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Mockery Of The Law

 Law Abiding Citizens,

  United States 'Mocking' International Law, Creating 'World of the Jungle'
Elijah Magnier slammed the US for its disavowal of the Security Council’s ceasefire resolution while also criticizing Israeli conduct in Gaza. "They know they are doing [war crimes]," said the analyst.
  "First of all the resolution was [drafted] with the word 'permanent' ceasefire, and then the Americans rejected the word 'permanent' and changed it with a 'lasting' ceasefire," explained Magnier. "And there's a big difference between a 'lasting' ceasefire and a 'permanent' ceasefire. A lasting ceasefire implies a cessation of hostility that is intended to be stable and enduring, but not necessarily to be part of a comprehensive peace agreement that addresses all the issues that the Israelis and the Palestinians have been fighting about since 1948."
  “It also requires a mechanism of verification of the ceasefire that has not been put in place,” he noted. “The Americans came out after the meeting of the Security Council with something so absurd by the US ambassador saying, 'well, this resolution is non-binding.'”...
..The Biden administration has taken pains to insist the United States’ relationship with Israel hasn’t changed in light of the UN resolution. But Magnier said such statements do great damage to the power and legitimacy of international law.
  "If you look at Article 25 of the UN charter, all members of the United Nations agreed to… accept and carry out the decision," said the journalist, noting that Security Council resolutions are intended to be binding and enforced by members. "Every single US official came out to say, 'oh, this is a non-binding resolution,' undermining international laws.".."When the United Nations Security Council is told by a permanent member, i.e., the US, that this binding resolution is non-binding, then we have a serious problem worldwide," he added.
  Israeli newspaper The Times of Israel crowed about the United States’ obstruction in an article published on Monday, writing, "it demonstrates the highly limited influence the UN has when weighing into conflicts around the world."...
.."The Israelis give a lot of importance for their image," said the reporter. "This is why when the United Nations is accusing Israel and asking for a ceasefire, that is a demand that the Israelis can ignore, but with consequences… But nothing is going to force the Israelis to implement a resolution when they have already disregarded 64 other United Nations resolutions agreed [to] by the Americans, not abstained by the Americans, in relation to Palestine, and they have never implemented."
The correspondent claimed the sadism and brutality of the Israeli military is unprecedented during his time as a journalist...
  "In my field experience, with 35 years of war, I have never seen an army taking pictures, taking videos, posting videos on social media and showing all the war crimes that [they] are doing, laughing and [not] giving a damn about world opinion or about international laws,” Magnier claimed. “They are committing war crimes, they know they are doing it. They're committing crimes against humanity... and they say, 'we don't care what you think. One day you will forget.'"

  In Reversal, Israel Sending Delegation To White House After "Bibi Made A Mistake"
  Israel's military has stepped up its airstrikes on the southern Gaza city Rafah in the last two days, on Wednesday bombing at least four homes, raising fears that the planned ground assault is imminent, despite the UN Security Council having just issued an official call for immediate ceasefire.
  Gaza health officials said that one of these airstrikes killed eleven people from a single family, as cited in Reuters. One local eyewitness, Jamil Abu Houri, described that "The bombing has increased, and they have threatened us with an incursion, and they say that have been given the green light for the Rafah incursion. Where is the Security Council?"

