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Last Minute Preparations

 Poised For Action,

The blame for the "Great Reset" needs to be squarely placed on COVID before the "reset" is felt, so it can proceed as planned.. John Ward elucidates.
​  ​This development was inevitable, because the ‘It wuz de covid wot dun it’ masquerade stood far less chance of flying if “authoritative” sources were saying that SarsCovid2 was no longer a serious threat. It is imperative for the directors of this sham that Covid19 should resurge and create a completely related dip in investment confidence prior to global disaster, not afterwards.
​  ​At the American Institute for Economic Research site yesterday I read this quote:
“Covid19 hit a robust, many would say healthy world economy”
​  ​The AIER is one of the oldest and most respected nonpartisan economic research and advocacy venues in the world, founded under FDR in 1933. But that statement ranks among the greatest lumps of blue blithering codswallop I’ve ever read. It. simply. is. not. true. But I think we’re going to see a lot more rubbish on that scale; it is interesting that already, the business media are predicting massive inflation and counter-productive interest rate rises as the inevitable result of ‘panicky covid expenditure by politicians’. Same word – ‘panicky’ – in the mix, and I’ve seen it three times now in four days. Build Back Better. The Great Reset. 
The Covid factor. Greatest threat in peacetime history.

​Whitney Webb lays out specific agreements and terms between western central banking and social media regarding the very important management of perceptions during the upcoming financial collapse and reset. COVID-done-it, of course, but the triggering spark will be organized crime or state level cyber-attack/hacking by Lee Harvey Oswald or Castro's Cuba.​..
  In November 2020, the World Economic Forum and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace coproduced a report that warned that the global financial system was increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Advisers to the group that produced the report included representatives from the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the International Monetary Fund, Wall Street giants such as JPMorgan Chase, and Silicon Valley behemoths such as Amazon.
  The ominous report was published just months after the World Economic Forum had conducted a simulation of just such an event—a cyberattack that brings the global financial system to its knees—in partnership with Russia’s largest bank, which is due to jumpstart that country’s economic transformation by launching its own central bank–backed digital currency...
  The report then ominously concludes that “one thing is clear: it is not a question of if a major incident will happen, but when.“
 ​The report’s authors argue that, “in the event of a crisis,” such as a devastating cyberattack on the global banking system, “social media companies should swiftly amplify communications by central banks” so that central banks may “debunk fake information” and “calm the markets.” It also states that “financial authorities, financial services firms and tech companies [presumably including social media companies] should develop a clear communications and response plan focused on being able to react swiftly.” Notably, both Facebook and Twitter are listed in the report’s appendix as “industry stakeholders” that have “engaged” with the WEF-Carnegie initiative.
​  ​The report also asserts that premeditated coordination for such a crisis between banks and social media companies needs to take place so that both stakeholders may “determine what severity of crisis would necessitate amplified communication.” The report also calls for social media companies to work with central banks to “develop escalation paths similar to those developed in the wake of the past election interference, as seen in the United States and Europe.”
​  ​Of course, those “escalation paths” involved wide-ranging social media censorship. The report seems to acknowledge this when it adds that “quick coordination with social media platforms is necessary to organize content takedowns.” Thus, the report is calling for central banks to collude with social media platforms to plan out censorship efforts that would be enacted if a sufficiently severe crisis occurs in financial markets.

