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Cleveland's Compassionate Congressman Kucinich

 Choked Up,

​  Dennis Kucinich explains why he left RFK Jr.'s Presidential campaign (Israeli apartheid >> genocide: policy differences) and why he is running for the US House again after being re-districted out a decade ago (America for regular Americans again.). I have set it to about 44+ minutes where he explains leaving the Kennedy campaign and deciding to run independently for Congress in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, where he was once the youngest mayor.
  Importantly, Dennis, and his interviewer both explain, earlier in the interview, a sensation I feel a lot, in my throat, something is wrong, a heavy and depressed feeling, about the Genocide in Palestine and the war in Ukraine. 
  Have you ever felt anything like this? I am feeling it again now, like every other day.

  Surplus Energy Economics, “Peak almost everything”, part two , Winners and Losers
  The long-running contest between the economic orthodoxy and the energy-based alternative is ‘all over bar the shouting’ (though there will be plenty of that), and the energy argument has won.
  Anyone who understands the economy as an energy system has an inside track over anyone – the majority – who still believes that economics is the study of money.
  Thus understood, asset markets are partying at the end of growth. Governments, corporations and investors are planning for a future that cannot happen. The public is increasingly angry with politicians who promise what cannot possibly be delivered...
..Such meagre “growth” as is still being reported is cosmetic, being faked by the reckless injection of credit into the system.
  If, in order to deliver one dollar, euro, yen or pound of growth, we have to create more than one dollar, euro, yen or pound of new credit, part of any reported growth is being faked. Using the narrow definition of formal debt, each dollar of global growth has, over the past twenty years, been accompanied by $3.20 of net new borrowing.
  On a broader basis, including the credit assets of the NBFI (“shadow banking”) system for which data is incomplete, the ratio of credit expansion to growth is probably well in excess of 7:1...
..The end result must be default, and a loss of faith in the value of fiat money...
..People around the world aren’t buying the excuses. They’re getting worse off, not better off, and, increasingly, they know it.
  We’re seeing this in increasingly fractious and aggressive politics. Governments are becoming steadily more authoritarian ahead of challenges that they sense, even if the causation continues to elude them...
..The first explanation is worsening inequality, an accelerating flow of wealth from the many to the few. Intentionally or not, this has been driven by policies, particularly those designed to sustain a semblance of “growth” through extreme monetary gimmickry.
  The second is that the economy itself, far from continuing to expand, is in the process of inflecting from growth into contraction.
  Put both of these together and the result is that a self-serving minority is cornering an increasing share of a shrinking economy...
..Hardship is worsening, and trust in the fairness of distribution is sinking. The high command displays every sign of not knowing what’s going on with the economy, or of how this is affecting the ‘ordinary’ person... [I think "they" know, myself.] ...
..Having the inside track on the economy, anyone who understands the material dynamics of energy, resources and the environment has pretty good visibility on what happens next.
  As material prosperity contracts, and the costs of energy-intensive necessities carry on rising, a series of sectors supplying discretionary (non-essential) products and services reach the point of inflexion. We have now, as outlined in the previous article, entered a mountain range of discretionary peaks – peak smartphone (which has already happened), peak media (which is unfolding now), peak hospitality, peak travel, peak gadget, peak property price, and many, many more. 
[Peak electric vehicles, I think.] ...
..Many thinkers have urged the need for voluntary economic de-growth, but these counsels have never won out over consumerism. The outlook, becoming clearer by the day, is for involuntary de-growth.  
  We no longer need to focus our efforts very largely on persuasion. Facts and dynamics have taken over. Our primary need now is to model, quantify and project the trends towards a discretionary-led economic contraction that is already under way...
..In Fig. 2. The “growth” supposedly delivered in GDP has been widely at variance with the trend in material prosperity. Since 2000, extreme and worsening disequilibrium has emerged between the “financial” and the underlying “real” economies, reaching a point at which financial fracture has become inescapable...

..For those who understand what’s really happening, having this knowledge can be positive, as we look ahead to what the corporations and governments of the future will look like.

