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Divergent World War Plans

 Resisting Evil,

​  September 11 in the Middle East!by Manlio Dinucci​    Thanks Eleni.
​  The official version of the Hamas attack on Israel is preposterous. According to CNN, Hamas was able to train for a year and a half in six military camps inside the Gaza Strip. Rumors about this preparation had been circulating in Lebanon since May. It gave rise to a deadly battle between Palestinian factions in September in Saida. On 30 September, ​  Egyptian Intelligence Minister Kamel Abbas personally called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to warn him. An Israeli private security company took over the Shabak in the ensuing days. 
​  The Mossad was also tipped off by the CIA on 5 October. It is therefore impossible for Israel to have been surprised. In addition, as Manlio Dinucci points out, routine security procedures were suspended. And it took the army 5 hours to intervene. 
​  So the question is, why did Benjamin Netanyahu allow 1,300 of his fellow citizens to die?​...
​..How is it possible that Mossad, considered one of the most efficient Secret Services in the world, did not realize that Hamas was preparing its attack?
The essential answers come from an article, published on October 8 by the Israeli newspaper The Times of Israel:
​  “For years, the various governments led by Benjamin Netanyahu have adopted a policy that has divided the Gaza Strip and the West Bank between two different powers, bringing Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to his knees and favouring Hamas.
​  Hamas was treated as a partner to the detriment of the Palestinian Authority to prevent Abbas from moving towards creating a Palestinian State. Hamas was promoted from a terrorist group to an organization with which Israel conducted negotiations through Egypt, and which was allowed to receive suitcases containing millions of dollars from Qatar through the Gaza crossings.”

What really happened on 7th October?
Evidence is now emerging that up to half the Israelis killed were combatants; that Israeli forces were responsible for some of their own civilian deaths; and that Tel Aviv disseminated false ‘Hamas atrocities’ stories to justify its devastating air assault on Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

​  Scott Ritter: Israel Failing in Global PR Campaign to Demonize Hamas
​  “The last thing he needs or wants or desires is [for] people to honestly reflect on it. Because something horrible happened on October 7, I think we are all in agreement about that. Whether you believe that Hamas had a right to rise up and attack Israeli military targets, that's a separate debate. I happen to believe they should be able to do that. But there's no carte blanche ever for anybody to kill innocent civilians, and a lot of innocent Israeli civilians were killed. And I think it's imperative that Israel, like the United States after 9/11, instead of saying ‘we must exact our revenge’, to sit there and say, ‘how did this happen? Why did this happen and how can we prevent it from happening again?’ But in order to answer that question, you have to define the problem. Israel doesn't want to have that discussion, Netanyahu doesn't want to have that discussion, because the answer is: he is the problem. The right-wing policies of Israel is the problem. Zionism might be the problem.”

Palestinian rights groups push UN Security Council for ceasefire

UNRWA Situation Report #13 on the situation in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem (all information valid as of 23 October 2023 at 6 p.m)
The Gaza Strip:
Nearly 600,000 internally displaced people are sheltering in 150 UNRWA facilities.​...
Only in the Middle areas, Khan Younis and Rafah, nearly 430,000 IDPs are in 93 UNRWA shelters. This is an increase of 10,000 people only in the past 24 hours.  
According to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, 5,087 people have been killed since 7 October, including 2,055 children, 1,119 women, and 217 elderly. Another 15,273 have been injured. An additional 1,500 persons are reported missing, including 830 children.
Overall, nearly 1,400 Israelis and foreign nationals have been killed in Israel, according to the Israeli authorities, the vast majority on 7 October (OCHA). 
Shelters are operating beyond their capacities and many new IDPs are sleeping in the streets as current facilities are overwhelmed. The number of IDPs in UNRWA shelters is four times more than what UNRWA had originally planned for.

​From yesterday: More than 700 killed in overnight Israeli attacks, Gaza officials say
Health ministry says it was the highest number of deaths in Gaza in a 24-hour period since Israeli assault began.

