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Lying Poorly

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  The current stage of play on the human global chessboard is that net oil extraction peaked in November 2018, and that is the economy, or a better marker for it than equity markets and financial statistics. This is known in the halls of power, but not spoken. Various control narratives, like Global Warming, COVID and War are being overlaid. People are being turned against each other, as are nations, so that the shadowy-puppet-masters can maintain their "ownership" of the means of production, and control over the people of our fair planet.

The Honest Sorcerer, Meet The Gator: Growing Energy Demand 
 The problem is, that a significant portion of oil produced in the US for example distills into motor gasoline, which cannot be used to drive heavy machinery or turned into any other fuelAnother good chunk of a barrel of oil goes into making plastics, lubricants, asphalt and a countless other chemicals… So if you consider that only 12 gallons of diesel (corresponding to 1.66 million Btu) can made from a 42 gallon barrel (containing 5.8 million Btu), then you realize that only 29% of the energy contained in a barrel of oil can be actually used to power the economy of goods and services. And now, with oil extraction taking 25% of that barrel’s energy to maintain, the economic gain of adding an additional barrel of capacity shrinks to a mere 4% — entirely eaten up by refineries distilling oil into fuels.
  So, purely in terms of mathematics, we are already in a dead state, “where the [global energy] system is in complete equilibrium with its surroundings, making it incapable of performing work” — i.e. no amount of surplus energy can be extracted from it. In case you were wondering why the economy appears to be at a standstill (or in an outright decline in some places), look no further for an answer. We are already producing just enough diesel to keep replacing existing infrastructure and lost oil and mineral extraction to depletion, with barely anything left to expand the production of commodities with.

  US insists UN resolution calling for Gaza ceasefire will have “no impact at all”   ("So who's gonna' make me?")
  Biden administration officials made it clear that they allowed the resolution to pass because it is “non-binding” and will have “no impact at all” as the US continues to arm and support Israel’s genocide in Gaza.
  The resolution declares that the Security Council “demands an immediate ceasefire for the month of Ramadan, respected by all parties, leading to a lasting sustainable ceasefire, and also demands the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages.”... 
["All" appears to mean Israeli "detainees", also.]
..Israel canceled a planned delegation to the White House, which was to discuss the Rafah situationThe White House has called this an "overreaction" on Israel's part. Israeli leaders have continued to signal that a Rafah ground operation is imminent, even as the US and other allies have warned against it at least until civilians can be moved from harm's way.

  US wants war on Gaza to continue, Biden-Netanyahu dispute 'theatrical'
The deputy chief of the Islamic Jihad Resistance movement tells Al Mayadeen that the US-Israeli relationship is strategic and extends beyond that between Biden and Netanyahu.

  Another Israeli soldier admits to implementing the ‘Hannibal Directive’ on October 7
Captain Bar Zonshein recounts firing tank shells on vehicles carrying Israeli civilians on October 7. "I decide that this is the right decision, that it's better to stop the abduction and that they not be taken," he told Israeli media outlets.

WAR CRIME: IDF destroys main surgical wing of Al-Shifa Hospital, sabotaging ceasefire negotiations

Israel Unleashes Major Airstrikes On Syria & Deep Inside Lebanon

  ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 173:  Israel continues attacking Gaza’s hospitals, kills 7 people in Lebanon
Following the UN Security Council ceasefire resolution, Israel continued its attacks on Gaza hospitals, killing 76 Palestinians across the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, in southern Lebanon, Israel killed 7 Lebanese people during cross-border fighting.

  18 Killed In Gaza Trying To Reach Aid As Pentagon Vows More Airdrops
So far the Pentagon has delivered at least 17 airdrops of nearly 500,000 meals, but the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry has said that just on Monday alone 18 people died trying to desperately access the aid, much of which landed in the sea.

  Scott Ritter explains that the Moscow mercenary assassins made the mistake of swearing an oath to Allah with their left ("unclean") hands, proving that they were bad actors.
True North. Krasnogorsk Mass Murder.
  The attackers posted a photograph of them reciting the Shahada, or Islamic oath and creed (“I bear witness that there is no deity but God, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God”) which, if made sincerely, is all that is required to be identified as a Muslim in the eyes of God. While Islamic scholars note that it is only necessary to recite the words, for jihadists reciting Shahada accompanied by a raised right index finger, has become de riguere—Osama Bin Laden delivered it in this fashion, as did Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the founder of the Islamic State.
  Shahada is a ritual, and those who make Shahada must understand its importance for it to have any meaning. As such, if one incorporates the raising of the right index finger as part of the Shahada ritual, it must be done piously. The use of the right hand is critical—in the Muslim faith, the right hand symbolizes all that is good, and the left is reserved for unclean acts: “No one among you should eat with his left hand or drink with it, for the shaytaan (devil) eats with his left hand and drinks with it.”  
  The four attackers delivered this oath by raising their left hands.
They also published this photograph with their faces blurred—they were shielding their identity.
  There can be no subterfuge when reciting Shahada—it is an oath made before God and in the eyes of men.
Moreover, the blurring of their faces indicated that the attackers intended to survive their mission.