Credit Card Debt Jumps To New All-Time High, As Card Rates Rise To New Record

  Charles Hugh Smith,  Global Recession's Winners and Losers
The few winners of global recession will use the decline as a means to break the chokehold of unproductive BAU [business as usual] elites. 
 That the global economy is slipping into recession is self-evident. What's not yet known is the eventual depth and length of the recession. Given that the extreme policies needed to avoid recession over the past 15 years have reached extremes that are now the problem, not the solution, there won't be any more fiscal-monetary "saves" this time around.
  What's also not yet known is how far the few winners will advance and how far the losers will fall.,,
..Those nations / alliances that weather a deep, lengthy global recession with modest losses will be much stronger post-recession than those who suffered losses that cannot be replaced that then tipped the nation into destabilization and eventual collapse..
..I have long held that in this sense, recession can be weaponized by those with superior core assets in resources, flexibility and adaptability: Weaponizing Global Depression (2/23/23).
  Every nation can print money, but the trick is to be able to do so without unleashing currency debasement / hyper-inflation. There are only a few levers that can be pulled to get away with printing money out of thin air to support one's economy in recession, and none are easy to sustain...
..You see the problem: it's impossible to broaden one's economic base and establish trust overnight. It takes years or even decades to establish liquid, trustworthy markets that remain trustworthy even as political winds shift.
  Those nations that have broad economic bases and trustworthy financial systems are few, and their choice is simple: either squander this collateral by using the newly issued money to prop up unproductive, rentier BAU (business as usual) elites, monopolies and cartels, or use the recession to divert resources and money away from dead-weight BAU and invest it productively.
  Those nations that create money to prop up rentier BAU will slide into potentially terminal stagflation as creating new money and giving it to unproductive monopolies, cartels and elites increases the supply of money available to "invest" in asset bubbles--unproductive elites outbidding each other for the pool of productive assets--without increasing the productivity of the economy. This deflates the value of the currency (what we call inflation) even as it guarantees systemic malinvestment that keeps growth of productivity stagnant.

  The trick is to use the newly created money wisely, which requires limiting the greed and power of BAU elites--something few nations (if any) can manage, as the BAU elites put their own interests above the interests of the nation and its citizenry...
..The story of civilization is BAU elites will do everything in their power to maintain the status quo as it is because this configuration is the source of their wealth and power. Given the power of their self-interest, this configuration is brittle and thus prone to cracking in unpredictable ways.
  To survive challenges like deep, lengthy recessions, nations must have the structural flexibility to enable competing elites to replace the BAU elites whose exploitive, unproductive grip has fatally weakened the nation's social, political and economic orders.  
["You are here", or not. We'll try.]