  Why the US decided to give peace in Gaza a chance 
  With the UNSC resolution now enshrined as international law, all UN member states are bound by its provisions, setting a clear mandate for concerted action to implement its objectives. This presents a unique opportunity for diplomatic initiatives and coordinated efforts to de-escalate tensions, rebuild trust, and create the conditions necessary for lasting peace and stability in the region.
  However, despite the optimism surrounding the UNSC resolution, significant challenges remain on the path to peace. The Israeli government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has vowed to carry out operations in Rafah, a densely populated area where millions of displaced Palestinians now reside...
..Israel’s position as a key strategic ally of the United States poses a dilemma for Washington, which has long maintained unwavering support for Israel’s security and sovereignty. While the US remains committed to its alliance with Israel, the changing geopolitical landscape and evolving strategic priorities have complicated its stance on the conflict.
  The Biden administration faces pressure from both domestic and international stakeholders to balance its support for Israel with a commitment to upholding international law and promoting peace in the Middle East. Should the US allow Israel to destroy the last remaining Palestinian holdout in Gaza, Biden will almost certainly lose the 2024 presidential election to Donald Trump. Additionally, relations with Muslim countries would be shattered beyond repair, as well as endangering US military personnel in the region.
  The prospect of a full-scale war looms large, with Israel’s military capabilities and the broader implications of its actions raising concerns about the potential for a regional conflict. The possibility of an invasion by neighboring Arab states adds another layer of complexity to an already volatile situation, highlighting the need for concerted diplomatic efforts to prevent further escalation and find a peaceful resolution to the crisis.
  Further, Israel’s nuclear ambiguity and so-called “Samson Option,” its rumored unofficial retaliatory policy, raise serious questions about whether spillover in the conflict, prompted by the state’s potential ground operation in Rafah, could trigger a international thermonuclear war. The situation in the Middle East thus represents a major threat to international security, underscoring why major countries like Russia, China, and Brazil have been adamant about a ceasefire.

Simplicius has a detailed update, but I picked this out:  West Desperately Deflects as Ukraine's ISIS Gambit Backfires
  So, while the Ukrainians hid their trail well—for now—it’s clear to anyone with a brain unclouded by dogmatic faith that Ukraine is who alone benefits from this. Of course, it’s also interesting that the attack happened merely hours before the start of Purim—a holiday celebrating the Jewish people’s destruction of their arch nemesis. I say this in light of the infamous ‘threats’ made by one of the leaders of the Likud party, Amir Weitmann, that Russia will pay a heavy price for its support of Palestine.
  Just a symbolic coincidence, most likely...
..Russia is striking leadership positions more and more; just today a Polish general was mysteriously announced as having died of sudden and unexpected ‘natural causes’ just after Russia laid waste to a mercenary stronghold in Chasov Yar. Coincidence?...
..Borrell openly admits—no longer even bothering to cling to the facade—that the Ukraine war is all about Europe’s interests and has nothing to do with caring for the Ukrainian people.
  The secret to decoding his already clear language is to understand that Borrell—like the rest of the Euro-technocrat mafia—is unelected by real citizens, but rather appointed by some faceless high commission.
  Thus, when he says “we cannot afford for Russia to win this war” because it would be damaging to “our” interests, who might he possibly be referring to? The we is certainly not the people whom he doesn’t politically represent. It’s of course the rest of the comprador elite who control the upper layer of the world government apparatus, i.e. the financiers and banking elite. He’s speaking on their behalf.
  Thus, he’s saying that the world banking cabal cannot afford Russia winning the war, because it would initiate a cascade of untold consequences for the monetary hegemonic web they’ve tentacularly enwreathed the entire globe in.
  These second echelon compradors now scramble to fashion together some last minute “containment” strategy for Russia—which is where Macron recently took the lead.

  Redacted: "THE TRUTH IS COMING OUT IN THE BALTIMORE BRIDGE COLLAPSE" (Maybe a little; maybe slowly, but not a complete scenario of lies like 9/11 yet.)
At 11:25 there is a good slowed video of what may be electrical sparks from shorted wires on the bridge as it tears apart, or could be thermite, but the flashes happen after the bridge is already deforming, not appearing to initiate the deformation. Thanks Fritz. I don't feel like I know what happened. Was the ship steered towards the piling before the first power outage? The records can be interpreted that way, but I see them interpreted various ways.

  "Western Economy Has Rotted Away To A Tipping Point By A Generation Of Neoliberal Economic Theory"
  The collapsed Francis Scott Key Baltimore bridge, besides the loss of life, underlines how damaging the absence of key infrastructure is: US and global trade will get snarled for some time as 52m tons of cargo annually, 1.3m tons of farm and construction equipment, 2.5m tons of coal, large quantities of lumber, gypsum, nearly a million cars --and everyone who lives in the Baltimore area-- face disruption. This incident looks like a power failure on the Maersk-chartered, Singapore-owned, Indian-crewed ship, on top of generational under-investment in infrastructure and the dull institutions that allow economies to work vs. the firms/consultancies which milk the profits from it. However, national security experts had already warned in future wars the US is involved in, and/or terrorist attacks, the risk is of similar sabotage episodes, especially given the prevalence of foreign crews and ships entering the US daily...
..Secret RCMP report warns Canadians may revolt once they realize how broke they are’. A heavily redacted version warns Canada “may descend into civil unrest once citizens realize the hopelessness of their economic situation”, and that the next recession “will accelerate the decline in living standards the younger generations have already witnessed,” as most Canadians under 35 “are unlikely ever to be able to buy a place to live.” Now try the rest of the West and see what it looks like.

