Thursday, March 4, 2021

As Agreed


"Did You Agree To This? Everybody's Locked Up": Ed Snowden On Power Of Silicon Valley Amid COVID Lockdowns
​...​Silicon Valley and its allies in the national security state, has served to keep individuals and entire populations 'gated off' from one another. "This is just the beginning," Snowden warns of these unprecedented times. "All of these things today have consequences which we are not informed about."
​  ​"I would say this is sort of unusual... we're all spread all over the world in different rooms, everybody's locked up... but for me this is how I've always lived." He narrates that so much of our life is "intermediated by the screens." Increasingly our lives are "intermediated by these screens. We spend less time outside and more and more time staring into glass or through glass to connect with that larger world - something beyond ourselves."​  ​"Edward Snowden 2021: The Most VICIOUS HONEST 10 Minutes of your LIFE!".

​Tessa Fights Robots, on Broken People​
I have been thinking a lot about brokenness.
​  ​If we look at history, at one point, one of the two things happened in most known cultures of today. Either a local ruler, who was seeking personal prestige and approval by more influential leaders of the time—much like the leaders of today are going for the “Great Reset” to elevate or at least to preserve themselves—forced the people to abandon their traditional way of life and to become “civilized”—again, much like the leaders of today are pushing us toward transhumanism—or foreign invaders came along and did the same.
​  ​So what we are dealing with today is not particularly new, it’s just strange to belong to a generation on the receiving end of a religious reform. I am thinking every day, wow, I have never thought I would be living through a thing like this!​ ...
​  ​It seems like today, history is repeating itself.
For example, the victory march of “science as religion” that is happening today—very much in the name billionaire profits and asset management (i.e. capitalism)—is nearly identical to the march that was happening in the Soviet Union in the name of “socialism” when my grandparents were young. Just like the proverbial “scientists” of today are denouncing peasants’ self-preservation instincts (so that certain pharmaceutical companies can make a fortune on certain therapies, which are wrongfully labeled as certain must-worship medical products), back then, city-educated folks would come to the village and yell at peasants for their backward ways, force them to use toxic fertilizers, and teach them to not breastfeed their babies (see an ironic throwback from 2016).

​Caitlin Johnstone:
We are here to participate in the expansion of consciousness.
  Our world appears disordered at the moment because much of it is deeply unconscious. Humanity is mostly unconscious of its inner dynamics and sleepwalks through life in a very destructive way. People loaded with unconscious trauma ascend to positions of power and spread their trauma around without consciousness. Government secrecy and corporate secrecy keep most power dynamics which affect the world unconscious. Propaganda distorts humanity’s collective efforts to consciously perceive the reality of our situation.
  Wherever there is a lack of clear seeing, there is disharmony. Wherever anything moves into consciousness, harmony is increased. Becoming individually conscious of unconscious mental habits created in response to early childhood trauma allows us to change or eliminate those habits and begin functioning more harmoniously. Becoming collectively conscious of racial inequality allows us to collectively begin moving toward racial harmony. Becoming collectively conscious of the abuses of tyranny allows us to collectively begin moving toward political harmony. Wherever there is more seeing, there is more harmony.
  This is why we are here. To make the unseen seen and to dispel illusions which distort our perception. The more visible the universe and humanity’s dance in it becomes to us, the more harmony there will be.

​Matt Taibbi stands up to professional slander against actually independent and principled journalism, which he practices.
​  UCLA professor Sarah Roberts, co-leader of something called the UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry — media critics whose stated goal is “strengthening democracy through culture-making” — went on a lengthy Twitter tirade against Substack last night, one that gained a lot of attention. I should probably respond since, as one prominent reporter put it to Glenn Greenwald and me this morning, “Shit, it’s like she wrote this for the two of you.”

Self-Harm Claims Among U.S. Teenagers Increased 99% During Pandemic, Study Finds
​  ​The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on the mental health of teenagers in the United States, according to an analysis of medical records and insurance claims conducted by nonprofit FAIR Health, which found that overdoses, intentional self-harm claims, substance use disorders and claims for depression and anxiety disorders all increased substantially in 2020 compared to the prior year.