  Was Nuland Fired for Her Role in the Ukraine Debacle?
  Victoria Nuland is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced diplomats in the entire State Department, but –even so– they are throwing her under the bus during a time of extreme crisis because she failed in the biggest and most important assignment of her 35-year career. Isn’t that what they’re saying?
  It is. You can be 100% certain that a combative street-fighter like Nuland would never throw in the towel unless she was explicitly ordered to leave.
  And, perhaps, she might have held-on to her job if there was any sign of progress in the war, but there isn’t any sign of progress. It’s as hopeless and dire a situation as we have ever seen.
  Even as we speak– the Ukrainian front lines are collapsing while the body count continues to rise. Ukraine is out-gunned, out-manned, and out-led...
..In any event, we think that Nuland’s retirement is anything but voluntary. We think that she’s being terminated by foreign policy elites who no longer believe in her blustery rhetoric and empty promises of beating Putin. By removing Nuland they are acknowledging that the proxy-war has failed and that a different strategy is needed. And while we don’t yet know what that policy-change will entail, we do know that Nuland won’t be involved in its implementation...
..Her replacement is former ambassador John Bass who oversaw the most excellent and well planned withdrawal from Afghanistan a few summers ago. It could simply be rats jumping off sinking ships. Tori was a key player in the bloody and corrupt Ukraine-Biden nexus; one hopes her sudden departure is more significant than just one big nasty murderous rat diving into the deep– may she lead the way for the rest of the neocon mischief...
..One final comment: In a February 22, 2024 interview at the prestigious Center for Strategic and International Studies, Nuland was asked the following question:
Q: “…if Congress doesn’t act (to provide additional funding for Ukraine)… is there a Plan B? Is the administration thinking about how it could get aid to Ukraine? Is there a way to get aid to Ukraine without Congress actually allocating the funding to do so?
Nuland: Max, we’re on Plan A. We’re on Plan A. And, frankly, you know, the U.S. Senate just passed this bill with 70 votes. So that tells you that the American people strongly support continuing to help Ukraine, in Ukraine’s interest but also in our own interest. So I think the question, as the House of Representatives goes out into its districts, what message are constituents giving to their members of Congress? And how are members of Congress understanding what the world looks like, and how they’re going to have to answer if they don’t support this funding? So I am an optimist on this front. I think we will get there. But I think the American people need to speak strongly to their members. Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland: The Two-Year Anniversary of Russia’s Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine, CSIS Center for Strategic and International Studies
  Did you hear what she said? There is no Plan B. Either the US prevails in its proxy-war with Russia or what? Chaos? A Russian takeover of all Ukraine? The dissolution of NATO?
  This is not the type of response that powerful foreign policy elites (who attended the interview) want to hear. They know that Ukraine is not winning the war, just like they know that Ukraine’s chances of success are extremely poor unless they get more money, more troops and more firepower, all of which are now seriously in doubt. They also know that the State Department has not convened any back-channel negotiations with Russia, so there’s no possibility of a surprise settlement either. And, now Nuland is telling them that neither she nor her colleagues have formulated a back-up plan in the event the war doesn’t turn out as they had anticipated. No Plan B.

  John Helmer makes a statement and includes analysis from the Russian press.
  The reason for Nuland’s exit is either that she was forced out, principally by the Joint Chiefs of Staff  before she could do more damage to US military assets in Europe; or that she decided not to be in office when the Articles of Capitulation are signed between Kiev, Lvov, and Moscow.
  Nuland’s successor should scare ZelenskyBy  Dmitry Bavyrin
  US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland is retiring from the civil service. She was responsible for relations with Russia back in the days of the first Yeltsin government, but all-Russia fame came to her after the distribution of “cookies” on the Maidan. There are serious reasons why Nuland chose retirement, even though she was destined for the Secretary of State’s chair. And the President of Ukraine has reason to be apprehensive of the candidacy of her replacement.....The fact that Blinken himself announced the departure of his likely rival for the succession seems to indicate his desire to cut off her escape route and the opportunity to change her mind...
..It is unlikely that this fall is due to failures. There are many failures in Nuland’s career, primarily because she worked in the most difficult areas. It’s much more like escaping from a sinking ship, when the ship is the Joe Biden administration...
..Although Nuland is strongly associated with the Democratic Party of Obama and Biden, she is a nonpartisan diplomat – a career professional who remains in service regardless of who is  president. Nuland received her first non-bureaucratic position,  but an important public role as U.S. ambassador to NATO under Republican George W. Bush. It is very possible that her husband Robert Kagan, a political theorist, and concurrently a friend and like–minded associate of the entourage of both Bushes, the elder and the younger, contributed to this.
  His strong connection with the “neocons” – the most aggressive wing of the Republicans – still holds, although Kagan himself left the party on the arrival of President Trump, cursing him in every way...
..She will transfer the portfolio to John Bass,  another professional diplomat with similar views, whose track record, however, should make Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky wince. Bass is not a new clinician. More like a pathologist.
  He was the ambassador to Afghanistan when the Americans fled, leaving the country to the Taliban. And as ambassador to Georgia when Washington’s protégé Mikheil Saakashvili lost power. And also as ambassador to Turkey, when President Recep Erdogan, resisting an attempted military coup, conducted a large-scale purge of American agents and agents of influence.
  That is to say, the person who inherits all the Ukrainian problems from Nuland is not very fortunate, but he certainly knows how to destroy the evidence and seal the premises. But this is exactly what Nuland and Biden  need in Ukraine – also [Hunter] Biden Jr., whose greed and forgetfulness brought his father under impeachment, and the entire globalist elite which  fanned the conflagration of war in Eastern Europe could not curb it.