Russian, Chinese veto shoots down US resolution on war on Gaza
Russia labeled the US draft resolution as a "license" for "Israel" to proceed with a ground invasion in Gaza.
Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun said that the US draft resolution on the war on Gaza does not reflect the world's strongest calls for a ceasefire and would not help resolve the conflict​.

​  The U.S. Has Betrayed Egypt Again
​  The Egyptian parliament met on October 19 and gave President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi the power to declare war against Israel, if necessary. Egypt and Israel have a peace treaty dating from 1979, which has been a success, proving that a neighboring Arab and Muslim country can share long-lasting peaceful relations with the Jewish State of Israel.
​  Egyptians have watched in horror at the scenes of death and destruction in Gaza as the Israeli government exacts its revenge on Hamas after the October 7 attack on Israel. With the promised Israeli ground invasion of Gaza beginning at any moment, it is expected to be a bloodbath among unarmed civilians. Already the death toll is at least 5,087, including 2,055 children.
​  The Cairo Peace Summit, co-chaired by the leaders of Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine, met on October 21.
​  Sisi said that the solution to the Palestinian issue is not the displacement of an entire people to other areas, but justice and obtaining their legitimate rights and the right to self-determination.
​  The U.S. sent a low-level representative to the Cairo Peace Summit, and this was a message from U.S. President Joe Biden, that the U.S. is working against Egypt, and not with them.

​Simplicius ,  SITREP 10/24/23: Avdeevka Victories Confirmed as Mid-East Continues Slide Toward War  (I'll mention a few of his points in this excellent compilation.)
  Russia has taken the commanding high-ground of the slag-heap hill near the coking plant in Adveevka, and also the railroad tracks. The Russians did most of the taking of the dug-in slag heap positions by FPV suicide-drones, not infantry. 
  There are close to 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers in the fortified city, like Bakhmut, and something like 30,000 more will be rapidly fed into the "meat grinder", mostly conscripted Russian-speaking Ukrainian conscripts. 
  The "Russian" forces carrying out the assault are on their home ground, Donetsk People's Republic forces, now part of the Russian army. They put their flag and the Russian flag on the slag heap, and a Ukrainian drone sent to blow it up was only half successful, removing the 114th Guards unit flag only. Both flags were replaced by morning, in opposite order, to make the point.  
  The Ukrainian 47th Mechanized Brigade, that got the Bradley fighting vehicles, Leopard tanks, and NATO training, and has been taking heavy casualties all summer in "Bradley Square" (Rabotino) battle area, refused to fight, was withdrawn to the rear, was sent to Adveevka, and is taking even heavier losses, as reported by a tearful female medic, who has been with them all summer, but is now broken by their current losses. The orders from Zelensky down are to "stand and hold at any cost", just like Bakhmut. 
  Near Kherson, along the southern Dnieper River, Ukrainian forces keep crossing in small squads, in boats, to occupy vacant buildings, until they are killed by artillery and bombs.
  Along the northern battlefront, there are 90,000 Russian soldiers not staged for attack, but awaiting orders a little behind the front. They could be put into major action near Kharkov, but that is not certain.
  Israel keeps saying they are ready to invade Gaza, but they may not actually be, and the US is advising restraint on the ground, but not in the devastating bombing-genocide.
Sergey Lavrov just visited Tehran. The Iraqi Ambassador met with the Russian Deputy Defense Minister in Moscow.  Lots of smaller resistance groups in various countries have been attacking US troops in solidarity with Gazan Palestinians. The US is rushing anti-aircraft and missile defenses to the area, though recent American missile defenses have performed very poorly against even low quality rocket attacks, as from Yemen, and tens of thousands of sophisticated Iranian missiles are the presumed threat.
  This is game-changing:"Russia is now granting Iran direct access to land in Russia’s Khmeimim Syria base, after Israel recently bombed and disabled runways in both Damascus and Aleppo international airports."
  Game changing: "Russia just recently again conducted some final tests on the Burevestnik missile, which no country on the world has an analog of. It’s a missile that has unlimited range due to using nuclear powered propulsion." This can loiter in earth orbit indefinitely and strike from any direction, not just over the north pole. The US has one factory for a lot of items, like Abrams tanks, and 155 mm artillery shells. Each of those factories becomes a target for disabling "conventional" warhead attack.
  Every day, in myriad ways, Ukrainians at all levels of military and civilian life are seeing hopelessness of the war against Russia.
  Russian Orlan observation drones, which can loiter for hours, spotting targets, get  all-time Drone-MVP award. One man can carry one of these (pictured).

