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Jada Thacker reviews the assumptions behind the Hollywood film, "Hostiles", and points out that American Democracy was tyrannical in destruction of egalitarian civic structures of native American societies. 
Jada does not brush aside any awkward facts. There are no completely good-guys in the world. He does burst certain mass-delusional bubbles, writing as a historian. There is lots to consider... "Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can..."

Cat sends this article "Triggering War", the turning of a society into a bloodthirsty mob, like at football games, ready to "get behind out president", and punch traitors and pacifists in the mouth. This kind of mass social resonance with hate and rage really helps a country win wars. It's hard to generate. 
Pearl Harbor (Roosevelt's arrangement. He tracked the Japanese and got the carriers out a week ahead of them.) was a great success. 
The "new Pearl Harbor" of 9/11 worked well enough. Most people still kinda' accept that ragheads-with-box-cutters suspended the laws of physics and dropped steel skyscrapers into their footprints with burning kerosene, achieving fall times the same as a basketball dropped from the top.
It's important to have constructive things to do yourself when the crowds are triggered. 
Americans are getting harder to trigger. This is a problem for the owners. They are looking into what it might take this next time.

Colleen sends this article, explaining what Vladimir Putin's winning of the Russian Presidential Election with over 76% of the vote means. Russia is united behind a leader they know and trust, and Russians get more galvanized the more the West tries to bleed and starve them.

It's harder to "trigger" folks when..." The Monmouth University Polling Institute found that no less than 74% of Americans believe in a "deep state" when it is described as a collection of unelected officials running policyOnly 21% do not believe this kind of group exists."

The US has ships in place to attack Syria (again) with cruise missiles and aircraft. Thanks Eleni.

NATO is putting some of it's strategic eggs in another basket, moving more and more air attack forces out of Incirlik airbase (Turkey) and into Al-Azraq, in Jordan. This is a very insightful article, with an important insight at the end. Thanks Eleni.

British scientists are tired of being browbeaten to declare that whatever made a (prisoner-traded) Russian traitor and his daughter sick was a Russian nerve-weapon. There is no such evidence at all, and they will not lie to the public (unlike politicians, but not Jeremy Corbyn).

American instructors are reportedly training Syrian good-terrorists to launch a false flag chemical weapons attack to justify more US military assaults on Syria.

Paul Craig Roberts figures "War is on the Horizon", as the US and UK poke the Russian bear and see what Russia's resolve for war might be. (Testing, testing...)

There is no "free trade"- there is only the Darwinian Game of Trade, Charles Hugh Smith (Don't Look! It's the TRUTH!) 

How long can we get away with it? (When will the smoke and mirrors financial system collapse?) Charles Hugh Smith [We will really need to be triggered for war when it does.]

Tempe Az. police say the Uber self-driving car did not appear to be at fault for killing the bag-lady, while traveling 38 mph in a 35 mph zone. 
She just jumped out from the dark, with her bicycle and bags of recycling, faster than the computer-brain could react. The human driver didn't notice anything until he heard the impact. (Mentioned here is the legal awkwardness if it is determined that the machine, not the "driver" or the corporation, may have been at fault.)


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