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Screaming The Truth


Egyptian woman BLASTS CNN reporter over SHAMEFUL coverage of Gaza and for falsifying the truth​  (Less than 2 minutes ​ofperfectly articulated truth.)

​  Amid War on Gaza, Scores of Palestinians Killed By Israeli Forces, Settlers in the West Bank
​  Amid Tel Aviv’s massive bombing campaign against the densely populated, besieged Gaza Strip, Israeli forces and illegal settlers have been on a rampage of violence, terror, torture, and murder throughout the occupied West Bank.
​  On October 7, Hamas carried out a surprise attack against southern Israel and the war against the people of Gaza was launched. Since then, Israeli gunfire in the West Bank has killed at least 75 Palestinians – including roughly 20 children – while over 1,300 have been wounded.

Death toll among Palestinians exceeds 4,200 — Palestinian health ministry
Around 14,400 people have been wounded, including some 1,400 in the West Bank

Israel orders Palestinians to evacuate people from Al Quds hospital in Gaza Strip
According to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, in addition to medical staff, there are more than 400 patients in the hospital and about 12 thousand displaced civilians who have taken refuge there

At least 30% of all housing units in Gaza Strip destroyed or damaged — UN
"Hospitals are on the brink and overcrowded with patients, many awaiting treatment," the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs added

No mass outflow of people from the northern part of the Gaza Strip to its southern section is taking place, and none of the enclave’s estimated 2.3 mln residents wish to leave their homes, Palestinian Ambassador to Russia Abdel Hafiz Nofal told TASS.

  ​Moon of Alabama (Bernard) , Netanyahoo's Strategic Dilemma
​  Netanyahoo must attack Gaza to restore deterrence. He can not attack Gaza because the urban warfare would cause large Israeli casualties. He can not attack Gaza because Hizbullah would then destroy the myth of the superior settler state even more than Hamas has done so far.
​  Israel, with the help of the U.S., has tried to push the population of Gaza into Egypt. From Egypt's standpoint that would be a humanitarian solution, at least as long as others pay for it. But it would cause a serious strategic problem. Resistance by Hamas and others against Israel would continue indefinitely, but Egypt would be held responsible for it. It can not and will not take on that burden.
​  Netanyahoo's next idea was to starve Gaza. But the world will not let him do that. At least not beyond a certain point. Even the UN Secretary General has visited the Rafah crossing. Other global organizations, like the WHO and ASEAN, have spoken up. Pictures of starving people will make it impossible for the west to support that 'solution'.
​  Meanwhile Hamas fighters will continue to sit in their tunnels, ready to defend their land, and likely with enough provisions to hold out for months.
​  Israeli settlers, with the support of the IDF, are rampaging through the West Bank. They are killing more Palestinians and further enrage the global public against their deeds. This will escalate.
​  Israel's decision making is paralyzed. It will for now continue to talk of a ground invasion but will not launch one. It will also continue to starve Gaza.
But something will soon break.

​  Israel Plans to Turn Gaza Into 'Hiroshima' But Without Nuclear Weapons - Sy Hersh
​  Furthermore, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has every intention “to wipe out Hamas,” with little concern for hundreds of thousands of citizens of Gaza that were told to evacuate and move south of the enclave on October 12, underscored Sy Hersh, referencing unnamed intelligence analysts in Washington.
​  Netanyahu formed an emergency unity government a few days ago with ex-military Chief of Staff Benny Gantz to bring his National Unity party into the governing coalition and join the war cabinet including Defense Minster Yoav Gallant. Israel has vowed to "destroy" the Hamas movement ruling in the Gaza Strip after its attacks on Southern Israel. After calling up a reported 350,000 army reservists — totalling around a tenth of the country's workforce — since October 7, Israel appeared to be holding back on an invasion​...
​..“Under the Israeli plans, there would be no need for a massive ground invasion,” insiders had informed Hersh, while Israeli troops, “would be needed for hunting down those Hamas members underground who choose to surrender.” However, the orders to the Israeli military, according to a cited official, would be “shoot on sight,” with surrender not an option.