  President Biden Delivers The "Darkest, Most Un-American Speech Given By A President"
Whatever 'they' gave Biden, every American man, woman, and the other should be allowed to take it - though it seems the cocktail brings out 'dark Brandon'?
Biden's Speech:
Fund Ukraine.
Trump is threat to democracy and America itself.
Abortion is good.
American Economy is stronger than ever.
Inflation wasn't Biden's fault.
Illegals are Americans too.
Republicans are responsible for the border crisis.
Trump is bad.
Biden stands with trans-children.
J6 was the worst insurrection since the Civil War.

​Gilbert Doctorow presumes 2 choices, but not really. He protest-votes, himself, sometimes.
Trump and Biden: which liar will you vote for?

Biden is Hiding Weapons Shipments to Israel and Ignores Illegal West Bank Settlements , Mish Shedlock

  Moon of  Alabama , Finding The Right Words On Gaza
Wang Yi, the foreign minister of China, has found the right words to describe the ongoing genocide in Gaza:
  Chinese foreign minister calls war in Gaza a 'disgrace for civilisation' - AFP / Le Monde, Mar 3 2023
"It is a tragedy for humankind and a disgrace for civilization that today, in the 21st century, this humanitarian disaster cannot be stopped," Wang told journalists at a press conference.
  A disgrace for civilization is also anyone, starting with Joe Biden, who supports the slaughter of the people of Gaza.

  Netanyahu says Israel to expand Gaza hostilities to Rafah
  The Israeli military operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip will also affect the town of Rafah near the enclave's border with Egypt, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.
  "I want to tell you here today loud and clear: the Israel Defense Forces will continue to act against all Hamas battalions throughout the Gaza Strip, including Rafah, the last Hamas stronghold," the prime minister said to cheers at a cadet graduation ceremony at an IDF officers school.
  "Whoever tells us not to operate in Rafah is telling us to lose the war and that will not happen," the prime minister went on to say in a speech that was broadcast by the government press office.

​  Netanyahu Vows Israel Will Invade Rafah, Rejects ‘International Pressure’​  [This has been slated for Ramadan, March 10, in statements last month.]
The US is aware an invasion of Rafah would be 'catastrophic' for civilians but is not threatening any consequences for Israel

​Both in one week?  Report: Israel Sets March 15 as Deadline for ‘Broad War’ Against Lebanon , Aid groups urge immediate ceasefire on humanitarian grounds

​  'Israel' using starvation tactic in Gaza to destroy food system: UN
After an eight-day expedition to the south of the besieged strip, the deputy director of Handicap International - Humanity & Inclusion (HI) tells AFP he was still "stunned" at the worst situation he has seen in his life.

  Delegations Leave Cairo With No Gaza Ceasefire Progress, 'No Solution' In Sight
  The Hamas delegation has departed the Egyptian capital, with no progress made, and it is accusing Israel of thwarting truce attempts while also charging Tel Aviv with blocking humanitarian aid shipments to the Strip.
  Israel for its part didn't even send a delegation to Cairo and has only been engaged through intermediaries, after Prime Minister Netanyahu called Hamas' conditions "delusional" - particularly the request for Israel's military to withdraw all forces from Gaza.

  Biden Orders "Emergency Mission" To Build Port In Gaza For Aid Shipments
  Last weekend's airdrop by United States and Jordan included 66 bundles of aid containing 38,000 meals. Progressives have called this a "shimmering stunt". An op-ed in Mother Jones notes that "A very small NGO, Anera, does 150,000 meals a day. They do four times the amount of meals that the United States Air Force did, but every single day. The US Air Force had two drops in four days. A small NGO is effectively doing much better."...
.."A temporary pier will enable a massive increase in the amount of humanitarian assistance getting into Gaza every day," President Biden said, and called on Israel to "do its part" be letting more aid into the besieged territory while ensuring that "humanitarian workers aren't caught in the crossfire."  [er, intentionally ambushed] ...
..US soldiers are expected to construct the pier and launch it from aboard US Navy vessels offshore. Vice Adm Kevin Donegan, the most senior US Navy commander in the Middle East has said the plan is "absolutely executable" However, a senior US official has emphasized, "The current plan doesn't include any U.S. boots on the ground in Gaza."

