN, WHO)
They are racing to the finish line before everyone wakes up! They can't win unless they have total information control.

​  Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Caused Autism-Like Behaviors in Offspring of Rats Vaccinated During Pregnancy
Pfizer’s BNT162b COVID-19 vaccine
administered to pregnant rats was associated with significant structural and biochemical changes in the brains of offspring and noticeable deficits in several behavioral domains. These effects may not directly relate to humans.

​  No More Research on Cellphone Radiation and Human Health, Government Says​  [Don't ask questions if you don't want to know the answers.]
The National Toxicology Program said it no longer plans to study the effects of cellphone radiation on human health, citing technical challenges and lack of resources — even though its own $30 million study found evidence of cancer and DNA damage.

​  Bill Gates Set Up 20 Shell Companies to Hide Purchase of $113 Million of Nebraska Farmland
​  The limited liability companies, buried under layers of business names, overlapping employees and addresses in at least three states, form a network more tangled and opaque than the one created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is buying a giant amount of Nebraska ranch land.
​  In 2017, the Canadian board decided to offload a half-billion dollar chunk of its American farmland portfolio — including all 22,830 acres of its Nebraska land.
​  The buyer of those unassuming-sounding Nebraska farms wasn’t publicly listed. Until now, the financial details of the transaction and the gargantuan loan he’s taken out against it have remained publicly unknown.
​  The buyer’s name: Bill Gates.

The super-rich got that way through monopolies​ , A report in honor of Davos.​  Cory Doctorow  [and things worse than monopolies, too...]

The social housing secret: how Vienna became the world’s most livable city​   Thanks Charles.
In the Austrian capital, renters pay a third of what their counterparts do in London, Paris or Dublin. How is it possible?

​Kyle Young's journey through the world of growing non-rectangular houses continues. 
bypassing the communistic housing paradigm , how costa rica dealt with globalist rape and run tactics

Irregularly Shaped Human (pictured with Jenny and Atlas)

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