Israel Amassing Fleets Of Tanks On Northern Border Of Gaza - Ground Invasion Appears Imminent

1000 tons of US weapons arrive in ‘Israel’ to kill Palestinians

​  Beyond Parody: Israel Mocks UK Prime Minister by Hosting Him at King David Hotel
​  Israel elected to mock UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Thursday by hosting him to meet with "victims of terrorism" at the King David Hotel, the site of the Zionist Irgun's deadly 1946 terrorist attack against the British which killed 91 and injured 45.​..
​  Sunak last week visited a synagogue in London flying Israeli flags and pledged his unconditional support to Israel. A day later, his Home Secretary Suella Braverman told police to look to jail protesters for waving Palestinian flags.

​  Rafah Crossing open, Israel obstructing entry of aid to Gaza, says Egypt
​  Egypt said, Friday, that the Rafah Border Crossing with Gaza was open on its side, accusing Israel of “refusing” the entry of aid into the besieged enclave, Anadolu Agency reports.
​  Egypt is clearly being targeted in Western media, which is promoting a “displacement scenario” for Palestinians and holding Cairo responsible for the crossing’s closure despite Israel’s “targeted attacks and refusal of aid entry,” Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ahmed Abu Zeid, said on X.

Egypt started large-scale military exercises simulating a war with Israel in the Sinai region while at the same time putting Air Force Squadrons on red alert.
The mobilization of the Egyptian Armed Forces was deemed necessary after the joint ultimatum of Al-Sisi and King Abdullah II of Jordan to Israel.
The displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to Sinai is a "red line" for Cairo.

​  Scott Ritter: Hamas 'Laid Trap' for Israel as US Cannot Replenish Iron Dome
​  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared war on the Hamas movement that rules in the besieged Gaza Strip in the wake of the surprise attack by several allied militant groups on October 7.
​  The incursion and subsequent skirmishes — including with Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas on Israel's northern border — has left almost 300 Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) troops dead with 200 more held captive in Gaza. around 1,000 Israeli civilians were also killed. That represents Israel's worst losses since its 1982 invasion of southern Lebanon.
​  Tel Aviv has called up some 350,000 IDF reservists and has bombed Gaza for almost two weeks in preparation for a ground offensive, which Economy Minister Nir Barkat said had been given the "green light" on Thursday. But that invasion has yet to materialise.
​  Former US Marine and UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter told Sputnik the IDF simply "can't go into Gaza."
"If they go into Gaza, they will be slaughtered by Hamas who has deliberately set this trap," Ritter stressed. "Hamas is waiting for them to come in. Hamas will kill them in large numbers."
​  Along with the risk of heavy casualties in Gaza, Israel is wary of Hezbollah's threat to launch a major attack from the north if the IDF goes in.
"Israel cannot beat Hezbollah,"
Ritter argued. "There's a real likelihood that if Hezbollah comes in with everything they have, they will seize northern Israel in its totality, all the way up to the Sea of Galilee. Syria will recapture the Golan Heights, and there isn't anything Israel can do to stop it."

​  Israel’s attack on the fifth-century Church of Saint Porphyrius in Gaza has turned the spotlight on the besieged Palestinian enclave’s Christian population.
​  At least 18 people were killed in the bombing on a social services annex in the church's complex of buildings. Both Muslims and Christians took shelter within its walls hoping that its historical and religious importance would spare it the carnage that has affected other areas of Gaza.
​  As part of historic Palestine it is impossible to disconnect the history of Palestinian Christians in Gaza from those who share their faith in the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem and within the Palestinian community in Israel.
​  The region is the birthplace of Christianity and the location of many of the events of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.
Palestinian Christians in Gaza, like other Palestinians there, do not see themselves as detached from the wider Palestinian nation.

​An increasingly important prize, currently being expropriated by Israel: 
The unrealized potential of Palestinian oil and gas reserves​ , 28 August 2019
Oil and natural gas resources in the occupied Palestinian territory could generate hundreds of billions of dollars for development.

​Professor Ugo Bardi , On the Brink of WWIII? Estimating the Probability of a new Large Conflict  (Humans do things for reasons, but they hide their reasons and intentions.)