  Serbian journalist and author Dragan Vujičić interviewed Thierry Meyssan for the daily Večernje Novosti. The interview focuses on the constants between the war in Kosovo (1998), that in Ukraine (2021) and the massacre in Gaza (2023).  Thanks Eleni.
  Thierry Meyssan: People in developed societies do not see the same things. Some watch television which only gives them information favorable to Israel, others get information via the internet and social networks. They cannot stand the massacre they are witnessing.
  Nobody knows in the West that Benjamin Netanyahu’s Jewish supremacists have a common history with the Ukrainian Banderists, the Straussians in the USA and the Muslim Brotherhood of Hamas.
  Netanyahu’s idol is the Ukrainian fascist Vladimir Zeev Jabotinsky, of whom his father was the private secretary. In 1922 Jabotinsky formed an alliance with Symon Petliura and Dmytro Dontsov. When these people massacred tens of thousands of Jews, the World Zionist Organization demanded an explanation from Jabotinsky, who was one of its administrators. He refused to answer and slammed the door.
  Dmytro Dontsov became Stephan Bandera’s mentor. Before World War II, these people made an alliance with the Nazis. During the War, Dontsov became an administrator of the Reinhard Heydrich Institute. He was one of the twenty or so people who oversaw the “final solution of the Jewish and Gypsy questions”.
  After the War, Bandera worked with the Muslim Brotherhood at Radio Free Europe in Munich.
For his part, Jabotinsky had allied himself with Benito Mussolini. He had created a fascist militia, the Betar, under the auspices of the Duce.
  At the start of the World War, Vladimir Jabotinsky and Benzion Netanyahu received the neoconservative philosopher Leo Strauss in New York.
  Their followers fought the British. After the war, they blew up the British headquarters in Palestine, assassinated the British Colonial Secretary and the UN special envoy, Count Folke Bernadotte.
  For their part, the Muslim Brotherhood created a Palestinian branch, Hamas, in 1987.

  It was probably the disciples of Leo Strauss who organized the September 11 attacks.

  All these people know each other, share the same ideas and work together. They have no use for Jews and Muslims, Serbs and Croats. They have no other ambition than political power and have no regard for human lives
..Thierry Meyssan: The International Court of Justice has aligned itself with the US State Department. It asked Israel not to commit genocide but is not forbidding “him” it to do so.
  Westerners have aligned themselves with the White House. They watch Palestinians die without flinching. They withdrew their funding from UNRWA so that they could starve without being massacred.
  To sow confusion, Western media attribute the October 7 operation to Hamas alone. It’s wrong. Islamic Jihad and the Marxist PFLP also participated. This was the first joint action by the different factions of the Palestinian Resistance in fifteen years.
  It is difficult to understand, but Hamas is divided in two: on one side the leaders loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Anglo-Saxons, on the other those who joined the Palestinian Resistance. The former fought with the Israelis against the Syrian Arab Republic, while the latter reconciled with President Basher al-Assad last year. The first are terrorists, the second Resistance fighters.
  Benjamin Netanyahu knew at least a year in advance that Hamas was preparing the October 7 operation. Not only did he do nothing to prevent it, but also, during the summer, he fired his defense minister who asked too many questions. On October 6, Netanyahu allowed the men guarding the Gaza border to abandon their posts and leave to celebrate a religious holiday. Obviously, the historic current of Hamas and Benjamin Netanyahu jointly organized the attack of October 7, of which the Jewish opposition on the (kibbutzs) kibbutz was the main victim...
..Thierry Meyssan: I don’t think we will ever be able to repair our crimes. The most we can do is build, finally, a world based on Law. This was already the objective of Tsar Nicholas II and the Frenchman Léon Bourgeois (Nobel Peace Prize winner) before the First World War.
  This is what President Vladimir Putin is striving for today: a world where everyone respects their own signature and is responsible for their actions before public opinion...
..Thierry Meyssan: Today’s world is cruel and dangerous. We are seeing wars in Ukraine and Gaza. But men suffer just as much in Sudan and Haiti. We will not know peace as long as we continue to lie.

