Sunday, August 18, 2019

I Know You Know

Out In The Open,​

​Epsilon Theory:
 ​The thing about the Common Knowledge Game, though, is that once you start looking for it, you see it everywhere, not just in our investment lives, but also in our social and political lives. The public unmasking of Harvey Weinstein as a serial rapist (that’s the word, people) is an archetypical play of the Common Knowledge Game, and recognizing its dynamics should open everyone’s eyes to how other high and mighty people and ideas can take a fall.
 The core dynamic of the CK Game is this: how does private knowledge become — not public knowledge — but common knowledge? Common knowledge is something that we all believe everyone else believes. Common knowledge is usually also public knowledge, but it doesn’t have to be...
​ ​The reason this dynamic — the transformation of private knowledge into common knowledge — is so important is that the social behavior of individuals does not change on the basis of private knowledge, no matter how pervasive it might be. Even if everyone in the world believes a certain piece of private information, no one will alter their behavior. Behavior changes ONLY when we believe that everyone else believes the information. THAT’S what changes behavior. And when that transition to common knowledge happens, behavior changes fast.
​ ​The classic example of this is the fable of The Emperor’s New Clothes. Everyone in the teeming crowd possesses the same private information — the Emperor is walking around as naked as a jaybird. But no one’s behavior changes just because the private information is ubiquitous. Nor would behavior change just because a couple of people whisper their doubts to each other, creating pockets of public knowledge that the Emperor is naked. No, the only thing that changes behavior is when the little girl (what game theory would call a Missionary) announces the Emperor’s nudity loudly enough so that the entire crowd believes that everyone else in the crowd heard the news. That’s when behavior changes.
​ ​And so it was with Harvey Weinstein. Apparently it was no great secret that he is a serial rapist. Apparently everyone in Hollywood was familiar with the stories. It was ubiquitous private knowledge, and pretty darn ubiquitous public knowledge...
​ ​But there was never a Missionary. There was never anyone willing to shout the information so loudly and so publicly that it became common knowledge. That’s what Rose McGowan did, and that’s the power of Twitter and modern celebrity — to establish Missionaries and create common knowledge.
​ ​Once that common knowledge was created, once all the private holders of all of Weinstein’s dirty secrets believed that everyone else believed that he is a serial rapist, then everyone’s behavior changed on a dime. His publicists and lawyers and partners and colleagues and board of directors and wife were shocked … shocked! … to hear of his behavior, and certainly would no longer be representing him or working with him or associating with him ever again, even though NOTHING had changed in the information they already possessed. Ditto with Weinstein’s other victims. Their behavior changed, as well. That’s not a knock or a slam on them. In the absence of common knowledge, staying quiet — whether you’re an abettor or a victim — is the rational thing to do. In fact, this is what Weinstein and his abettors count on, that their threats and shaming and bribes will set up a Hobson’s Choice for victims. Sure you can go public, but no one will believe you and then we will ruin you. So yeah, go ahead. It’s your choice. Of course no one goes public, because a Hobson’s Choice is not a real choice. Only a victim with Missionary power (and that’s a really rare thing) has the option to not just go public with the story — because simply going public is not enough to change behavior — but to create common knowledge with the story.
Sister Caitlin in Oz:
What cracks me up most about all this is that the faux outrage over Sanders' criticisms of The Washington Post was completely unnecessary for everyone involved. They could have just ignored it and let the news churn bury it, but they're so insulated in their little echo chambers that they seriously believed they could get the public rallying to their defense on this. The general consensus was something like "Ah ha! Bernie did that media-criticizing thing that we all agreed nobody's allowed to do anymore! We've got him this time, boys!"  

​New York Medical Examiner declares that Jeffrey Epstein is dead​, and that he even did it himself, and broke all those bones in his neck by hanging himself with sheets made flimsy to prevent that, by tying a sheet to the 6 foot high top bunk and jumping off it in a cannonball pose, just right to do all the damage. 
Not explained is how the corpse that doesn't have Epstein's nose or ear is Epstein, or the massively bruised side of the face, or the swollen ear with blood in the canal, nor if the fingerprints matched, etc. 
His brother said the corpse was Jeff. That's probably enough under New York law. 
Somebody's corpse is claimed and soon to be quietly and completely disposed of.  

​42% of Americans believe Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. 29% believe he killed himself. Other speculations not included in poll. Mission Accomplished! 
​ ​Only 29% of American Adults believe Epstein actually committed suicide while in jail, Rasmussen found. Another 42% think Epstein was murdered to prevent him from testifying against powerful people with whom he associated. A sizable 29% are undecided. Other theories have been floated (though they weren't included in the poll). One is the notion that a 'body double' was found for Epstein, then was killed and posed to look like him in his jail, while the real Epstein fled.  