  Pepe Escobar, Russia, China Map Out New Economic Order in Beijing​  
  $1 trillion in Chinese investments later, the white paper summed it all up: BRI is steadily advancing as a multi-layered platform of international trade and connectivity; as a mechanism to develop vast swathes of the Global South/Global Majority; and as a practical counterpart to Western hegemony.
​  The bulk of BRI projects concern extractive industries and transportation corridors. It’s not by accident that key extractive industries are concentrated in Russia and the Persian Gulf – and that is intimately linked to Beijing’s complex strategic drive to bypass Hegemon containment and instances of Hybrid War.​..
​..As much as Putin stressed both Russia and China’s “respect for civilizational diversity” as well as the right of each civilization-state to its own development model, what really stood out was his detailed explanation of connectivity corridors...
..Putin, Xi and the guests at the Belt and Road Forum made it quite clear this is essentially about new commodity supply chains; new and improved Maritime Silk Roads; and bypassing Western-controlled choke points – as the (attached) map shows. It’s all leading to an interconnected maze featuring BRI, BRICS, EAEU and SCO...

India Expected To Reject Russian Demand To Pay For Oil In Chinese Yuan​   (Narendra Modi, the snake​, has taken profits on oil, and just offers more useless Rupees.)
​  India’s government is expected to reject demands from Russian oil companies to pay for Russia’s crude oil imports in Chinese yuan, Indian officials told Bloomberg on Friday.
​  Russia and its companies need Chinese currency as Russian trade has become much more reliant on China after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions on Russia. Moscow has a lot of Indian rupees, but it can’t spend them all while it needs yuan.​  [Note: Gold always works.]
​  Yesterday I posted Ellen Brown's review of "The Great Taking", and Sasha Latypova relates here what happened when all of the money disappeared one day in Russia, all of it, for 2 years, and it never came back.
​  David Webb, The Great Taking​ , His research explains the financial underpinnings of the Great Reset.
​  From my personal experience, I already lived through one “great taking”, performed by whoever collapsed the Soviet Union. When Ukraine became independent from the former USSR in 1991, the ruble and any savings that anyone had at Sberbank (the only bank that existed in the USSR) disappeared overnight, and were not replaced. One can argue this was a very simple exercise given that only one state-owned bank was involved or needed to implement this reset, and there were no financial instruments, only cash savings in that bank. My grandparents had meager savings there and ended up with zero. I had no money at all as a young person, and I guess that can be a plus - when you own nothing, nobody can confiscate it from you. Afterwards, there was no currency in circulation in the country for approximately 2 years until hryvna was designed and printed and introduced. During those years, people (including me) received paychecks in the form of this - gov issued IOUs exchangeable for goods in stores that had any goods.
​  According to David Webb, the real assets that are owned without debt are probably the most secure, and my personal experience corroborates this. Privately owned businesses that also have no debt are probably fairly secure too, but in the event of a large scale market collapse they may or may not be able to continue as a going concern. In addition, as we saw in Lahaina and elsewhere, the global puppeteers have more tricks to steal land and other assets whether financed with debt or not.
​  Whether the Great Taking will occur or not, and when, is hard to predict. The scale is also hard to predict - all at once, regional, or some “market participants” but not others - all remains a possibility. In the meantime, all we can do is understand the system that is set up and being used against us, understand the agenda and the goals of the evil empire. This will enable effective individual decisions and actions we make every day.
‘Mutiny Brewing’ Inside State Department Over Israel-Palestine Policy​ ,​  (Faceless bureaucrats are humans with intellect​s, principles and feelings, too.​ Thanks Christine.)
Morale is low, and some staffers are preparing to formally express their opposition to President Joe Biden's approach

​  A new poll from CBS News/YouGov found the majority of Americans are against "sending weapons and supplies" to Israel amid their conflict with Gaza.
The poll found 52% of Americans said the US should not "send weapons and supplies to Israel" versus 48% who said we should.
CBS News buried the lede in their report on the poll​...

​Meryl Nass MD ,  Supreme Court Pauses Ban on Biden Officials’ Contacts With Tech Platforms Pending Review
Good that the SC is taking the Missouri v Bden case. Bad that only 3 justices believed the Biden admin should be stopped from censoring while the case goes forward. A taste of the ruling to come?

House Investigators Reveal $200,000 "Direct Payment To Joe Biden"
The House Oversight Committee on Friday revealed a direct payment to President Joe Biden which appears to have been laundered through his brother James.

​Not Worth Investigating (pictured clearing fruit tree roots of summer grass growth before replacing deer-cage, one of many today)

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