Insider View: The Tragedy of the U.S. Deep State
Pepe Escobar explains why Henry Kissinger must have lost the diplomatic plot.​..
  ​At a recent forum in Arizona, referring to the festering, larger than life Sino-American clash, Henry the K. said, “It’s the biggest problem for America; it’s the biggest problem for the world. Because if we can’t solve that, then the risk is that all over the world a kind of cold war will develop between China and the United States.”​...
​  Kissinger added U.S. policy toward China must be a mix of stressing U.S. “principles” to demand China’s respect and dialogue to find areas of cooperation: “I’m not saying that diplomacy will always lead to beneficial results…This is the complex task we have… Nobody has succeeded in doing it completely.”
​  ​Henry the K. actually must have lost the – diplomatic – plot. What Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov are now involved in, full time, is to demonstrate – mostly to the Global South – how the American-enforced “rules-based international order” has absolutely nothing to do with international law and the respect of national sovereignty.​..
​   Mr. S., in a quite intriguing fashion, seems to be expressing the collective views of a number of extremely qualified people. Right from the start, he points out how Henry the K.’s observations explain today’s Russia-China-Iran triangle.
​  ​The first point that we make is that it was not Kissinger who created policy for Nixon, but the Deep State. Kissinger was just a messenger boy.  In the 1972 situation the Deep State wanted to get out of Vietnam, which policy was put in place as containment of communist China and Russia.  We were there based on the domino theory.​..
  ​The Deep State wanted to achieve a number of objectives in approaching Chairman Mao, who was antagonized by Russia. It wanted to ally in 1972 with China against Russia. That made Vietnam meaningless, for China would become the containing party of Russia and Vietnam no longer meant anything. We wanted to balance China against Russia.  Now, China was not a major power in 1972 but it could drain Russia, forcing it to place 400,000 troops on their border.  And our Deep State policy worked. We in the Deep State had thought it through, and not Kissinger. 400,000 troops on the Chinese border was a drain on their budget, as later Afghanistan became with over 100,000 troops, and the Warsaw Pact had another 600,000 troops.​..
  ​So where does Kissinger in Arizona fit in?
​  Now, Kissinger reflects the Deep State angst on the Russia-Chinese relationship and wants this split up for dear life. This is interestingly covered here by Kissinger. He does not want to tell the truth about balance of power realities. He describes them as “our values”, when the U.S. has no values left but anarchy, looting, and burning down hundreds of cities. Biden hopes to buy all these disenfranchised masses as money printing goes wild.
​  ​So we are back to Kissinger shocked at the new Russian-Chinese alliance. They must be separated.
​  ​Now, I do not agree with the balance of power intriguers in that morality or noble values should govern international relations, and not power. The U.S. has been following balance of power dreams since 1900 and now it faces economic ruin. These ideas do not work.  There is no reason the U.S. cannot be a friend of Russia and China and the differences can be worked out. But you cannot get to first base as balance of power considerations dominate everything. That is the tragedy of our time.