  The ideology of war in Ukraine and Israel  by Thierry Meyssan
  The wars in Ukraine and Gaza are more similar than you might think, at least if you know their histories. The Ukrainian war didn’t start with the Russian military operation, but with the massacres in the Donbass, while the Gaza war didn’t start with the Al-Aqsa deluge, but 75 years earlier with the Nakhba. In the long term, those responsible for both wars share the same ideology...
..Perhaps the first function of collective blindness is to erase our previous crimes: it was the "democracies" of the United States and members of the European Union who organized the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected president, Viktor Yanukovych, in 2014. It was Germany and France that signed the Minsk Accords to guarantee peace for Ukrainians in Donbass (2015), but never intended to implement them and, according to the confessions of Chancellor Angela Merkel and President François Hollande, used them to arm Ukraine against Russia...
..Similarly, it is the "greatest democracy in the Middle East", Israel, which has stolen, metre by metre, by occupation and nibbling, most of the Palestinian Territories established by Security Council resolution 181 (1947).
  Or maybe it’s the other way round: our collective blindness is perhaps designed to enable us to perpetrate our next crimes.

  Ukraine war and Western system's fatal flaw , Alex Krainer 
The undiagnosed malignancy at the core of our system is now out in the open view
  After two years of Russia's Special Military Operation, it is now clear that Russia is winning and that Ukraine is now well and truly broken. This is all in spite of the nuclear, all-out trade sanctions against Russia and the full support for Ukraine from her western allies, both in terms of financial, humanitarian and military aid. NATO has practically disarmed itself to provide weapons and ammunition to Ukraine...
..Edward Luce referred to a 2011 strategy session held at the National Defense University by 16 high-ranking US military officers. They concluded as follows:
  "The window on America's hegemony is closing. We are at a point right now where we still have choices. By 2021, we will no longer have choices. ... The US is way too dependent on its military and should sharply reduce its 'global footprint' by winding up all wars, notably in Afghanistan, and by closing peacetime military bases in Germany, South Korea, the UK and elsewhere... All this is a means to an end, which is to restore America's economic vitality. ... Our #1 goal should be to restore America's prosperity. As such, we recommend the Pentagon shrink its budget by at least 20% ... most of the savings would be spent on civilian priorities such as the infrastructure, education and foreign aid. ... Nobody here thinks the politics in this town are going to change overnight; all we're saying is that we're in trouble if they don't. This isn't about ideology; it is about understanding where we are as a country....
..Of course, the warning was ignored and no course correction was allowed. The malignancy consumed America’s prosperity to pursue self-destructive military misadventures around the world. In nature, these types of malignancies deplete and kill their own hosts. It is now becoming clear to an increasing number of people in the West that this is our societies’ trajectory and that our owner classes only know one way to tackle complex challenges: by pressing ever harder on the accelerator pedal...
..For the rest of us, we really are going to have to build back better from the ruins they leave behind. Only, we must do it in a very different way from the one they planned for us. This must be the dawn for thinking, creativity and coming together in love and faith in ourselves. I’d leave it at this, but the question often crops up: what can we do?
  Learn the truth and speak it - openly and boldly. Reject fear and the lies they are lobbing our way. Refuse to entertain any idea that we have to go and fight some external enemy in order to set our world straight. It’s as Napoleon Bonaparte put it: wars happen when your government tells you who the enemy is. Revolutions happen when you figure it out for yourself.

