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Talk Is Cheaper

Critters of Earth,

Eagle and Bear Meeting, Pepe Escobar looks at deals to be made in the .Syria Neocons are seething and chomping at the bits, but...
What will be negotiated in the Trump-Putin summit, as Asia Times has learned, is something completely different. This negotiation, incidentally, will happen after the NATO summit in Brussels and before the next Astana format meeting in Sochi on July 30, as confirmed by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin.
Once again, the holy of the holies concerns al-Qaeda. Actually, Jabhat al-Nusra, as in al-Qaeda in Syria, is now rebranded as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, and their allied collection of 54 takfiri militias, trained and weaponized in a base in Jordan, for years, by the CIA and British Special Forces.
Al Tanf is absolutely key to the whole plot, because that’s where US advisers have been for all practical purposes rebranding takfiris into something called Maghawhir al Thawra (Commandos of the Revolution).
​.. ​ 
Across the chessboard, what’s really significant, as Magnier notes, is how “the presence of Takfiri Wahhabi jihadists on the Israeli-Syrian borders represents – in Tel Aviv’s view – a security factor to the Israeli Army. And Israel would rather not see the Syrian state recovering and eliminating all terrorists and jihadists.”
​... “The US, Israel and their allies cannot win this southern fight. They can only prolong the insecurity for a while before the SAA decides to launch a military campaign against the 54-plus-militias-Nusra occupying the south of Syria.” So there’s got to be a deal. And this is what Putin and Trump may be able to negotiate in Helsinki.

Syrian government forces on Friday took control over the major crossing point on the border with Jordan, raising a Syrian flag there, a Sputnik correspondent reported from the site.
The Russian center for Syrian reconciliation stated earlier that over the week, 27 settlements had voluntarily joined the ceasefire regime in the southern part of the country.
A senior Kremlin official tells Bloomberg that Vladimir Putin is preparing to offer significant concessions to President Trump at their July 16 summit in Helsinki, Finland in the hopes of beginning to repair strained relations between Russia and the United States. 

"The United States of Terror", includes a map of countries bombed since the end of WW-2. (The rest of the world has been paying for this for the last 46 years or so through the Petrodollar that Nixon/Kissinger worked out with King Faud of Saudi Arabia. The rest of the world, led by Russia and China, are putting together the mechanisms to bypass the $US in global trade. that will probably happen in this crisis we are edging in to now. "Trade war" means getting in the first punch in the global reset. Trump is seemingly in a position to negotiate this military empire away while declaring "victory". Can he?)

"No Nukes-No THAAD" Koreans don't want all these weapons on their peninsula...
The United States had a hard time placing its Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) systems on South Korean soil. The only apparent reason Washington had was the notorious North Korean nuclear threat. Now that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has indicated his willingness to get rid of his country's nuclear weapons program, South Koreans have renewed their pressure on the unwanted US military presence.

​I predict that Putin can help Trump with the whole grand negotiating scheme, including a breakthrough for the once-and-future Korea. This grand dealmaking has to include lots of parts of our planet at once, to really work for everybody. The neocons and globalists do not want it to work for everybody, because that does not work for them...
​ In the statement released hours after Pompeo departed Tokyo after meeting with Kim Yong Chol, a senior aide to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, a North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman accused the US is trying to unilaterally pressure Pyongyang into abandoning its nuclear weapons by insisting on unilateral complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation (CVID), and said trust between countries is in a "dangerous stage", while adding that North Korea still trusts President Donald Trump.

We are All Hostages of Corporate Profits, Charles Hugh Smith (I don't feel safe at all in this arrangement. All I know is on that chopping block.)
We're in the endgame of financialization and globalization, and it won't be pretty for all the hostages of corporate profits. Giving Amazon et al. more tax breaks won't fix what's broken, and neither will lavishing subsidies or taxpayer giveaways on global corporations that maintain the useful illusion of being based in America.
Economies dependent on bubbles for their survival self-destruct.

"Survival of the Psychopaths, They are Plotting to Leave Us Behind", is a catchy article I was trying to find without a paywall last night, and Bill sent it to me without my even telling him. This article is simple enough, a renowned "futurist" sits down with some really rich guys who ask him questions pertaining to their perceived futures. It's a straightforward look at their projections and plans. We are not serving them in their bunkers, and they give a lot of thought to how to maintain control over the armed men who do serve them in their bunkers. It will be nice if they will stay in their bunkers for awhile, but maybe this is just a false lead we are getting thrown at us...

Asgardia-Open Recruitment for a Breakaway Civilization Begins (OK, this really reminds me of the big spaceship that they filled with hairdressers and such in Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, to colonize some far distant world with those subject to the flattery of being told they were "the best and the brightest", but were really incompetent dead weight being lifted from an overburdened world.) I have heard for years that the $21 trillion the Pentagram can't find went into a parallel-universe kind of economic thing that ain't for us, but has all of the wealth we are expecting in retirement, and stuff like that. Who knows who owns all that stuff held everywhere by multinational corporations? Who knows what the "owners" plan to do with "their property"? 

"Testosterone Causes Men To Desire Luxury Goods" , Straight from the mouth of science to your ears. You would never suspect that men given testosterone skin cream would light up to status symbols they could display in public, and men given plain skin cream would not be so inclined.
You can walk down the street snickering about this for the rest of the week! ("Nothing comes between me and my Calvins")

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