Thursday, October 11, 2018

Cliff Diving

Doing the Math,

To contain warming at 1.5C, man-made global net carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions would need to fall by about 45 percent by 2030 from 2010 levels and reach “net zero” by mid-century. Any additional emissions would require removing CO2 from the air.  

​Let's look at what cutting just America's CO2 emissions in half in 12 years would look like. We are not experts but we can lay this out, based on history.
CO2 is directly proportional to real-economy. Financialization is a hall of mirrors and delusions.
Half the current real economy in 12 years is something less of a cut than it might seem like on paper, since the financial fluff numbers have to go away first.
The coming financial reset will deflate those fluffy, bubbly numbers that say your debt is a boost to the economy, rather than the drag that it actually is.
Asset crash of 2008, part-2, will reveal the retirement crisis. All retirement accounts will get bundled into big government to parcel out. 
The top 5% will see their portfolios gutted. They will feel poor, not rich. They will drastically reduce spending, and will stop borrowing, if they can.​
The use of gasoline will drop, and diesel, as people have to save for food. 
Skyscraper building will grind to a halt, reducing CO2 production from cement (coal). 
Perish the thought of military war. We will get financial war, and "Fourth Generation War", like we see in the Mideast, North Africa and Europe now.
We really should cooperate to stop that and just take care of everybody where they are. Most of the world is saying that, except the Western Empire.
Crisis like this is handled by autocracy, something like dictatorship. Remember FDR, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Franco, Mussolini? 
It is looking pretty late to replace Donald with Hillary. Donald wants to downsize and nationalize, which is the right direction. He's autocratic...
The "deplorables" need "breadwinner" jobs where they live,  where there used to be productive jobs, doing and making things America needs.
This change from support of elites to support of the working class is called "populism". President Donald gets it.
This stuff takes awhile, and you don't change horses in the middle of a stream. "Ivanka 2024"?
What structural changes will we see?
Carbon equals cost. Supply chains will have to shorten. Diets will need to get local again. Southern cooking may return.
We will all have to focus on hammering out a better cheap life. Identity wars will have to stop to get jobs done. "What bathroom is working?"
Ride a bike. Grow vegetables. Wear a sweater and wool socks. Try an electric blanket. If you work outside, you'll get used to it being warmer/cooler inside.
A Permaculture principle is that "The problem, itself, is the solution." 
Financial collapse, dictatorship, loss of empire, no A/C, rolling blackouts, massive hurricanes, coastal flooding, loss of identity, people screaming in your face, no food you like, cable service disconnected, no gas in the car... 
Try it on today!

Last Chance to Save The World!

Discuss things now, while it is possible. A lot of blogs have already been taken down, like Scott Creighton's "American Everyman"

Here is how that happened, a culture at Google that defines Arab Spring as "good" and "Trump-conspiracy-theories" as "bad", and acts accordingly. The problem is in the picking of sides and enforcement of opinions. It leads to things like the war in Syria, and Libya, or is instrumental in fomenting them
I'm really not sure that "we" can ever get a free press. I'm doing my little part, while I can. Thanks Tom. (Yeah, Breitbart, yuck, whatever... sigh...)

​Taking the Plunge​


  1. Nice one John. Have you come across anyone writing a manual on how to make one's blog or website bombproof ? I guess it would include the use of relative links, weekly Backup & Restore system to hard disk, use of Icelandic web host, only modifying the site via an open source browser with encryption (to hide the passwords).

    I'd love to start writing next year, but don't want my time wasted with my work being nuked.

    1. Growing vegetables is good. The internet is evanescent, really. This communication will not be saved through the ages.