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  Following up on yesterday's post about "Schrodinger's Generals" is the video from late yesterday from Dima at Military Summary, who spends the first 5 minutes explaining the military necessity of creating fictions when officers are killed or wounded in a conflict zone where they officially ought not be. He says he has no authoritative/official source, but that it appears Austin was wounded in Ukraine. He wishes him well in any case, whether war wounds or prostate cancer, but presumes that Austin will not be seen much, at least for a while. He discusses General Zaluzhny's injuries related to Russian bombardment last May, and subsequent doctored videos of Zaluzhny.
Austin Was Wounded In Kyiv. Mobilization Also Reached Poland. Military Summary 2024.01.9

​There are no 2024 images of Lloyd Austin to be found online, just old stock photos.  Pentagon's Austin in good condition in hospital, release date uncertain

  General Zaluzhny is apparently alive and upset, perhaps by injuries to other senior level military command personnel and/or a recent personal experience...
  British military analyst Alexander Merkouris commented on the reaction of the Ukrainian Armed Forces command to the latest missile and drone strikes of the Russian Armed Forces on Ukrainian military infrastructure. He noted that the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valery Zaluzhny, reacted violently to these events, especially to the possible death of officers from his entourage.
  According to Mercouris, at a speech in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Zaluzhny looked irritated and was in a state of complete hysteria, which, according to the expert, may indicate a nervous breakdown of the general.
  "He was hysterical. He looked like a general and commander-in-chief who was about to have a nervous breakdown. And that perhaps tells us a lot about the situation at the front.", - said Mercouris.

  At the 6:45 mark in this evening's Military Summary, a picture of Zaluzhny meeting with other military commanders in Kharkov is presented. Russia seems to be starting an offensive in the Kharkov region, to reduce Ukrainian strikes on Belgorod.  Russia Opens The Kharkov Front. Desperate Times In Ukraine. Military Summary 2024.01.10

  Simplicius has a Ukraine war update focusing on the rapid development of military technology, particularly cheap, effective, small attack drones, which are already being fielded in semi-autonomous targeting mode, to resist blocking interference between the drone and a distant controller. The west just does not have swarms of small FPV attack drones, nor thousands of operators. Larger drones are useful for distant surveillance and targeting, but are expensive to lose when used for close attacks.
SITREP 1/9/24: Latest Leading-edge Tech-war Updates

  Today ​I was introduced to the work of Kyle Young, which is very constructive, broadly human, and based on his life experiences and explorations. Kyle has gotten around.
44 years of deep earth homesteading​ , searching for divinity in love and the soil

44 years of deep earth homesteading - part 2​ , Hawaii, bamboo, toxic housing

​  Les, who visits this blog, and introduced Kyle's work in yesterday's comments. He presents a timely, pertinent, in depth and broad analysis of colonialism here.
Genocide & Economics.​ , Ideology Gives Justification To Purpose & Outcome.
​  This essay examines the Scientific Racism of the cultivated, cultured British, Western European and American Elites of whom few found any difficulties via their highly influential Geographical - Anthropological Societies in furthering the invention of myriad, creative narratives to justify the actions of the servants of their noble selves killing off largely defenseless or largely outgunned native communities in far off lands, for the purpose of possession and profit.

​  War on Gaza: A mother's traumatic journey through childbirth under Israeli bombing
Heba Labbad, a 27-year-old mother of three, describes to Middle East Eye's correspondent Aseel Mousa the terrorising experience of being a pregnant woman having to quit her home, of giving birth amid the paralysing sounds of Israeli bombing and being separated from her husband after he was detained by the Israeli military.

Israel To Blinken: Gazans Can't Return To North Until Hostages Released

16 killed as Is­rael ​Es­ca­lates ​As­sault on ​South­ern Gaza
Israel has increased airstrikes and ground actions in central and southern Gaza, causing many casualties, including 15 from a single family in Rafah City, despite it being labeled a 'safe zone' by Israel.

Video appears to show the Israeli army shot 3 Palestinians, killing 1, without provocation

American rabbis disrupt UN meeting, demand Biden stops blocking peace in Gaza

​  The Israeli aggression against the West Bank persists, as occupation forces conduct a series of incursions and raids targeting several cities and camps. A large-scale incursion into Jenin and its camp is ongoing.
​  Local Palestinian media confirmed the deployment of occupation army snipers on the rooftops of houses in the city of Jenin, coinciding with the deployment of military vehicles and bulldozers into the city, as Israeli military bulldozers reached the main Jenin roundabout, and bulldozed shops in the city, destroying vendors’ stalls and private property. In response, resistance fighters targeted the occupation forces with explosive devices near the cinema roundabout.

​   Professor Anthony Hall , On the Need to Include the Study of Jewish Power as Integral to the Globalist Push for Centralized Control of Everything​ 
Much Has Changed Now That Israel is Being Charged by the International Court of Justice for Violating the UN's Genocide Convention

​  ‘I Don’t Recall’: Fauci Unable to Answer Key Questions in Pandemic Probe
​  Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed more than 100 times that he did not remember details about the pandemic response and origins during a House interview Monday regarding COVID-19 policies and funding decisions.

​  Meryl Nass MD , Since Fauci just testified (in closed session) before Congress, I provide the evidence of some well-documented crimes he committed
The risk of GOF was our risk, not his--no doubt he received the best countermeasures, while suppressing them for the public. Since he had already tested them.

  ​Peter McCullough MD , US Congressional Hearing on COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries II
Friday January 12, 2024, NOON ET: Testimony from Drs. McCullough, Cole, Milhoan

​  Peter McCullough MD , Low RSV Vaccine Acceptance Among Pregnant Women
Wary of Fever and Pregnancy Loss, Discerning Mothers Declining the Novel Shot

​Figuring it Out (pictured last weekend after unboxing my homebrew tube amps, preamp and phono stage and rearranging the room)

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