​The Jeff and Bill(s) Club:​ (There was this other Bill, too...)
​ ​​  A former Jeffrey Epstein insider claims that Bill Gates was a regular at the notorious pedophile's $77 million Manhattan townhouse, where Epstein held "men's club" - type gatherings for his closest pals.
​  ​For Gates, "Going to Jeffrey’s was a respite from his marriage. It was a way of getting away from Melinda" according to one of two insiders, who came forward to the Daily Beast to break what we're guessing is the first rule of elite pedo-lair club.​..
​  ​According to the report, Gates and Epstein traded advice over their respective problems, while Gates " met a rotating cast of bold-faced names and discussed worldly issues in between rounds of jokes and gossip—a “men’s club” atmosphere that irritated Melinda."
Chris Hedges: Israel, the Big Lie​:​
Israel is not exercising “the right to defend itself” in the occupied Palestinian territories. It is carrying out mass murder, aided and abetted by the U.S.​ ...
 Israel is in breach of more than 30 U.N. Security Council resolutions. It is in breach of Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention that defines collective punishment of a civilian population as a war crime. It is in violation of Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention for settling over half a million Jewish Israelis on occupied Palestinian land and for the ethnic cleansing of at least 750,000 Palestinians when the Israeli state was founded and another 300,000 after Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West Bank were occupied following the 1967 war. Its annexation of East Jerusalem and the Syrian Golan Heights violates international law, as does its building of a security barrier in the West Bank that annexes Palestinian land into Israel. It is in violation of U.N. General Assembly Resolution 194 that states that Palestinian “refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date.”​ ...
  This is the truth.  Any other starting point for the discussion of what is taking place between Israel and the Palestinians is a lie.​..​ 
​  T​​hose who are not Jewish in Israel are either second class citizens or live under brutal military occupation. Israel is not, and never has been, the exclusive homeland of the Jewish people.  From the 7th century until 1948, when Jewish colonial settlers used violence and ethnic cleansing to create the state of Israel, Palestine was overwhelmingly Muslim. It was never empty land.​..
​  ​It is also a stunning example of how colonial settler projects, and this is true in the United States, always carry out cultural genocide so they can exist in a suspended state of myth and historical amnesia to legitimize themselves.
​  ​The Israel lobby has shamelessly used its immense political clout to demand that Americans take de facto loyalty oaths to Israel. The passage by 35 state legislatures of Israel lobby-backed legislation requiring their workers and contractors, under threat of dismissal, to sign a pro-Israel oath and promise not to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement is a mockery of our Constitutional right of free speech.​..
  ​The Israel lobby has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to manipulate U.S. elections, far beyond anything alleged to have been carried out by Russia, China or any other country.​..
 Israel managed to block “The Lobby” from being broadcast. In the film, a pirated copy that is available on the website Electronic Intifada, the leaders of the Israel lobby are repeatedly captured on a reporter’s hidden camera explaining how they, backed by the intelligence services within Israel, attack and silence American critics and use massive cash donations to buy politicians.​..
​  The investment by Israel and its backers is worth it, especially when you consider that the U.S. has also spent over $ 6 trillion during the last 20 years fighting futile wars that Israel and its lobby pushed for in the Middle East.

​Netanyahu stays out of prison by endorsing "Kristallnacht" on Palestinians, killing and dispossessing them. 
His "final solution" approaches.​
​  ​The Israeli prime minister’s decision to side with extremist settlers for political gain, along with attacks on Palestinian worshippers, have led to possible war with Gaza and “civil war” inside Israel itself...
​  ​Israel just had its fourth round of elections since 2019, in which Netanyahu’s Likud won the most seats of any party. But Likud’s, combined with the seats of their natural allies, still fell short of the 61-seat threshold required to form a government. The Religious Zionism slate forms part of Netanyahu’s backbone when it comes to his political survival, so any decision by the Israeli premier to abandon them could hurt him politically...
​  ​If Netanyahu wants to de-escalate tensions, all he has to do is sell out the hardline settlers, but this is a price he’s not willing to pay. The situation has now developed into what some are describing as a “civil war” inside Israel between Palestinians (that is, Arab Israelis) and Israeli Jews, with rocket fire raining down, demonstrations in Jerusalem and armed clashes in the West Bank.

​Moon of Alabama:  ​Israel Punishes Media For Reporting Its Escalation In Palestine  
​  ​Just yesterday Fares Akram. Associated Press reporter in Gaza, wrote in a diary about his families expulsion and his life under colonist bombing:
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — On Friday morning, a military airstrike smashed my family’s farm in the northern Gaza Strip into a jagged mass of metal and splintered trees. An Israeli bomb had slammed into the yard, carving a crater into the dirt and leaving rubble in its wake.
​  ​The conflict, once again, hit home.
​  ​The first Gaza war taught me that while our lush citrus grove might offer some breathing space from the congestion and difficulties of city life, it’s no refuge. A previous Israeli airstrike killed my father, Akram al-Ghoul, on January 3, 2009. As fighting raged, he’d insisted on sleeping at the farm to tend to the cattle and chicken, and to nurture the trees.
​  ​In all, six of my relatives, three close friends and several colleagues have died in the three bloody wars and countless battles between Israel and Hamas. Each time the violence erupts and I report as a journalist on the people who lost their homes, their children or their lives, the memories creep back. I always think, “That could be me.” When the thundering bombs, buzzing drones and pounding artillery refresh the pain and trigger the old fear, I seek refuge in work.
​  ​The Associated Press office is the only place in Gaza City I feel somewhat safe. The Israeli military has the coordinates of the high-rise, so it’s less likely a bomb will bring it crashing down.
​  ​Today Fares Akram and Joseph Krauss report:
​  ​GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — An Israeli airstrike destroyed a high-rise building in Gaza City that housed offices of The Associated Press and other media outlets hours after another Israeli air raid on a densely populated refugee camp killed at least 10 Palestinians from an extended family, mostly children, on Saturday.
​  ​The strike on the high-rise came nearly an hour after the military ordered people to evacuate the 12-story building, which also housed Al-Jazeera, other offices and residential apartments. The strike brought down the entire structure, which collapsed in a gigantic cloud of dust. There was no immediate explanation for why it was attacked.

