Saturday, March 30, 2024

Sabotage Simplified

 Forensic Analysts,

  We are having a garden party today, and I am cooking and getting ready, but I watched this video last night as I was nodding off, which explains how the Dali could have been guided into the bridge pilings by just having rudder control and engines freeze at the right time, because of a specific cross current coming from the right as it approached the bridge, which it had to counter by steering right just before everything froze up.
  The Dali was traveling at 8 knots with no wind, and the tide going out from Baltimore Harbor, so there was a flow of current going out in the deeply cut channel beneath it, like a tailwind. As the Dali approached the bridge it crossed another deeply cut channel, coming from its right side, which facilitates ships coming out from another part of the broad harbor. The flow of current in this cut channel pushed the Dali to the left (port), so it had to steer right to go straight. The pilot set the rudders to steer it right, and the power went out, freezing the rudders. The Dali passed the channel with the side flow, still with frozen rudders, so it started to turn right. The power came on and went off again. Still heading right, towards the piling. The port (left side) anchor was dropped and dragged to pull the ship to the left, port side, away from the piling, but it was too late to do that. 
  This situation does not require extensive programming of navigation systems to override a pilot. This only requires freezing the controls of a ship, any big ship, as the tide is going out, causing the side current and the necessary steering correction at just the right moment, when the ship is counter-steering to the right.
  It is conceivable that some form of directed radio impulse or signal could be focused on the ship to shut down the electrical system and engine, and then sent again when those were started back up. This is exactly the kind of intervention to disable a ship which militaries study most intently. It would probably leave certain signatures. There are 2 minutes missing from the ship's recording "black box". That might be a fingerprint. There would be other fingerprints, but not something like hardware on board tied into the system. Any big ship coming that way at that time could have been weaponized by such a technique.

  The video is set to about 22 minutes, where the side current from the other channel explanation starts. The whole 31 minute video is carefully detailed.

Devious Mind (featuring image of dead rat snake in the road with no explanation)

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