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Invisible Hand Revealed

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  Eleni sent this (Victoria Nuland's hand still at work?): New batch of ex-ISIS members transferred from Syria to Ukraine: Report
Since the start of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine, hundreds of members of Al-Qaeda and ISIS have reportedly been transferred to fight in Ukraine
​  Since early March, the foreign intelligence service of Russia (SVR RF) has issued warnings that the US and NATO are providing ISIS fighters from Syria with special training at the US army’s Al-Tanf military base in Syria, and then sending them to Ukraine.
​  The SVR statement detailed the history of the secret operation they uncovered, saying: “At the end of 2021, the US released from prison … several dozen Daesh terrorists, including citizens of Russia and CIS countries. These individuals were sent to the US-controlled Al-Tanf base, where they underwent special training in subversive and terrorist warfare methods with a focus on the Donbass region.”

​  Pepe Escobar, The Nuland – Budanov – Tajik – Crocus connection
..January 31: Victoria Nuland travels to Kiev and meets Budanov. Then, in a dodgy press conference at night in the middle of an empty street, she promises “nasty surprises” to Putin: code for asymmetric war...
..Privileged scenario: Nuland was a key dirty ops plotter alongside the CIA and the Ukrainian GUR (Budanov)Rival Deep State factions got hold of it and maneuvered to “terminate” her one way or another – because Russian intel would have inevitably connected the dots.
  Yet Nuland, in fact, is not “retired” yet; she’s still presented as Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs and showed up recently in Rome for a G7-related meeting, although her new job, in theory, seems to be at Columbia University (a Hillary Clinton maneuver).  
[Nuland is still listed as current on State Dept. website today.]
  Meanwhile, the assets for a major “nasty surprise” are already in place, in the dark, and totally off radar. The op cannot be called off...

​..The Budanov connection is betrayed by the modus operandi – similar to previous Ukraine intel terror attacks against Daria Dugina and Vladimir Tatarsky: close reconnaissance for days, even weeks; the hit; and then a dash for the border.
​  And that brings us to the Tajik connection.
​  There seem to be holes aplenty in the narrative concocted by the ragged bunch turned mass killers: following an Islamist preacher on Telegram; offered what was later established as a puny 500 thousand rubles (roughly $4,500) for the four of them to shoot random people in a concert hall; sent half of the funds via Telegram; directed to a weapons cache where they find AK-12s and hand grenades.
​  The videos show that they used the machine guns like pros; shots were accurate, short bursts or single fire; no panic whatsoevereffective use of hand grenadesfleeing the scene in a flash, just melting away, almost in time to catch the “window” that would take them across the border to Ukraine...
..A potential handler has surfaced, named Abdullo Buriyev. Turkish intel had earlier identified him as a handler for ISIS-K, or Wilayat Khorasan in Afghanistan. One of the members of the Crocus commando told the FSB their “acquaintance” Abdullo helped them to buy the car for the op.
​  And that leads us to the massive can of worms to end them all: ISIS-K.
​  The alleged emir of ISIS-K, since 2020, is an Afghan Tajik, Sanaullah Ghafari. He was not killed in Afghanistan in June 2023, as the Americans were spinning: he may be currently holed up in Balochistan in Pakistan.
​  Yet the real person of interest here is not Tajik Ghafari but Chechen Abdul Hakim al-Shishani, the former leader of the jihadi outfit Ajnad al-Kavkaz (“Soldiers of the Caucasus”), who was fighting against the government in Damascus in Idlib and then escaped to Ukraine because of a crackdown by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) – in another one of those classic inter-jihadi squabbles.
​  Shishani was spotted on the border near Belgorod during the recent attack concocted by Ukrainian intel inside Russia. Call it another vector of the “nasty surprises”.

​  Shishani had been in Ukraine for over two years and has acquired citizenship. He is in fact the sterling connection between the nasty motley crue Idlib gangs in Syria and GUR in Kiev – as his Chechens worked closely with Jabhat al-Nusra, which was virtually indistinguishable from ISIS.
​  Shishani, fiercely anti-Assad, anti-Putin and anti-Kadyrov, is the classic “moderate rebel” advertised for years as a “freedom fighter” by the CIA and the Pentagon.
​  Some of the four hapless Tajiks seem to have followed ideological/religious indoctrination on the internet dispensed by Wilayat Khorasan, or ISIS-K, in a chat room called Rahnamo ba Khuroson.​..
..The problem is the ISIS-K modus operandi for any attack never features a fistful of dollars: the promise is Paradise via martyrdom. Yet in this case it seems it’s Khurosoni himself who has approved the 500 thousand ruble reward...
..Ukrainian intel, SBU and GUR, have been using the “Islamic” terror galaxy as they please since the first Chechnya war in the mid-1990s. Miley and Nuland of course knew it, as there were serious rifts in the past, for instance, between GUR and the CIA.​..
..GUR routinely aims to recruit ISIS and ISIS-K denizens via online chat rooms. Exactly the modus operandi that led to Crocus.
​  One “Azan” association, founded in 2017 by Anvar Derkach, a member of the Hizb ut-Tahrir, actually facilitates terrorist life in Ukraine, Tatars from Crimea included – from lodging to juridical assistance...
..Crocus was planned by pros – and certainly not by a bunch of low-IQ Tajik dregs. Not by ISIS-K, but by GUR. A classic false flag, with the clueless Tajiks under the impression that they were working for ISIS-K...
..The FSB is right in the middle of the painstaking process of cracking most, if not all ISIS-K-CIA/MI6 connections. Once it’s all established, there will be hell to pay...​ 
​..The FSB and the Kremlin will be very careful when it comes to directly accusing the CIA and MI6 of managing these networks.
​  But even with plausible deniability, the Crocus investigation seems to be leading exactly to where Moscow wants it: uncovering the crucial middleman. And everything seems to be pointing to Budanov and his goons.