A syndicate of port workers in the Italian city of Livorno in Tuscany on Friday protested a weapons and explosives shipment after discovering it was destined for the Israeli port of Ashdod. “The port of Livorno will not be an accomplice in the massacre of the Palestinian people,” said L’Unione Sindacale di Base (USB). The USB added that the ship contained “weapons and explosives that will serve to kill the Palestinian population, already hit by a severe attack this very night, which caused hundreds of civilian victims, including many children”.

​Where Did The Science Go?
​  When the covid virustime started, we were told by everyone with a microphone to “follow the science”. But 16 months or so in, we’re not following the science, yet no-one calls us on it. What happened? Where did we lose the thread, where did we lose our heads, where did the science go?
  Did we lose it because the vaccine makers got too greedy, or because politicians became too panicky, or because the media realized that scaring the living daylights out of people 24/7 is great for ratings? Or just because we ourselves lost track of what was really going on?
  Injecting hundreds of millions of people with substances that have never been properly tested – for which long-established protocols have existed for a long time – is about as unscientific as it gets. Then when you realize there’s no evidence that they keep injectees from being infected or infecting others, but only makes them -hopefully- a little less sick, you might as well stop right there.

Here is a scientific nugget. If you have blood Type A, a protein is expressed in your lungs that appears to make it easier for SARS-CoV-2 to enter those lung cells.
  Prior research has shown that the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 facilitates cell entry through interactions between ACE2 and its RBD, the protein on the surface of the virus that binds to host cells and is responsible for infection. In this study, the investigators hypothesized that the SARS-CoV-2 RBD might interact with other molecules, including blood group antigens. “It is interesting that the viral receptor-binding domain (RBD) only really prefers the type of blood group A antigens that are on respiratory cells, which are presumably how the virus is entering most patients and infecting them,” said study author Sean R. Stowell, MD, PhD, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.  

