Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Largest Mass Shooting In US History

Burying my Heart,

The largest mass shooting in US history happened December 29, 1890.
297 Americans were murdered. What criminal organization did it? Thanks Cat.

Witness at Orlando nightclub "saw two guys firing constantly". Thanks Eleni.

Omar Mateen hung out at gay bars for years, a regular customer. 
(Did he have a self-loathing kill-them-all-and-let-Allah-sort-us-out moment? And what about the other shooters, who got away?) 

"Seddique Mateen, father of Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen, is a well known political personality having hosted a TV show and having been a former presidential candidate for Afghanistan." [and CIA asset] Thanks Colleen

"Reliable intelligence sources in the West have indicated that warnings had been received that the Russian Government could in the near future release the text of email messages intercepted from U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server from the time she was U.S. Secretary of State. The release would, the messaging indicated, prove that Secretary Clinton had, in fact, laid open U.S. secrets to foreign interception by putting highly-classified Government reports onto a private server in violation of U.S. law, and that, as suspected, the server had been targeted and hacked by foreign intelligence services.The reports indicated that the decision as to whether to reveal the intercepts would be made by Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, and it was possible that the release would, if made, be through a third party, such as Wikileaks. " 

Here is that "Wikileaks will Publish Enough Evidence to Indict Hillary Clinton" story again. Somehow it looks better today.

What if Vladimir Putin Does Know a Third Way for Society? Thanks Bill 
(The author struggles to point to things he can see, but can't clearly name. I think he sees Putin as benevolent-despot, philosopher-king, spiritual-champion. There, I said it for him.)

An interview with Fidel Castro on the "War of Ideas". Great danger of nuclear armageddon.
"When war is upheld as a humanitarian endeavor,  the judicial system is criminalized, the entire international legal system is turned upside down: pacifism and the antiwar movement are criminalized. Opposing the war becomes a criminal act. Meanwhile, the war criminals in high office have ordered a witch hunt against those who challenge their authority." Thanks, Eleni

Frustrations of Telling the Truth: Paul Craig Roberts (solid content)

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(Pics below of garden around winter and summer solstices)

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