​  A "Black Swan Event" - General Flynn Raises Questions About Baltimore Bridge Collapse​ [The sudden changes in direction with the ​ship's power outages are weird.]
​  "Can we take the idea that this [Baltimore bridge collapse] was a terrorist attack off the table ... and absolutely we cannot do that," President Trump's former national security adviser (and retired lieutenant general) Michael Flynn told Alex Jones in an online interview.
​  Flynn called the container ship ramming the 1.6-mile-long bridge mile bridge at the Port of Baltimore a "black swan" event.
Meanwhile, the White House and federal government agencies have been quick to declare this was not a terror attack.​..
..The bulk of claims from the March 26 Baltimore bridge collapse will likely fall on reinsurers. The ship has about $3 billion of reinsurance coverage over a $100 million retention. Chubb is reported to be the lead insurer on the bridge's property cover but might recover losses paid. We note it's still early, and this will be a complex loss.​..
..The current issue revolves around an emerging disruption in mid-Atlantic supply chains. The major East Coast port is now paralyzed due to the mangled bridge blocking the only shipping lane in and out of the harbor.
​  Bloomberg reports that the US automotive supply chain will be disrupted. Data shows that Mazda Motor and Mercedes Benz, Subaru of America, Mitsubishi Motors of North America, and Volkswagen Group have the most exposure to the port.​..
..The supply chain snarls have sent major logistics companies scrambling across the US East Coast on Tuesday afternoon.
​  "Our first priority is engaging clients to make plans for containers that were originally routed to Baltimore that will be discharged at other ports on the Eastern Seaboard," Paul Brashier, vice president of drayage and intermodal for ITS Logistics, told CNBC.​ "These diverted volumes will impact the ports of New York/New Jersey, Norfolk and the Southeast and we have to prepare trucking and transload capacity to get that freight to its intended network​."

UN Security Council demands immediate Gaza ceasefire as US abstains​  ["Demands" and "Calls For" mean different things. See below.]
UNSC calls for a ‘lasting, sustainable ceasefire’ in Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza and the release of all captives.
​..Russian Ambassador Vasily Alekseyevich Nebenzya said his country hopes Monday’s resolution will be used in the “interests of peace” rather than advancing the “inhumane Israeli operation against Palestinians”.
​  “It is of fundamental importance that the UN Security Council, for the first time, is demanding the parties observe an immediate ceasefire, even if it is limited to the month of Ramadan,” he said. “Unfortunately, what happens after that ends remains unclear.”
​  Russia tried to push for the use of the word “permanent” in regards to the ceasefire. It had complained that dropping the word could allow Israel “to resume its military operation in the Gaza Strip at any moment” after Ramadan, which ends on April 9.
​  “We are disappointed that it did not make it through,” Nebenzya said.
  Moon of Alabama,  New York Times Misreports Gaza UNSC Resolution
​  To no ones surprise the very same New York Times which relied on lying witnesses to falsely claim that Hamas had raped Israeli women is also lying about a ceasefire resolution for Gaza that yesterday passed the United Nations Security Council.
​  "
U.N. Security Council Calls for Immediate Cease-Fire in Gaza as U.S. Abstains​"
​  The United Nations Security Council on Monday passed a resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire in the Gaza Strip during the remaining weeks of Ramadan, breaking a five-month impasse during which the United States vetoed three calls for a halt to the fighting.
​  The resolution passed with 14 votes in favor and the United States abstaining, which U.S. officials said they did in part because the resolution did not condemn Hamas. In addition to a cease-fire, the resolution also called for the “immediate and unconditional release of all hostages” and the lifting of “all barriers to the provision of humanitarian assistance.”
​  UNSC resolutions are legally binding documents under international law. They therefore use a very specific language. If the UNSC 'calls upon' someone to do something it is the legal equivalent of asking 'pretty please'. It has no real consequences.
​  However, UNSC Resolution 2728 which passed yesterday on a 14 to 0 vote with the U.S. abstaining, does not 'call upon' Israel or Hamas to do this or that.
​  It demands them to do something:
The Security Council​:
​  1. Demands an immediate ceasefire for the month of Ramadan respected by all parties leading to a lasting sustainable ceasefire, and also demands the immediate and unconditional release of all hostagesas well as ensuring humanitarian access to address their medical and other humanitarian needs, and further demands that the parties comply with their obligations under international law in relation to all persons they detain;
​  2. Emphasizes the urgent need to expand the flow of humanitarian assistance to and reinforce the protection of civilians in the entire Gaza Strip and reiterates its demand for the lifting of all barriers to the provision of humanitarian assistance at scale, in line with international humanitarian law as well as resolutions 2712 (2023) and 2720 (2023); ...
​..Soon after the resolution passed the U.S. falsely claimed that it is not legally binding...
..By using the 'calls for' wording instead of the 'demand' used in the real resolution the New York Times is deceiving its readers about the obligations the resolution created.
The Washington Post is, in comparison, using the correct language:
​  The latest resolution, demanding an end to fighting during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and the release of all hostages, was backed by 14 nations including China and Russia. The United States abstained, allowing it to pass.
​  While the language is correct even the Washington Post report is still a bit deceiving. The U.S. and Israel have tried to combine the two issues of a ceasefire and of a hostage release into one issues. The ceasefire would depend on the hostage release and vice versa.
​  But the UNSC resolution has explicitly separated those issues into two different demands and has added the immediate provision of food as another one.
It demand​s that both sides cease fire. It demands that both sides release hostages. It does not connect the two items.

