Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Back To The Future

Rhyming Historically,

Jenny and I just bought a nice house in Yoakum, Texas, which is in the coastal plains, down the San Marcos/Guadalupe River, with lovely alluvial soil, and inland enough to be sheltered from the worst of hurricanes. We anticipate edging back in time, and the south central Texas area seems to be "10 years behind" to start with. Some regular people do not have cellphones or internet. There's all kinds of folks in Yoakum...
Jenny's cousin in Victoria, Freddy, gave us two avocado trees he grew from seeds, which we picked up at the signing Monday. We took them to Yoakum in the back of a 1993 Nissan pick-up, which is an adventure to drive. We drove them back to Yoakum slowly. 
The family that sold the house to us grew up in it. Their Dad and Mom built it. We are very respectful of that.
Places that were built before air conditioning appeal to me, but they generally need repairs, as this house had in the past year, and will get more of this winter. I need to put in a garden and fruit trees, after taking out a few sick and older trees, and maybe a couple that would shade the garden. 
My thesis is that the end of growth, which I think has already happened, must soon lead to a financial reset, which will be a collapse of the debt-at-interest paradigm of money and finance. 
We, in the fortunate countries are feeling deeply uneasy. This is it. 
Beginning a parallel existence while it is possible, and on the cheap, as finance permits, is what we are doing here. I'll keep y'all up on the progress from time to time. 

Meet 202 Hefferman Street!

Here is the Yoakum climate data. Notice that the July and August nightly lows average 72-73, which is low enough for tomatoes to happily produce. Notice the steady rainfall and mild winters.

Yoakum has a tomato festival every June. 
Yoakum had a prominent tomato industry in the 1920s and 1930s, back when they used to grow tomatoes outside in Texas. 
Nobody does that anymore. How quaint!

Wikipedia on Yoakum

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