Saturday, June 4, 2016

Politely Fascist

Murdered With Manners,

"Who's the Fascist?" asks Margaret Kimberly. Donald Trump is boorish, but advocates the end of American imperialism, which the world would like to see. Hillary Clinton (like Barack Obama) has shown herself to represent a rabid and genocidal Neocon-global-militarist faction, the ugliest face of empire, but she maintains a veneer of culture, and panders to the American women and minorities who her financial masters bleed so effectively behind the curtains. Thanks Eleni.

Tom Fraser explores the question of why Americans suddenly don't acquiesce at certain historical moments. He is seeing an end to "The Age of Acquiescence", which his recent book is titled. As long as you have a job, a place to live, and bills to pay with that regular paycheck, you may not be able to risk sticking your head up above that trench, and you may need to work in the morning. There have been times in American history when the crisis of the moment has demanded action, because those necessities of life were being lost or threatened already. Being polite about taking away the necessities of life has just overshot. Who is going to vote for more of the same? What happens after the votes are counted?

"Biggest Protests since the French Revolution in France"? Why haven't I seen anything about that? France is having to dip into strategic fuel reserves as a result of strikes? Huh? Wassup?

Donald Trump will visit his very nice resort in Scotland, on business, and has moved that visit forward to the day before the UK referendum on leaving the EU, which he sort of favors.

US military involvement with Kurdish YPG self defense forces aims to cut main supply route to ISIS in Syria. Partition of Syria remains part of the long term US/Israeli plan, as far as we can tell.

This article says Turkey is having to accept US siding with Kurdish forces in Syria, against Turkish hegemony.

This article says Turkey has made a huge increase in supply trucks and buses into the ISIS strongholds in Syria, while the supply corridor Aleppo and Idlib remains open.

John Michael Greer, the Archdruid, finally has another installment in his Retrotopia series. IT's sort of an economic summation of the limits of technological "progress" over dinner and a drink. Not bad.

In Argentina, movement toward urban food security and development of traditional plant varieties, meshes with use of plant based medicines in medical practice and training.

"Bush Doctor"

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