  Expect a Financial Crisis in Europe With France at the Epicenter , Mish Shedlock
  The EU never enforced its Growth and Stability Pact or Maastricht Treaty rules. The crisis is coming to a head with France and Italy in the spotlight. The first casualty will be Green policy.

  WORLDWIDE WAR ON FARMS: The Ultimate Attack on the Food Supply, in LOCKSTEP  Thanks Cat.
WWIII is upon us, but it's not country vs country, this is farmers vs the government. He who controls the food supply controls the population

  WATCH tractor spray manure at police in Brussels (VIDEO)
  Belgian farmers sprayed manure at police, threw projectiles, and set hay on fire as hundreds of tractors took to the streets of Brussels on Tuesday ahead of a meeting of EU agriculture ministers.  
  Dozens of tractors broke barricades and blocked streets close to the EU headquarters. They are protesting excessive administrative barriers, increased environmental measures, and a flood of duty-free imports from Ukraine.   “Let us make a living from our profession,” read one billboard on a tractor blocking a main road.

  Pierre Kory MD,  We Published An Op-Ed On The Unprecedented Rise In Cancer Among Young People And Questioned The Link To mRNA Vaccines
Investigative journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer and myself, helped by actuarial expert Mary Pat Campbell, published an Op-Ed about the recent alarming rise in cancers among young people like Princess Kate

  This explains how cultures of "immortal" human cancer cells, grown in lab conditions, because they can be, unlike most human cells, incorporate contaminate-DNA from mRNA vaccine products into their own genome when it is introduced into their culture medium. This implies a probability that other human cells also do this. It is a carcinogenic process.
DNA found integrated in cancer cell line , Implications for people injected with the modified mRNA products, specifically with regard to cancer

Cancer Deaths Spiked in 2021 & 2022 , Interview with Ed Dowd about his research firm's new data analysis.

  People who never had COVID, but got mRNA vaccine-products, were found to have very long persistence of spike-protein within a type of white blood cells.
Breakthrough? Spike Protein Persists in CD16+ Monocytes up to 245 Days in COVID-19 Negative Post COVID-19 Vaccinated Individuals with PASC Symptoms

AMA President Opposes Free Speech , Dr. Jesse M. Ehrenfeld believes vaccine orthodoxy must be preserved at all costs

  Meryl Nass MD, Florida actually passed a bill last year that prohibited govt or educational entities from adopting WHO guidelines, unless otherwise allowed by law or the Governor

  Meryl Nass MD, 17 State Attorneys General tried to overturn an initial transfer of health sovereignty to the WHO by Obomber
These AGs should be reminded that they have already gone most of the way on this issue and it's time to finish the job.
  “On January 19, 2017, one day before President Obama’s second term expired, HHS promulgated a rule defining the term “public health emergency.” See 82 Fed. Reg. 6890 (Jan 19, 2017). It provided five definitions for the term” and the final 3 rely on the WHO Director-General declaring a Public Health Emergency.” ...
..As the attorneys general of Oklahoma, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah, we respectfully petition the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to amend its definition of “public health emergency” in 42 C.F.R. § 70.1. See 5 U.S.C. § 553(e). The Rule exceeds the agency’s authority and infringes on U.S. and State sovereignty by unlawfully delegating to the World Health Organization (WHO) the authority to invoke health emergency powers solely based on decisions of the WHO...
..The DHHS denied the petition.
  The AGs who signed on and who remain in their role need to finish the job now. 
The Obama administration played a dirty trick on the US and after 3 years of the Biden administration the dirty tricks to siphon off our sovereignty are only multiplying. Don’t you agree? Read the full petition below. Then take action.

Health Sovereigntist (pictured with Jenny, rosebush and garden tools)

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