  The Biden administration has been accused by the House Judiciary Committee and its Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government of conducting unlawful “broad” surveillance of citizens’ private financial data without a warrant and with no evidence of any crimes being committed by the individuals...
..According to the report, federal law enforcement, including the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and the FBI, colluded with large financial institutions in the United States, such as Barclays, U.S. Bank, Charles Schwab, HSBC, Bank of America, PayPal, and many others in what boiled down to a “fishing expedition for Americans’ financial data.”
  “Tactics included keyword filtering of transactions, targeting terms like MAGA and TRUMP, as well as purchases of books, religious texts, firearms-related items, and recreational stores, like Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shop, and Dick’s Sporting Goods,” the report said.
“This surveillance extended beyond criminal suspicion, likely encompassing millions of Americans with conservative viewpoints or Second Amendment interests.”

  On Thursday morning, electric utility Xcel Energy stated, "Our facilities appear to have been involved in an ignition" of the worst wildfire in Texas history.
  Xcel said it has been cooperating with investigations about the wildfire and has launched its own review of the incident. However, the company denied claims "that it acted negligently in maintaining and operating its infrastructure."

​  This is what has happened to medicine. It is all compliance through computers, filling in forms, waiting for crashed software to reload. 
Problem-solving skills are directed to the parasitic system, not to provision of care.
​  Doctors Offices Are Now Charging Administrative Fees
As if the cost of healthcare rising wasn't enough on its own, some doctors offices are now charging their patients for administrative tasks, according to a new report from Fox News.​ Doctors say administrative tasks are "taking more time away from patient care", according to the article, which they say hurts their bottom line.

​  Peter McCullough MD ,  Role of Vitamin D in the Prevention of COVID-19  (Reduced risk of catching COVID, fewer hospitalizations, fewer deaths.)
Meta-Analysis Confirms Favorable Role Overlooked by Medical Orthodoxy

​  This is the same study that Pierre Kory MD referenced as trying very hard to fail to find benefit, but still found benefit, which was obscured in every possible way, and claimed to "not be of benefit" in the abstract, though the raw data clearly showed benefit.

​  People Who Received Ivermectin Were Better Off, Study Finds
The time to self-reported recovery was a median of two days faster among the ivermectin recipients, according to the large UK study.
​  The quicker recovery period was statistically significant.
​  People who received ivermectin were also less likely to be hospitalized or die, with 1.6 percent of ivermectin recipients being hospitalized or dying versus 4 percent of the comparison group, which received typical care, which in the UK is largely focused on managing symptoms.
​  Ivermectin recipients also enjoyed a reduction of severe symptoms and sustained recovery, according to the study.

​  Is it Long COVID or Long Vax? Does the Government want to Know?
In a new Op-ed in The Hill, Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik call on health agencies to study these emerging diseases
​  Dr. Harlan Krumholz at the Yale School of Medicine published a survey of 241 patients who described post-COVID vaccination symptoms of exercise intolerance, excessive fatigue, numbness, brain fog and neuropathy, a nervous system disorder that can cause pain, tingling sensations, numbness or weakness. Long COVID patients were excluded from the study, which is now undergoing peer review.  
​  The concern is that our findings, Krumholz’s study, and any reports of adverse events from COVID-19 vaccination, will be subject to the same institutional censorship we saw throughout the pandemic.

​  RSV Vaccines May Increase Risk Of Rare Neurological Condition​  [Rapidly Paralyzing neurologic disease]
​  In a Feb. 29 meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, health officials presented data that appears to show a slightly elevated rate of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) among people who received RSV vaccines by Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

​  New Bill Would Strip COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturers Of Liability Protection​  (They are not "vaccines", but "bioweapon countermeasures" by DoD contracts.)
​  The bill, proposed by Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), would retroactively remove protections from the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) for COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers.
​  “No federal law ... may make the manufacturer of a COVID-19 vaccine immune from suit or liability, or limit the liability of such a manufacturer, with respect to claims for loss caused by, arising out of, relating to, or resulting from the administration to or the use by an individual of a COVID–19 vaccine,” the bill states.

Uncountermeasured​ (pictured with Jenny in Austin veggie garden as fig tree grow leaves)

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