​On Wednesday The Daily Beast posted a story that Ghislaine Maxwell was seen sitting openly at a burger joint in LA, reading a book about CIA operatives who died and/or were imprisoned due to their work. She identified herself to the photographer when asked. She has not been spotted in public for years. She apparently is a veteran reviewer for Amazon, and the next day 8/15/19 posted and Amazon review of the book under "G. Maxwell", which is either touching or a joke, or a message to insiders. I thought it was a joke at first, but she may well have actually posted it. See these stories by Helen of DesTroy, and the author of the book​ (sold out from her review). "Format: Kindle edition" is a mistake, isn't it?
August 15, 2019
Format: Kindle Edition
A good friend of mine died recently under very tragic circumstances. Some of us saw it coming for quite a while but it was still a huge shock when it finally happened. I picked up this book at the advice of a friend and absolutely couldn't put it down. I'd read it walking the dog, getting fast food, or even just lounging around the house. It helped me realized that my friend really believed in something, and that giving your life for the CIA, NSA, FBI, Mossad, or other intelligence agency is truly a higher calling and not something to mourn. A wholehearted recommendation.
At least people can talk about elite pedophilia now:​
​ ​Now, as a tornado of conspiracy theories over Epstein’s death continues to travel across the internet like wildfire, the media can no longer ignore the problem, nor Epstein’s connections.
​ ​Maybe now, as the DOJ investigates, the media may start to actually report on this massive problem. This is not the first time high profile figures have been arrested for sick crimes against children and let off with a wrist slap, but it is the first time the media is giving it so much attention—because this sicko is now dead.
​ ​As TFTP reported, in April of 2016, Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the House under Clinton and Bush — and admitted child rapist — was sentenced to 15 months in prison after he was caught paying his victims to keep quiet. However, he was released in 2017 — two months before finishing his already insultingly lenient sentence.  

​ ​The Trump administration called on Congress to reauthorize an NSA mass surveillance program that was exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden.
​ ​The New York Times, which obtained the Trump administration's request to Congress, reported that "the administration urged lawmakers to make permanent the legal authority for the National Security Agency to gain access to logs of Americans' domestic communications, the USA Freedom Act."
​ ​"The law, enacted after the intelligence contractor Edward J. Snowden revealed the existence of the program in 2013, is set to expire in December, but the Trump administration wants it made permanent," according to the Times.  

​Yemen just fired an attack drone, a cruise missile, 1000 miles, to attack a Saudi oil installation. 
It was built in Yemen, with technical help from Hezbollah, using an Iranian design, which was informed by Iran's capture of an American stealth drone, used against Iran. 
The UAE made a move away from the House of Saud, and toward friendship with Iran last month. ​
Power relationships in the Persian Gulf are suddenly shifting.  

When Washington announced a few weeks ago the formation of a maritime “international coalition” to “protect shipping” in the Persian Gulf, many observers were skeptical. Now skepticism has rightly turned to alarm, as the proposed US-led “coalition” transpires to comprise a grand total of just three nations: the US, Britain and Israel.  
​But peace-without-control is un-American!​
​ ​There is an eminently reasonable and feasible way to avoid conflict in the Persian Gulf, and to secure peace. The principles of multilateralism and international law must be adhered to. It seems almost astounding that one has to appeal for such obvious basic norms.
​ ​Fortunately, Russia has presented a roadmap for implementing a security concept in the vital waterway based on the above principles.
Each vaccine is a risk modification experiment for each use. Falsifying the risks and benefits is good business practice, an industry standard. Multi dose vials of influenza vaccine always contain mercury as a preservative. It's neurotoxic and stays in your body rather well. 
Do you get told that every flu season? 
I get told that I can't work unless I get a flu shot. I get the single dose vial. I generally have to go elsewhere than my work to get it.
I did not know that for the first dozen years I was a doctor.
​ ​Strong economic drivers—pharmaceutical companies are the biggest network advertisers—discourage mainstream media outlets from criticizing vaccine manufacturers. A network president once told me he would fire any of his news show hosts who allowed me to talk about vaccine safety on air. “Our news division,” he explained, “gets up to 70% of ad revenues from pharma in non-election years.” Furthermore, liberal activists including environmental, human rights, public health and children’s advocates also steer clear of vaccine safety discussions. On other core issues like toxics, guns and cigarettes, the CDC has a long record of friendly collaboration with these advocates who have thereby acquired a knee-jerk impulse to protect the agency from outside criticism.
​ ​In this vacuum, online liberal news sites are the last remaining barrier to protect children from corporate greed, yet they have become self-appointed arbiters against exposing the public to negative information about vaccine manufacturers and regulators. Liberal voices are not just sidelined, they are subsumed in the orthodoxy that all vaccines are always good for all people—and the more the better. Working with Pharma reps and their tame politicians, liberal news reporters and columnists across America are laboring in nearly every state to make the CDC vaccine schedule compulsory for children and to eliminate religious, philosophical and even medical exemptions.

​ ​As a result, the government/Big Pharma combination has gained unprecedented power to override parental consent and force otherwise healthy children, and other unwilling consumers, to undergo compulsory vaccinations, a shocking advance along the road to a corporate totalitarianism which seeks absolute control, even of our bodies. Keep in mind that there is no authentic dispute that vaccination is a risky medical intervention. It was the wave of lawsuits arising from injuries suffered from the Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (DTP) vaccine in the 1980s, that caused Congress to pass the NCVIA bestowing immunity on the pharmaceutical industry, which threatened, otherwise, to stop making vaccines. In upholding that law, the Supreme Court declared NCVIA justified because “vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.”  

​ ​The earth’s natural carbon sinks — primarily the ocean and our forests, though the global spike in forest fires is already turning those into sources rather than a sink — can only absorb about half the CO2 we put into the sky; the rest will stay in the atmosphere until the end of this millennium and probably much longer. Surface air temperatures are even less reversible: As was known by 2009, fully two-thirds of the maximum warming we impose on this planet will persist for 10,000 years.  

​Sinking Carbon in Fruit Trees​


  1. It never occurred to me that Eppstein is alive and the ole switcharoo got him a free 'get out of jail' card.

    That is insane and yet makes the most sense. Somebody got a billion dollars payday.

    These politics are a rich man's game.

  2. Who is the dead guy on the gurney?
    How was he found to be the dead guy so Epstein could be free?