Monday, June 27, 2016

Blue Monday


Why the British Said No to Europe, John Pilger
It's the crushed and scorned workers, who have lost their cookies to everybody else at every table for  40 years who are being heard, and still scorned, called "racists", whatever. 
("Working Class" in the UK translates into American as "Poor White Trash", a term that the better classes are afraid to use, even to think, but it's always what they mean.)  

Ambrose Evans Pritchard, an unusually decent bloke, for a financial columnist, and who did back Brexit, speaks to the difficult work that must now be done to get a workable compromise divorce settlement, one which respects the needs of all Britons. He has backed the Danish model all along.

Brexit is What Happens When the Pie is Shrinking, Charles Hugh Smith. again, all the pie losses for 40 years have been born by working people, while all classes of technocrat got advantages. (The recent college grads won't get that; don't get that. It's time to admit the boat we are all in is sinking.)

Alan Greenspan, who was Federal Reserve Chairman for a very long time, and got away with all of it, says the current crisis is the worst he has seen in his career, including the October 1987 stock market crash. He's back to advocating the gold standard, for which he was an advocate in his younger days. He accepts no responsibility for his roll, but mostly says the "entitlements" the government owes retirees and cripples and so on, just can't be afforded, which is accurate. (Tax cuts for the rich under Reagan and for decades after, defunded those entitlements. Well, that's water under the bridge, isn't it? We can't have class-warfare, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Suffer quietly, beggars; you can't be choosers!)

"This is going to be worse than any bear-market you've ever seen in your life", Jim Rogers (former Soros partner, advocate for gold, crops, mines, and basic things like that)

EU officials are about to double-down, in what is an amazingly badly (or perfectly) timed ultimatum. EU countries will get a little cash allowance for being absorbed into a proposed super state. No more nations, or identities, just subservience to the one Union. This goes so directly opposite to coalescing public opinion that it perfectly declares the problem of the autocratic elites being divorced from human reality of the 99%.

EU Parliament President Martin Schultz: "The British have violated the rules. It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate"


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