Thursday, April 8, 2021

All Power Off

 Self Powered,

  How is power wielded in the Western World? 
Power, as we know it, is the capacity to compel other people to carry out actions which are designated by the powerful. 
There is the carrot of payment in money, goods, services or favors, and the stick of violence and/or deprivation.

  Since WW-2 the financial power of global reserve currency status has rested with the American Federal Reserve banking system.
To participate in global markets, any entity needs to have $US to trade in goods and services.
To obtain $US an entity must provide something of value in trade for them.
To create $US the US Federal Reserve system has to promise to back those dollars up with other dollars later, and the US Federal Government promises to accept those dollars with a promise of paying them back later with a little extra for the privilege. That creates an exponentially expanding stock of $US in the world.

  At some point there are more $US than the world needs or desires, so the world will want something else, like American goods and services.
When those dollars are repatriated to the US, they drive up the price of the goods and services the world wants, and they increase the number of dollars within the US.
If those dollars in the US circulate freely, then other prices are increased in the US. Inflation.
It is in the interests of those holding power to keep the world desirous of $US, or their structure of extracting goods and services from the rest of the world breaks down.

  When President Nixon ran out of gold to back the $US (Vietnam war bled gold from the US) King Faisal of Saudi Arabia was induced to agree to only accept $US in payment for oil, (the Shah of Iran did the same) and to recycle any excess dollars into US Treasury debt. 
The Petro-Buck was created.

  Threats to the Petro-Buck have included The Arab Oil Embargo (dealt with financially), the Iranian revolution (dealt with militarily and by secret agreements, then various forms of overt/covert warfare), the Iraqi sale of oil outside of the $US market (Iraq wars), the Libyan plan for a gold backed African currency outside the $US club (you know what Saddam got), and so on. A whole lot of violence has been needed to maintain demand for $US in the new millennium.
Violence did seem to be working, but more and more tribute-paying countries, tired of being bled are testing the Western Power Structure.
I sense that the time for a global reserve currency change is near. It stands to reason. We don't use the Pound Sterling anymore. 
These regimes don't last.

  Resorting to violence to support a financial empire is a sign of weakness, not of strength.

  Failure of violence is a further sign of weakness. Violence has failed to bring Venezuela back into the fold of blood donors to the Western Empire.
The extractive $US global trade network, the extraction mechanism, is now used as a means of violent coercion, starving the citizens of Venezuela, and depriving them of medicines and tools they need.

  Futile gestures , like $US-sanctioning Russian and Chinese politicians are an embarrassing public display of terminal weakness. 
They announce that the current financial regime is a throw-away, running on fumes, and that these "tough sanctions" are being displayed to convince the folks at home that the $US remains almighty, because they, most of all, need to stay convinced of that.

  The rest of the world, including Russia, China, Iran, Turkey and India, has long been exploring global trade alternatives to the $US regime, and quietly testing them out. The most prudent course for TROTW is to take baby steps, as it is doing, and await a $US financial crisis, like 2008, then to just increase use of the alternative systems, and open them to other participants, free of charge, free of tribute extraction.

  The US won't be able to buy F-35s after that. Americans will have to bid global prices for anything that can be exported, as their wages become almost worthless, like in 1979, but with finality, this time.

  The "Global War On Terror" has failed to solidify the US/Fed. as global hegemon for all time. 
What's Plan-B? 
Oh, that's for our billionaire owners to decide amongst themselves.
Waddaya mean they are "not decision capable"?
Whaddaya mean, "we're on our own"?
Whadday mean, "useless eaters"?

Eleni sends this "explains it all" article from mythbuster Alastair Crooke.
​  The key point here surely is whether the élites’ Great Re-set – to reinvent themselves as leaders of the ‘re-vamped’ values of liberalism, overlayered by a newly up-dated, AI and robot-led, post-modernity – is destined to succeed, or not.
  Continued​ ‘westification’ of the globe – the principal component to ‘old’ liberal globalism – though tarnished and largely discredited, remains mandatory, as made clear in the cogent reasoning recently advanced by Robert Kagan: Absent the justifying myth of ‘seeding democ racy across the world’ around which to organise the empire, the moral logic of the entire enterprise begins to fall apart, Kagan argued (with surprising frankness). He thus asserts that the U.S. empire abroad is required – precisely in order to preserve the myth of ‘democracy’ at home.​ ​An America that retreats from global hegemony, he argues, would no longer possess the cohesive binding to preserve America as liberal democracy, at home either.

​There's this deeply and extensively researched new book out in Germany, kind of about the insider-trading around 9/11, and some other things. He followed that money, picking up the trails where others left off, when they died or other interruptions took place.
​  Lars shows in detail how 9/11 enabled a state of emergency, a permanent Continuity of Government (COG) in the U.S. and mass surveillance of U.S. citizens – connecting the dots all the way from missing trillions of dollars in the Pentagon to NSA data mining and leading U.S. neocons. The latter had been praying for a “Pearl Harbor” to reorient US foreign policy since 1997. Their prayers were answered beyond their wildest dreams.
  The investigation eventually displays a startling road map: the war on terror as a business model. However, as Lars also shows, in the end, much to the despair of U.S. neocons, all the combined sound and fury of 9/11 and the Global War on Terror, in nearly two decades, ended up bringing about a Russia-China strategic partnership in Eurasia.

Tessa softens the blow. 
We are living, breathing, touching, feeling, loving human beings, after all.
Love and Unity During the Ugly Attempt at the Great Reset
This story is about being grounded as we push back against the Grand Bulldozer.

Beans and Rice Powered


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    1. I hopped-skipped-and-jumped through it.
      "Couldn't live with himself" if he did not stand up and speak out about the massive hoax being carried out upon society with this virus, to remove freedoms and micro-control people.

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    1. Yes, when judges in New York, one of the hearts-of-the-beast order people dying of COVID to be administered ivermectin, then the beast has lost control of the narrative.
      Well, maybe I'm overreacting, because the other beasts in line are not likely any nicer.