Aleks at Black Mountain Analysis does another dep-dive:  Economics and Empires 5 , Who’s in charge of the West?

John Leake ,  On Credit Expansion & Constant War - The two organizing principles of our system.

Gilbert Doctorow ,  Breaking News: Russia tests its nuclear triad for massive response capability (Yes, everything works fine. Why do you ask?)

Get into the meat grinder before it gets surrounded.   The Ukrainians Urgently Increase The Number Of Troops Near Avdiivka. Military Summary For 2023.10.26

Newsguard Case Highlights the Pentagon's Censorship End-Around​ , Matt Taibbi
The Consortium News lawsuit against a private news rating system lays out how the government can suppress speech by proxy

​There are never, ever this many witnesses standing in line waiting for 5 years for nothing to happen.
FBI had more than 40 sources informing on possible criminal activity involving Bidens, Grassley says
Grassley makes bombshell revelation in new letter, alleging avenues of inquiry were shut down.

​  Scott Ritter on RFK Jr. who he has wholeheartedly supported until the current stance on Israel/Palestine, which led Dennis Kucinich to leave as his campaign manager.
​  Bobby’s commitment to peace and diplomacy is what made him viable as a presidential candidate where his two likely opponents were on record supporting Israel without question.
​  Bobby could have followed in his uncle’s path, advocating that all Americans walk in the shoes of the Palestinian people to better understand their grievances and, in doing so, be better positioned to come up with a fair and equitable peace based on diplomacy, not war.
​  Bobby did not and has not. His appointment of Amaryllis Fox Kennedy bodes poorly for the future. I will continue to applaud Bobby for his stance on Russia and disarmament. But until he fundamentally changes course on Israel, I can’t in good faith claim to support his candidacy. If his name gets on the ballot, I may end up voting for him as the lesser evil, but that is not high praise.
​  America deserves better.
​  The world deserves better.
The people of Palestine deserve better.

  ​UK Parliamentarian, Andrew Brigden, their only stalwart voice of truth regarding COVID vaccination injuries, meets with Pascal Najadi, who has terminal cancer and autoimmune disease from COVID vaccination, and is continuing to fight against this democide until he dies. His lawsuit in Switzerland led to the resignation of the President of the Swiss Federal Council, for illegal actions pertaining to COVID-pandemic treatment arrangements which caused great harm and death. (under 2 min. Thanks Noirette.)

Almost 5 minutes, and looks like the trailer to a movie. 

​Peter McCullough MD: ‘Spikeopathy’: COVID-19 Spike Protein Is Pathogenic, from Both Virus and Vaccine mRNA
Seven Australian Authors Publish Comprehensive Peer-Reviewed Paper Concluding Genetic Vaccines Must be Pulled

​Steve Kirsch, reader survey results (I took part) "Vaccine" killed 3.5X more Americans than COVID virus
The data is clear and consistent. I challenge any qualified scientist to challenge this data in an open public debate.

Wakaminenga Maori Government Is Magic Number One - First Prosecutions Of Four New Zealand Officials For COVID19 Crimes Against Humanity And Genocide

Sun's Magnetic Reversal is Underway​ (under ​2 min.)

​(Well under 3 min.) Coronal Hole Facing Earth, The Sun and Super Typhoons | S0 News Oct.26.2023

Rained-In (without pictures of all of the automotive maintenance I have been doing for a week on a couple of cars, but I was alone)


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