  US, UK and Ukraine could be behind Moscow terror attack – FSB chief 139 people died and around 200 were injured in last Friday’s Crocus City Hall massacre
  Aleksandr Bortnikov told reporters on Tuesday that the authorities are currently trying to establish the identity of everyone involved in the attack, both inside and outside Russia.
When asked whether the US, Britain and Ukraine could be behind the terrorist attack, the FSB chief responded: “We think that this is so. In any case, we are now talking about the information that we have. This is general information, but they [investigators] also have concrete results.”

Gilbert Doctorow: Yesterday’s remarkable statements to journalists by Alexander Bortnikov, director of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB)
  The FSB today might be better compared with the FBI in the United States. It deals with domestic criminality of all kinds and with threats to Russian civilians such as terrorism. The agency and its head are rarely in the news...
..Bortnikov spent the past 15 years in his FSB offices out of sight.  However, the spectacular attack on the Crocus City Hall concert venue has propelled him to center stage and yesterday he met with the Russian state television journalist Pavel Zarubin for an interview and then allowed himself to be questioned further...
..What Bortnikov had to say was extraordinary and bears directly on whether you and I should now be looking for bomb shelters...
..Bortnikov is by definition a member of Vladimir Putin’s inner circle of advisors. He, Putin and Naryshkin are all roughly the same age...
..I was struck in particular by his poise and prudent, carefully weighed choice of words while setting out where the investigation is heading with transparency and a ‘let the chips fall where they may’ unaffected demeanor...
..The journalists were all probing the question of who stood behind the terror attackBortnikov told them…and usstanding behind the terror act committed by Islamist extremists are the United States, Great Britain and Ukraine.
  Bortnikov said that the preliminary findings indicate that the four perpetrators of the slaughter were headed by car to the border with Ukraine where they were awaited on the other side. He very calmly explained that the involvement of foreign powers is being clarified and that he will say nothing out of pure emotion now but will wait for the facts to be solidly collected before being presented.
  Nonetheless, it was entirely newsworthy that he named the United States, Great Britain and Ukraine as the likely puppet masters of the terror act. Let us remember that following the bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines, the most significant attack on critical civilian infrastructure globally in the last 50 years, Russian officials did not point the finger directly at any country. There was innuendo but no direct accusations... 
  A lot of new elements to the terror attack at Crocus City Hall were posted yesterday on the Russian state television news and analysis program Sixty Minutes. In particular, we learned that in the last days of February and first couple of days of March two of the four attackers were in Istanbul. The departure and arrival of one at a Moscow airport was recorded on video. We were told which hotels they stayed in, and the selfies and other photos taken by one in Istanbul were put up on the screen. It is still not clear with whom they met in Turkey. However, the timing itself is very important, because the point was made that they returned to Moscow to carry out a terror attack on 8 MarchInternational Women’s Day, a sacred date on the Russian calendar. Had they done so on that day, the effect would have been catastrophic for the presidential elections in Russia one week later.
  However, per Sixty Minutes, it was determined that Russian state security on 8 March was too tight for the terrorist mission to succeed and the United States decided to pull the plug on that operation. Note that this is approximately the time when Victoria Nuland tendered her resignation at the State Department (5 March).  The possible causal link here surely deserves attention by my peers in the U.S. ‘dissident’ community...
..The Ukrainians decided to proceed with the terror attack a week after the Russian presidential elections, when it lost most of its rationale.  They did so over the objections of Washington...
..In general, the mood of panelists and of the host Solovyov himself is now changing in a cardinal manner: Ukraine is seen as an enemy state and the sooner it is finished off the better. There was talk last night on the need for missile strikes to flatten the presidential palace in Kiev along with all military and other decision making government centers in the capital.
  As we have observed repeatedly over the past two years. President Putin has been a voice for moderation and restraint, resisting actions that might precipitate WWIII That is clearly coming to an end when his own FSB director names the United States and the UK as planners of the biggest terror attack in Russia in 20 years.