Another scientific nugget, "8th Day Treatment"
​  ​A conventional approach to early treatment is to suggest that intervention in the first 3 to 5 days is key to curbing the progression of the disease. Here, what Dr Chetty indicates is that there is a second and maybe even more important window for implementing early treatment, which is not mutually exclusive from the first window. It’s to aggressively begin treatment on the eighth day of the disease, with corticosteroids and anti-histamines, if the patient has not fully recovered yet from the disease.
​  ​This symptoms oriented approach to treating COVID-19 helps to address the complex issue of risk stratification, and to answer the question of who to treat and who not to treat. For  Dr Chetty, the severity of COVID-19 is likely related to a hypersensitivity reaction to a previous exposure to SARS-CoV-2 or a similar virus, rather than just age or presence of comorbidities.
​  ​According to Dr Chetty, this explains why there are younger people suffering from severe forms of the disease in the second wave of the pandemic. But this also provides for a therapeutic solution: even if no early antiviral treatment was given at first symptoms, or such anti-viral treatment did not prove effective, it’s still possible to treat aggressively the disease, on the eighth day, at the very beginning of the inflammatory phase, with a cocktail of corticosteroids and antihistamines. In most instances, this 8th day treatment can still be done on an outpatient basis.​..
​  ​“Very early on, I understood that the dyspnea that sets in seems to have a specific time in the disease. It was very quick in onset, there was differences in speed and severity, but it always seemed to present on the 8th day.”  
​  ​“Some of the patients recovered by the 7th day and had none of the symptoms that occurred from the 8th day onwards.”
​  ​“From very early on, I was of the opinion we were dealing with some kind of hyper-sensitivity reaction. … Quite early on, I started steroids and patients improved … and then I attempted antihistamines.”​...
​  ​“Irrespective of that improvement, there were patients who developed dyspnea on the 8th day. The dyspnea that developed had no bearing on the severity in the initial 7 days.”
​  ​“I had patients that had a sore throat on the first day, it resolved on the second, they spent the rest of the week perfectly fine, engaging in strenuous activities. And then on the 8th day, they started to notice in the morning the onset of dyspnea, and by the afternoon, were completely breathless and showing drops in their oxygen saturation.”
​  ​“I started to treat this as an hypersensitivity reaction. I found that the antihistamines, particularly antihistamine 1 & 2 blockers, for the respiratory and gastro-intestinal tracts respectively, showed great benefit, immediately.”​ ...
​  ​“My work showed that we are dealing with a bi-phasic illness: a viral illness during the first 7 days, and on the 8th day, some sort of trigger of hyper-sensitivity, that leads to a release of mediators, histamine being one of them.” …
​  ​“My protocol quickly evolved to include ecotrin/aspirin and montelukast”
​  ​“With hyper-sensitivity, the most important thing is to start treatment early. The longer you leave it, the cascade of mediators will result in other sequalae and culminate into a cytokine storm.”
​  ​“But like with other hyper-sensitivity reactions, if caught early, they are easy to cut in.”
​  ​“So my entire focus became the eighth day. When patients came into my practice, I would Interrogate them about the onset of the symptoms,  the exact day they started feeling unwell.”​ ...
​  “That allowed me to run certain testing, to see if I am dealing with a complete switch on that day. The common blood tests that I ran are CRPs and Interleukin 6. I found drastic changes from the 6th day to the 9th day. It showed something was happening at the time that was showing a spike in these inflammatory markers.”

​Hilja sent this article on vitamin-D in the functioning of the immune system, particularly that it improves the dysregulation of immune function in autoimmune diseases.​

​Double Down on vaccination and blame-the-victims. Got it. The usual.
Investigation – UK Government model states the fully Vaccinated will dominate Deaths in 3rd wave and they will blame Children and Unvaccinated for it
A document produced for the UK Government entitled ‘Summary of further modelling of easing of restrictions – Roadmap Step 2’ advising them on the consequences of reopening the country has declared that a third wave is inevitable and that it will be the fault of children and those who refuse the experimental Covid-19 vaccines.

Research suggests Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine reprograms (er, "weakens")​ ​innate immune responses​  Thanks Jeremy.
​  ​Following vaccination, innate immune cells had a reduced response to toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4), TLR7 and TLR8 – all ligands that play an important role in the immune response to viral infection.

