Monday, February 24, 2020

Communist Virus For President

Preparing For Worst,

 A lot of powerful flows are suddenly feeding into the year 2020, here in Exceptional America, the home-base of the New-World-Order. 
 The NWO is getting long in the tooth, and the petrodollar has been ideologically threatened for decades by oil-producing countries like Iran, Iraq , Libya and Venezuela threatening to sell oil in some currency that is not the $US. Still, it's still how the game is played, and all those countries have been made to suffer intensely for their attempts.
China has posed an imperial threat with the New Silk Road plan, so now there is a "trade war", which China is inconveniently losing, due to this lab virus that either got out of their bioweapons lab a few months after they obtained it, or was seeded near the lab by the sneaky NWO, to put them in their place.
 That epidemic is out of the bag now, and it is destroying China's real, productive economy, the one that sends things at all levels of almost all production chains all over the world. 
How many things need just a few Chinese parts? What happens when those production lines stop? 
Fix global warming?
Americans who lost their jobs to the NWO outsourcing to China are still out of jobs, or selling some meth to keep themselves supplied, but it's a lousy life. 
 Nobody is really putting a good alternative up for them this election year, except "Crazy Bernie", who "Crazy Donald" would like to run against, but the Democratic Party deep pockets would sooner fold the party and go home than let Bernie Communist Sanders use their hard-earned (by somebody else) money to un-billionaire them. 
It's survival-of-the-richest, after all.
 As far as the billionaire-class in the NWO sees, everybody needs to keep manning their battle stations and drive-through-service-windows while this storm from China blows over. China is breaking all the rules. It's China's fault. Communist China's virus is going to break Communist China's economy and will to steal American patents.
Trust capitalism. Socialists are stupid, everybody knows that.
 That pervasive doctrine has sure worked well for the last 40 years or so, but the wheels are about to come off the American economy, too, since maximizing-shareholder-value required moving all those factories and jobs to China over the last 30 years. Without flows of goods and services, all those just-in-time efficiently coordinated global supply lines freeze, and those workers don't get paid, and they are living paycheck to paycheck, so they don't pay rent, utilities, can't get groceries or gas, and so on, everywhere...
Dividends stop. Stocks plummet. Shareholder value is minimized. Defaults, defaults, defaults. 
 That's OK, America has socialism-for-the-rich. Remember the bank bailout that Barack Obama MADE all those powerless elite bankers accept, even though they felt so small being made to do so? 
 It's socialism for deplorables that's the existential threat to The American Way Of Life. 
We all know that.
Americans Hate Socialism, right? We've said it a million times.

 So the stage is set. If the billionaire-class gets distracted by the implosion of their rent-collection on all the working parts of the global economy, and all those stupid young people, and Hispanics, and welfare-mothers keep actually voting, Bernie Communist Sanders will keep getting too many votes to deny. He'll win on the first ballot at the Democratic convention, and the Democratic Party will get it's life support withdrawn. 
 POOF! No more Democratic Party. Bankrupt, so how can their candidate beat Donald Trump the Capitalist Evil Clown?
How can anything happen at all? The election might have to be postponed this year due to circumstances beyond our control.
 Sanders will just keep promising free socialized Medicare for All, and food stamps for all, probably gasahol for all, free college, massive jobs program to put everybody to work. 
He runs his mouth like that day and night, and these kids and minorities and poor white trash are fool enough to believe it and vote for him.
 You see how this could turn out, right? 
They'll be stringing you up and burning you alive if you let this happen. Your kids, too, maybe even in front of you.
Anyway, Putin wants Sanders to run against Trump so he's in total control of the whole situation.

 ​ ​ Just before Tulsi Gabbard announced her candidacy for the presidency as a Democrat, NBC ran a smear piece that suggested Vladimir Putin and the Russians loved her.  This smear was then repeated and amplified by Hillary Clinton, who suggested Gabbard was being groomed by the Kremlin to run as a third-party candidate, thereby ensuring Trump’s reelection in 2020.  There was no evidence for any of these claims — none.  Yet Gabbard was put on the defensive and her campaign (still ongoing) has been essentially redlined by the mainstream media.
​  ​Now it’s Bernie Sanders’s turn.  Bernie is much better known than Tulsi with a much larger movement behind him, so the DNC and the mainstream media have a modified tactic: rather than smearing Bernie as a Putin puppet, they’re suggesting the Russians are boosting his candidacy without his knowledge — the end game, naturally, is Trump’s reelection.  This was reported yesterday by the Washington Post and echoed today by the New York Times...  