Finland Had a Patent-Free COVID-19 Vaccine Nine Months Ago — But Still Went With Big Pharma
​  ​Saksela’s team has had a patent-free COVID-19 vaccine ready since May 2020, which they dubbed “the Linux of vaccines” in a nod to the famous open-source operating system that also originated from Finland...
They believe their nasal spray, built on well-established technology and know-how, is safe and highly effective.
​  ​“It’s a finished product, in the sense that the formulation will no longer change in any way with further testing,” Saksela says. “With what we have, we could inoculate the whole population of Finland tomorrow.” ...
​  ​In the mainstream narrative, the first-generation COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca are typically presented as an illustration of how markets incentivize and accelerate vital innovation. In reality, the fact that the profit motive is the overriding force shaping medical research has been devastating — particularly in a global pandemic. The Finnish vaccine provides a striking case study of the many ways in which the contemporary patent-based funding model has slowed down vaccine development, and how it currently hampers the possibility of conducting effective mass-inoculation campaigns.
  ​"We felt it was our duty to start developing this type of alternative,” says professor Kalle Saksela, chair of the Department of Virology at the University of Helsinki. “Back in the spring, I still thought that surely some public entity will get involved and start pushing it forward. Turns out that no situation is urgent enough to compel the state to start actively pursuing something like this.”

Charles Hugh Smith:
​  ​GDP is another insane, irrational distortion of the Keynesian Cargo Cult that worships "growth" as the only goal. The Keynesian Cargo Cultists believe that paying people to dig holes and refill them is an excellent strategy for "growth:" ordering bureaucrats to bury wads of cash in abandoned mines and then turning the unemployed hordes loose to find the cash is Keynes' own example of worthy ways to generate "growth."
​  ​This disconnected-from-reality understanding of the world completely ignores the non-renewable nature of hydrocarbons and the critical concept of maximizing the utility of capital, labor and resources.
  Any​ system that has no way to measure, much less prioritize opportunity costs (i.e. what else could have been done ​with ​the capital, labor and resources) and maximization of utility is not just flawed--it's terribly misguided and destructive.
​  ​No wonder the Keynesian Cargo Cult's method of encouraging "animal spirits" is dancing the humba-humba around the campfire waving recently strangled chickens. (Hey, is that Paul Krugman in the shaman outfit? No, it's Ben Bernanke!)
​  ​Any economy stupid enough to rely on the insane distortions of GDP "growth" as its primary measure will richly deserve a Darwin Award when it inevitably collapses in a putrid heap of squandered resources and capital. Don't think it won't happen just because it hasn't happened yet.

Dr. Seuss didn’t have ‘a racist bone’ in his body, stepdaughter says​ (Ted Geisel had no natural children)
“There wasn’t a racist bone in that man’s body — he was so acutely aware of the world around him and cared so much,’’ Lark Grey Dimond-Cates said of her late, now-embattled stepdad, whose real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel.

​Dr. Seuss was specifically anti-racism. Tucker Carlson reviews The Sneetches, one of the most effective anti-racism books ever. 
​  ​"Dr. Seuss was not a racist," Carlson asserted. "He was an evangelist against bigotry. He wrote an entire shelf of books against racism, and not in a subtle way. They were clearly, explicitly against racism. That was the whole point of writing them, to teach children not to be racist."...​
​  ​"Canceling Dr. Seuss isn't stupid. It's intentional. They're banning Dr. Seuss not because he was a racist, but precisely because he wasn't."
​  ​Carlson pointed to Seuss's work, "The Sneetches and Other Stories," written in 1961. The story describes a population of furry colorful creatures that are nearly identical to each other aside from a star shape displayed on the stomachs of only half of the population.



  1. On a related note, a Swedish clinical MD, also a blogger, wrote a book, "Covid: Why what most of you know is wrong" in Swedish. He had it translated to English for publication and distribution via Amazon. Amazon refused to accept it. So they are now censoring as well. Sad.

    1. "It's a great big, exclusive clb and we ain't in it.

    2. Update. The Amazon truth police had a change of heart.

    3. One dollar = one vote...
      I think people still love Dr. Seuss, too.