  Gilbert Doctorow explains the above and more in this (13 min) Indian TV interview: 
Moscow Terror Attack | Russian FSB says US, UK and Ukraine behind Moscow attack | What's the truth?

  In just thirteen minutes, four Kalashnikov rifles, knives, and plastic bottles of gasoline, discharged by four men,  were not enough to kill and injure so many people as have been accounted for to date in the Crocus City Hall attack in Moscow.
  More than half those examined so far in post-mortems “died as a result of the fire from exposure to high temperature and combustion products”, according to Alexander Bastrykin, the chief investigator in his public report to President Vladimir Putin on Monday night.  Post-mortems have yet to be reported for one-third of the 139 dead counted by Bastrykin; no analysis of the cause of injuries to 182 of the surviving casualties has been reported yet; 93 of them remain in hospital... 
..Yevgeny Krutikov, a writer with military intelligence sources, reported in Vzglyad: “It can be assumed that the weapons were stored in the terrorists’ cache for a long time and not too carefully – the machine guns sparkled during the shooting. This indicates damage to the barrel or breech (dirt got inside the barrel).”
  Recruitment of the shooters; pre-placement of weapons and ammunition; accommodation and advance payment to the gunmen;  purchase of the car they used; communications and coordination; exit undetected in the crowds escaping the building;  and the escape route to the Ukraine border through Bryansk region – the evidence of these details prepared over weeks and months indicate a much larger organization than the four shooters formed with seven others  already arrested and under interrogation.
  What they know and will tell is likely to reveal a sophisticated command-and-control system which knew how vulnerable the target was, how to maximize the killing in the shortest possible duration, and at the same time allow escape for the attackers – which is almost unprecedented
 in the recent history of mass terrorist attacks in Russia. .
  That’s to say, the command knew — the shooters and their accomplices didn’t. There was advance reconnoiter of the Crocus City Hall so that the shooters knew the route they followed inside the building and then out under cover of fire and smoke, which erupted faster than they were able to shoot almost half of their ammunition which they left behind.
  Did the command also know that Crocus City Hall and the surrounding mall were operating without adequate fire alarms, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, sprinklers, and emergency ventilation, none of which has been reported by eyewitnesses?  Was the building targeted because the command knew it was constructed without fire-resistant structural supports, allowing ceilings and roof to cave in, choking or crushing those beneath to death?
 ..For the time being, the only evidence connecting the four shooters to the Ukraine is the direction they were taking when their vehicle was stopped by the security forces. In a shootout the car overturned, and three of the gunmen fled into the forest beside the road, leaving one man injured in the car...
..What is evident so far, including from the line of Tajik accomplices now making formal appearances in a Moscow court, is the absence of ideology or religiosity of the radical Islamic type; and ignorance of  where their orders and money were coming from, and why. This non-evidence points to the Ukraine as strongly as the road the four shooters were taking when they were caught.  
  Their subsequent demeanour in brief videoclips after capture, in hospital, and in court confirms what the military blogger Boris Rozhin calls “dumb hysteria…behaviour [that is]  typical in a situation where the actions of terrorists do not have a deep ideological basis. This is the case of the Crocus gunmen, where the sole motivation is only money. Already in the moment of flight, the criminals realized what they had committed and, since the terrorist attack was not supported by ideology, the militants were seized with animal fear for their own lives. Therefore, during the interrogation, they are ready to tell everything, cry and so on, just to stay alive.”  
  The Russian intelligence agency investigations now under way, according to Krutikov, are tracing the “Telegram accounts through which the terrorists received instructions, including during their departure from the crime scene. Most likely, it is this branch which directly links the investigation with the Ukrainian direction due to the indication of a specific square at the border crossing.” ...
..Prosecutor-General Igor Krasnov said to Putin:  “These atrocities have a common goal – to intimidate people, to destroy the unity of our people. Their performers, customers and curators will inevitably be punished. That is why the most important task for Russia remains to achieve the goals of a special military operation.”  Putin had said the same thing the day before...
..Konstantin Malofeev (Malofeyev), owner of the Tsargrad media group in Moscow, has published several policy calls under the slogan, “the internal threat has turned out to be no less serious than the external one”...
..For the time being, there has been no impact of the Crocus attack and the Moscow media debate on the operational or strategic plans under way in the Ukraine. The intensification of the General Staff’s offensive along the line of contact in the Donbass; in the electric war against Kharkov and other cities east of the Dnieper River; and in the missile attacks on targets from Kiev to Lvov – reported here   — commenced before the Moscow events; they are continuing as planned.
  “Those in political command who have been favouring an outcome to the war that falls short of regime change in Kiev and extension of demilitarization to the Polish border,” observes a Moscow political source, “have lost their voice since Saturday night.”

