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Not Like Mini Mike

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Perloff on Bloomberg, Thanks Eleni: 
And a market crash could not only sweep Bloomberg into the Presidency, but give the Democrats strong control of both houses of Congress, meaning easy passage of harsh gun control legislation. In addition, a Bloomberg Presidency would mean a huge slide to the left, with a full-blown push toward more socialism, abortions, transgenderism, mandatory vaccination, “drag queen story hours,” etc.
Of course, Bernie Sanders is also Jewish and pro-socialist; however he has made remarks critical of Israel and supportive of the Palestinians, and is unfriendly toward Wall Street. And unlike Bloomberg and Hillary, Bernie lacks the cold-blooded temperament suited to ushering in a Trotskyite police state.
I know that with the potential for Hillary on the ticket, some people are already making jokes about Hillary later “suiciding” Bloomberg. That would never happen. Even Hillary knows where the line is drawn.

Bernie Sanders says things we never hear, vaguely diplomatic things... Thanks Michael  (but could he be different?)
Sen. Bernie Sanders told a CNN town hall in Las Vegas on Tuesday that if elected president his foreign policy would prioritize justice and peace in the Middle East and not reflexively back Israel against the Palestinians.
"What American foreign policy has got to be about in the Middle East, is bringing the Israelis and bringing the Palestinians together under the banner of justice," said Sanders. "We could do it, we have the wealth to do it. It cannot just simply be that we're just pro Israel and we ignore the needs of the Palestinian people."
The senator also said his administration would call on Saudi Arabia and Iran to set aside their differences and find common ground.

1930s capitalist power elites considered FDR to be a traitor, or at least a class-traitor, and tried to recruit General Smedley Butler to lead a military coup against Roosevelt. Butler flatly refused, busted them publicly and said he'd raise an army against them. Can Bernie Sanders be a class-traitor?

Bernie Sanders led in 10 of 10 national polls yesterday before the Las Vegas debate last night, about equal to no-candidate-on-first-vote at Democratic Convention.

What happened in Vegas...
Right out of the gate, Bloomberg was under attack with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren landed perhaps the biggest (and first punch), making the former Big Apple mayor visibly squirm and roll his eyes in frustration.
“I’d like to talk about who we’re running against, a billionaire who calls women ‘fat broads’ and ‘horse-faced lesbians,’” she said from the Paris Theater.
“And, no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump. I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg.”

I voted early in the Texas Democratic Primary yesterday. ​N​o line at lunchtime.
Tulsi Gabbard got my vote for President​. S​he is climbing in polls despite being media blacklisted.
If you are in Mike McCaul's Congressional District 10, you can vote for Pritesh Gandhi MD, with whom I work, and who has been reading this blog for 4-5 years. He's bright and quick and talented, with a good heart.
I'm in Congressional District 17, which is up for grabs this time. 
Of the 3 Democratic candidates, I chose William Foster III, because he listed JFK's assassination, when he was 14 years old, as his first formative political experience, his academic​ (Math at Prairie View A&M)​ and work ​(NASA) ​credentials​,​ and his dedication to public and humanitarian service, as apparent in his answers to questions. 
The other guys are superficial by comparison.

​Charles Hugh Smith on state of global financialized economy just prior to Wuhan coronavirus.
​ Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, the global economy was slowing for two reasons: 1) everybody who can afford it already has it and 2) overcapacity. One word captures the end-of-the-cycle stagnation: saturation.
 Everyone who can afford a smartphone (or can borrow to buy one) already has one. Everyone who can afford an auto loan already has a car. Everyone who could afford an overpriced house already bought one. Everyone who can afford a tablet or laptop already has one. And so on.  

​Looking at the Wuhan coronavirus news. It's worrisome that there is so much agreement between the US government, mainstream media and alt-media. It's still too early for conclusions, but this looks like WAR.
​ Is China the culprit, or is China the victim, or is this a virus that spread from animal to human or has it escaped from some or other lab by accident (or on purpose)? We do not know any of this and this trope just creates more FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt).

It looks like it was spreading through the ventilation system on board The Diamond Princess​ ​
​ ​Unlike Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which causes infections deep in the lower respiratory tract that can result in pneumonia, COVID-19 appears to inhabit both the upper and lower respiratory tracts. That would make it not only capable of causing severe pneumonia, but of spreading easily like flu or the common cold.
 Researchers in Guangdong province monitored the amount of coronavirus in the 18 patients. One of them, who had moderate levels of the virus in their nose and throat, never had any disease symptoms.
​ ​Among the 17 symptomatic patients, the team found levels of the virus increased soon after symptoms first appeared, with higher amounts of virus present in the nose than in the throats, a pattern more similar to influenza than SARS.
​ ​The level of virus in the asymptomatic patient was similar to what was present in patients with symptoms, such as fever.
​ ​“What this says is clearly this virus can be shed out of the upper respiratory tract and that people are shedding it asymptomatically,” Poland said.  

Iran Reports 9 Coronavirus-Linked Deaths As WHO Warns Number Of Cases Outside China 'Won't Stay Low For Very Long'

​Moon of Alabama:
Erdogan continues with his wild rhetoric over Syria.
#ERDOGAN: "#Turkey cannot be confined within the 780,000 km2 border. #Misrata, #Aleppo, #Homs & #Hasaka are outside our actual borders, but they are within our emotional & physical limits, we will confront those who limit our history to only 90yrs."
The Turkish talks with Russia have not gone well. Russia had proposed the following points:
1- 16-km border strip in Idlib under Turkey control
2- Russia controls crossing between Idlib strip and Afrin
3- M4 and M5 opened under joint Russian-Turkish supervision
4- Retreat of observation points to border strip
Some ten of Turkey's observation points are currently surrounded by the Syrian army. If Turkey starts to escalate they will be in a dire situation.

Turkey rejected the Russian proposal:
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Feb. 19 that talks with Russia on the northwestern Syrian region of Idlib were far from meeting Turkey's demands and warned that a military operation there was a "matter of time".

​Sucking up... In Surprise Flip, Turkey Asks US For Patriot Missiles "To Deter" Russia In Idlib
Israeli political grandstanding invites risks of losing the occupied Golan Heights back to Syria through hubris.
Israel To Step Up "Offensive Action" - Will Turn Syria Into "Iranian Vietnam": Israeli Defense Chief

​ ​Israeli caretaker prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who has been indicted for corruption and is facing an election soon, just boasted that his ministry of strategic affairs has managed to undermine First Amendment protections for free speech in the United States by lobbying state legislatures to pass laws forbidding the boycott of Israel.
​ ​Anti-boycott laws of the Old South were used against Martin Luther King Jr. and other activists in the civil rights movement to keep African Americans subordinate and segregated. The right to boycott establishments over civil rights was upheld by the Supreme Court in 1982 in NAACP v. Claiborne Hardware.

​Advocating Boycotts

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