Sunday, June 19, 2016

Damned Lies And Statistics

Probably Tricked Again,
Statistical analysis of Democratic primary voting patters assess the odds that Hillary Clinton won without widespread voting fraud,. "In fact, one of the statistical models applied by Stanford University researcher Rodolfo Cortes Barragan to a subset of the data found that the probability of the “huge discrepancies”  of which “nearly all are in favor of Hillary Clinton by a huge margin” was “statistically impossible” and that “the probability of this this happening was is 1 in 77 billion”.
"Internal memos, dated May 2015—long before the first state voted in the Democratic primary—referred to Hillary Clinton as though she was already the Democratic presidential nominee. The documents leaked by Guccifer 2.0 not only illuminate the DNC’s efforts to ensure Clinton’s coronation but also reveal the strategies used to shield her from criticism on ethics, transparency and campaign finance reform—all vulnerabilities for the corrupt Establishment darling."
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) says she is not abandoning Bernie Sanders to endorse Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary. “There are a lot of things I’m looking at. In particular, this issues that [Clinton] has not moved on at all in this campaign, which is this commitment to continue this interventionist regime change policy in Syria that is proving so disastrous.”  Sanders on late Thursday refused to concede the race for the Democratic presidential nomination to Clinton.
"Whenever we try to explain the reasons behind the crisis, such as the build-up in non-productive and counterproductive debt, people ask us why did this happened now, and not earlier? Bottom line, the world economy is running on a system with no natural correcting mechanisms. As we are never tired of pointing out, the Soviet Union only had one recession, the one in 1989. The system was stable, until it was not."
Ambrose evans Pritchard has the news that the ECB and Bank of England (and I'm sure the Fed has their backs) will work together to prevent any financial instability from arising around the Brexit vote.
"Why Global Capital Fears Brexit" (It's really about this > ) "A shift away from the global towards the local is the most strategic way to tackle our escalating social and ecological crises. Localization shortens the distance between producers and consumers by encouraging diversified production for domestic needs, instead of specialized production for export."
Charles Hugh Smith on the end game for Japanese banking, which is just a little farther along this path than most: Take a declining population with declining rates of productivity growth and load it up with debt, and you get a triple-whammy recipe for permanent stagnation.
Wait, isn't Germany always supposed to agree with NATO boss, USA? "What we should avoid today is inflaming the situation by warmongering and stomping boots,"Steinmeier told Bild in an interview to be published Sunday. "Anyone who thinks you can increase security in the alliance with symbolic parades of tanks near the eastern borders, is mistaken," Germany's top diplomat added.
NATO is sending an extra 4 battalions to the Russian border, "poking the bear", ever more.    "The US, Germany and Britain will each contribute 1,000 soldiers, with Canada expected to confirm its own contingent of 1,000. The deployments are among the most provocative actions taken by the NATO high command in the course of its anti-Russian buildup, now well into its second year. With ever greater recklessness, the US and European ruling elites are sowing the seeds of war across the width and breadth of the Eurasian landmass."
Further analysis of the political tactics and goals of 51 State Department diplomats leaking their letter telling President Obama that he screwed up by not bombing the hell out of Syria to help the moderate beheaders, so now we still have Assad and everything is bad and stuff. (Go Hillary!) 
By this assessment, Turkey has almost lost it's proxy war in Syria, at this point, and will need to shore up the police-state at home or  face regime-change-by-popular-demand:
May was the 13th month in a row to break temperature records according to figures published this week that are the latest in 2016’s string of incredible climate records which scientists have described as a bombshell and an emergency. The series of smashed global records, particularly the extraordinary heat in February and March, has provoked a stunned reaction from climate scientists, who are warning that climate change has reached unprecedented levels and is no longer only a threat for the future.
Probably Doomed 

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  1. Journalist Greg Palast shares some thoughts about his dad on Father's Day:

    Here's a snippet:

    "In 1930, when my father was an eight-year-old kid in Chicago, he asked his older brother why people were outside in the cold snow waiting in a long line. His brother Harold said, “It’s a bread line. They don’t have anything to eat. They’re hoping for bread.”

    My father ran to his mother’s bedroom and grabbed my grandmother’s diamond brooch, ran downstairs, and gave it to a man in the bread line.

    The important thing is that, after my father gave away the jewels, no one in his family chastised him."