​  ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 172:  Israel continues raids on Gaza hospitals following UNSC ceasefire resolution
The UN Security Council finally passed a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, with the U.S. abstaining from a vote. Netanyahu, however, has vowed to continue the war, with Israeli forces currently attacking two major hospitals in Gaza.

​  ‘Kill Them All’: Inside the Israeli Blockade on Gaza Aid
​  Setting out on a bus caravan through illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, Loffredo arrives at the Kerem Shalom crossing to Gaza, filming Israeli citizens as they physically block trucks loaded with flour and other essential goods. There, a reservist who served in the military assault on Gaza confesses to an array of war crimes, including blowing up the offices of UN centers dedicated to providing food to the local population.
​  Loffredo then joins nationalists on a march toward Gaza, where they hope to establish new settlements after the population is violently driven out.

​  Trump Says Israel Has To ‘Finish the War’ Because It’s ‘Losing a Lot of Support’
The former president said Israel made a 'big mistake' by broadcasting images and videos of the destruction in Gaza​  
[Any other "mistakes", Sir?]

  ​I can't tell why he did this. Everything about Nicole Shanahan screams  "Dan Quayle as a Girl". The way the camera catches her makes the poster behind her read "TART".
RFK Jr Picks Nicole Shanahan As VP, May Seek Libertarian Nomination
​  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has picked Nicole Shanahan, a California-based attorney who was previously married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin, as his running mate for his long-shot presidential bid, according to people familiar with the decision.​..
..Shanahan, a political novice, was thrust into the spotlight over her public split with Brin amid a brief alleged affair she had with Elon Musk in 2021 that ruptured the billionaires’ long friendship, The Wall Street Journal reported.
​  After the article published, Musk denied the allegations and Shanahan later followed suit.
It isn’t clear yet whether Shanahan plans to assist by tapping into her own wealth.​ The Kennedy campaign declined to comment.

​  Meryl Nass MD presents fresh news on the WHO amendments to the International Health Regulations:
Slovakia also rejected the 2022 IHR amendments!!! Proof.
​  This is from an official reply which I translated using google translate. No more deadly vaccine mandates.
New Zealand, Netherlands, Slovakia and Iran rejected all or part of the 2022 amendments offered by the USA. How many others did so quietly as well?
​  The US then tried a new tackpretending the new amendments and pandemic treaty were a project of the entire WHA​ 
[World Health Assembly], while the bought-and-paid-for members/staff of the Secretariat and Bureau shaped the documents according to the desires of the globalists. And now they want everyone to believe this fake effort to save us from lab-generated pandemics is a global necessity, instead of a globalists’ wet dream.

​  Stephane Bancel: Cancer is listed in the PATENT as an outcome of contamination with DNA Fragments
Ergo here is your oncogenic activation and their legal proof of knowledge
​  The applicant of the below patent is Moderna Therapeutics. One of the inventors is Stephane Bancel. It is titled "Removal of DNA fragments in mRNA production process”.​..
​..The Patent Reads: "The DNA template used in the mRNA manufacturing process must be removed to ensure the efficacy of therapeutics and safety, because residual DNA in drug products may induce activation of the innate response and has the potential to be ONCOGENIC in patient populations.”

​(17 minutes of clear explanations, with good videos of chemtrails being laid out by large military transport planes)  Thanks Frank.
Douglas Macgregor and Dane Wigington Part 2 - GeoEngineering

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