​  ​Anyone who criticizes or threatens the power and privileges of the military-industrial complex, the IC, and the MSM must be attacked and defeated.  There are literally trillions of dollars at stake here.  This is why other candidates issue no criticisms of these powerful entities.  Can you recall Mayor Pete, or Joe Biden, or Amy Klobuchar, or even Elizabeth Warren saying anything truly critical about the MIC, the IC, and MSM?  For the acronym-wary, that’s the military-industrial complex, the intelligence community, and the mainstream media.

​  ​Several outside groups are trying to slow the momentum of current Democratic presidential frontrunner Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) by spending millions on ad buys, as he continues to dominate the polls.
​  ​The campaign against Sanders originated with hybrid PAC Democratic Majority for Israel, a pro-Israel moderate group, that spent over $1.4 million against Sanders. The group spent over $800,000 running ads against the frontrunning Democratic presidential candidate in Iowa and it’s spending $600,000 in Nevada, according to recent filings with the Federal Election Commission...
  Sanders has long questioned American policy toward Israel and advocates an approach that addresses both Israeli security and a “pro-Palestinian” perspective. His criticism has made pro-Israel Democrats and supporters anxious, resulting in a surge of anti-Sanders ads.
​  ​As Sanders is projected to win the upcoming contests, big Democratic donors have concerns about him being the presidential candidate, Politico reported.  

Sanders says AIPAC gives platform to ‘express bigotry,’ won’t go to conference

Vermont senator says pro-Israel confab allows ‘leaders’ to speak who ‘oppose basic Palestinian rights’; AIPAC blasts statement, says he is ‘insulting his very own colleagues’

​Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd, gives a speech in support of Julian Assange at protest march in London:
​ ​Those of us who have never compromised our liberty in the cause of freedom, who have never picked up the burning torch and held it trembling over the crimes of their superior officers, can only wonder at the extraordinary courage of those who have.
​ ​There are other speakers here, so I will make way, I could stand here all day railing against the dying of the light should we not stand Bulldog like, with arms linked, ranks closed in front of our brother and comrade Julian Assange. And when the lackies of the American Empire come to take him, to destroy him and hang him in the hedge as a warning to frighten future journalists, we will look them in the eye and steadfast with one voice we will intone.
“Over our dead fucking bodies.”​ 

Why are there no honest, anti-war retired generals, like Smedley ("War is a racket") Butler, these days?  

​Moon of Alabama:
​  ​The economic ripple effect of this epidemic and of the enormous quarantine in China will be huge. It will be felt everywhere but especially in highly developed industries:
​  ​The impacts on China both intrinsic and psychological are still vastly under estimated. This is the largest containment/effective imprisonment via quarantine of human being in world history. People are assuming no ripples from that.
​  ​The biggest factor that's not understood is the non linearity of supply chains. A two week total shut down *does not* mean a two week delay in products to consumer. This is very different from the tariff impacts, where pricing was adjusted.
​  ​A single component missing in a 500+ part product means all levels of production are moot. Autos and consumer electronics are obvious examples. We have heard from multiple auto players and Jaguar has publicly stated they have sub 2 weeks of operating inventory.
​  ​Just In Time (JIT) production is a form of operational leverage. And like all forms of leverage, there is a non linear downside effect. People are not putting it together that this is a very big deal. It's not a 1 month hit. It's not a 1 quarter hit. It's an annual hit *right now*.
​  ​Some large factories which depend on parts from China will soon have to shut down. Then their other suppliers will also have to cease production. The loss of income will be felt throughout the local economies.
​  ​The effects of the epidemic may well lead to an end of the globalization of production processes. Companies will go back to buy locally to be as unaffected as possible from similar future incidents. This might well be the most positive long term outcome of this epidemic.

​Here is a really clear case of a young woman who went home to visit family, leaving Wuhan, infected the whole family, and never had symptoms. She tested negative the first time, too. Invisible spreader...
​ ​All five of her relatives developed Covid-19 pneumonia, but as of 11 February, the woman had still not developed any symptoms, her chest CT remained normal and she had no fever, stomach or respiratory symptoms, such as cough or sore throat.  

​Some cured patients get viral recurrence. False negative test?​ Reinfection?
Wuhan will add 2 more weeks of quarantine after "cure".

​Iran has a problem like China had 5 weeks ago, maybe more.
Iranian Lawmaker Says 50 Have Died From Coronavirus Outbreak In Qom  

​Charles Hugh Smith presents this detailed and thoroughly considered article. 
It's enough to make you think of socialism, grasp at straws, and so on...​
When Will We Admit Covid-19 Is Unstoppable and Global Depression Is Inevitable?

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