​File under: "He who smelt it dealt it": Top U.S. Officials Warn of Major Terror Attack on America Following Moscow Massacre

Russia defying UN sanctions on North Korea – FT​ , Moscow has been reportedly exporting oil directly to Pyongyang despite a ban​  (Duh!)

MV Dali Hitting Key Bridge in Baltimore - Track and Video Analysis​ (The container ship had reversed thrust and was barely creeping forward when it hit. Fine analysis.)


Cat sent this 51 second video, pointing out flashes on the bridge structure, which could have been something like thermite charges. I'm not sure one way or the other.

​  Investigators Probe 'Dirty Fuel' In Baltimore Container Ship Disaster Amid Mid-Atlantic Supply Chain Crisis​ 
  Catastrophic supply chain snarls are materializing in the Mid-Atlantic area after a container ship rammed a 1.6-mile-long bridge at the Port of Baltimore, causing the bridge to collapse and paralyzing terminals along the port.
​  Before we shed more color on the worsening supply chain issues, a new Wall Street Journal report cites people familiar with the investigation into the crash as saying contaminated fuel could've contributed to the container ship "Dali" losing power.
​  According to a Coast Guard briefing report viewed by the WSJ, Dali's lights began to flicker about an hour after the ship began steaming down the marine channel out of the Baltimore Inner Harbor.
​  "The vessel went dead, no steering power and no electronics," said an officer aboard the ship.
"One of the engines coughed and then stopped. The smell of burned fuel was everywhere in the engine room, and it was pitch black," the officer said, adding that the vessel didn't have time to drop anchors before hitting the bridge. Minutes before the crash, officers on the ship issued a mayday call to the Coast Guard.
​  Fotis Pagoulatos, a naval architect in Athens, said contaminated fuel could seize up the ship's main power generators and result in a complete blackout and loss of propulsion.
​  During a press conference, Jennifer Homendy, chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, said an investigation is underway to review the vessel's operations and safety logs and black box recorders to determine what happened in the moments leading up to Baltimore's biggest industrial disaster in several generations.

What to know about the ripple effects of the Baltimore bridge collapse

​  Police Scotland to Stop Investigating Crimes While Enforcing New Anti-Free Speech Law
​  As it prepares to investigate every report it receives under the new Hate Crime Act, Police Scotland admits that a separate plan to stop investigating crimes like theft and criminal damage will help criminals.
​  A Police Scotland pilot in Aberdeen which was deemed a “success” means “more than 24,000 offences a year will no longer be allocated to a front-line officer.”
​  The body refused to tell the Telegraph which offences would not be investigated, asserting that it would provide criminals with a “tactical advantage”.

​Maybe before all of us who clearly remember that day finally die?  CIA Secrecy on JFK Points to Criminal Culpability , Jacob G. Hornberger

  Meryl Nass MD,  Louisiana's Senate just *UNANIMOUSLY* passed a bill that denies that any communication from the WHO, UN AND WEF may be used as a basis for action within the state!!!  Actually very similar to my model state resolution. WHAT a message this sends!

​  The Sovereignty Coalition/ Door to Freedom backgrounder for lawmakers on the proposed transformation of the WHO
Please read and share this brief but comprehensive summary of what is afoot widely

​  (Worse than Pfizer) People who receive Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine have a greater risk of developing chronic hives, according to researchers in Denmark.
The Danish Medicines Agency review of data from Denmark and the European Union validated a safety signal that arose for chronic hives, or chronic urticaria, and Moderna’s shot, the agency said on March 20.

​  Article: Are water cycles the missing piece of the climate crisis puzzle?
The most prestigious sources of climate “news” and “information” miss the biggest part of the puzzle. They are not even talking about the role of water cycles and ecosystems. Here’s why.

​  Putting the "Biotic Pump" mechanism back to work:  Thanks Rob de Laet.
Restoring the earth’s damaged temperature regulation is the fastest way out of the climate crisis. Cooling the planet with plants

Microclimate Engineer (pictured in vegetable garden microclimate)

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