​Peter McCullough MD and many others:  Thanks Travis.
SARS-CoV-2 mass vaccination: Urgent questions on vaccine safety that demand answers from international health agencies, regulatory authorities, governments and vaccine developers
​  ​Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, the race for testing new platforms designed to confer immunity against SARS-CoV-2, has been rampant and unprecedented, leading to emergency authorization of various vaccines. Despite progress on early multidrug therapy for COVID-19 patients, the current mandate is to immunize the world population as quickly as possible. The lack of thorough testing in animals prior to clinical trials, and authorization based on safety data generated during trials that lasted less than 3.5 months, raise questions regarding the safety of these vaccines. The recently identified role of SARS-CoV-2 glycoprotein Spike for inducing endothelial damage characteristic of COVID-19, even in absence of infection, is extremely relevant given that most of the authorized vaccines induce the production of Spike glycoprotein in the recipients. Given the high rate of occurrence of adverse effects, and the wide range of types of adverse effects that have been reported to date, as well as the potential for vaccine-driven disease enhancement, Th2-immunopathology, autoimmunity, and immune evasion, there is a need for a better understanding of the benefits and risks of mass vaccination, particularly in the groups that were excluded in the clinical trials. Despite calls for caution, the risks of SARS-CoV-2 vaccination have been minimized or ignored by health organizations and government authorities.
​  ​What if there was a cheap drug, so old its patent had expired, so safe that it’s on the WHO’s lists of Essential and Children’s Medicines, and used in mass drug administration rollouts? What if it can be taken at home with the first signs COVID symptoms, given to those in close contact, and significantly reduce COVID disease progression and cases, and far fewer few people would need hospitalisation?​ ...
​  ​In case you get sick, keep Ivermectin close by for early, household treatment, and you will prevent viral replication early and almost certainly, avoid hospital. You would have also built an immune response that will provide natural protection against future infections.

​This Indian State of Odisha is buying 720,000 doses of ivermectin for treatment at home. Thanks Jeremy.

Ivermectin in combination with doxycycline for treating COVID-19 symptoms: a randomized trial​   
Thanks Jeremy.
Patients with mild-to-moderate COVID-19 infection treated with ivermectin plus doxycycline recovered earlier, were less likely to progress to more serious disease, and were more likely to be COVID-19 negative by RT-PCR on day 14.

​If an employer requires SARS-CoV-2 vaccination as a condition of employment, then vaccine adverse events are work related injuries, reportable to Workman's Comp. (Employers back off quickly, bad-for-bidness, but universities can still require it before considering your application)​
OSHA Imposes New Guidance For Employer-Required COVID-19 Vaccines
Contractors criticize mandate to classify adverse reactions as recordable safety incidents
"We, sadly, had to back off our (employee vaccination) mandate because OSHA did something I don't understand at all," said Bob Clark, founder and executive chairman of Clayco in a recent ENR Critical Path podcast. "I side with OSHA frequently, we're in its VIP program, but on this they're just wrong. It's a terrible decision they've made and I think it'll be overturned."
​Considering Consequences

Jenny is pictured in our Yoakum vegetable garden yesterday morning between rain showers​


  1. Thanks for the links to Samo Burja looks at Gobekli Tepe, a 12,000 year old neolithic Site and the one by discovery magazine. Looks like even when the last ice age was not quite done yet, it was possible to feed enough people in a small region to create great building complexes. Seems like the archaeologists are not agreed on whether agriculture had to have been invented yet to make this early civilization possible. Civilizations run on excess energy that frees up a lot of people to do non-essential stuff like civilization building on the backs of a subset of the population that generates the necessary energy to run the enterprise.
    My take on this is that whenever there is enough excess energy and enough population density, humans will create civilizations. The downside of this is that civilizations imply stratification of the population, the higher strata organizing grand projects and the lower strata doing the hard work. Getting people to do hard work for the benefit of others usually requires a stratum of society that enforces the wishes of ruling strata, police, military, tax collectors, etc.
    It appears that groups of people in the past managed to organize themselves on a sub-civilizational level without creating a lot of different social strata. James C. Scott writes about this in Against the Grain.
    A few comments on Samo Burja at the Palladium Futurism site. I scanned the titles of their podcasts and it looks like they are believers in eternal progress. I am looking forward to listening to some of the podcasts to see what sort of future they imagine for the rest of us. I get the feeling that Palladium is hoping to get into the techno think-tank business if they're not already there.

    1. I agree with not accepting everything without due consideration. Any site has to have patrons, and those patrons want a certain worldview presented.