Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dying From Solutions

Resourceful Innovators,

Charles Hugh Smith lays out the life cycle of solutions, which really do begin well...
The cold truth is all these institutional-state-cartel "solutions" serve the few at the expense of the many. This is not a side-effect; it is the intended output of these "solutions." In other words, these "solutions" work great for the parasitic few at the top skimming all the wealth, power and income, at the expense of the exploited many and the stability of the system as a whole.

Turning off Obamacare's IV drip. Without federal billions to provide profits to insurance companies, it collapses.
Trump figures he can do business with Democrats when Obamacare implodes, which is easy to arrange, and helps balance the federal budget.
I figure we need a national healthcare model, with single payer, and regional flexibility, "Medicaid-for-all"? Cheap and dirty. Gotta be cheap...

Brexit article 50 trigger begins 2 year clock ticking to March 29. 2019. There's the beginning of the end to that elitist solution. 
No EU by then? Plausible. If something bears that name, it won't be the same thing, will it?

Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing! 
Markets do not react to what everyone knows. Markets react to surprises. And the surprise today is that the Trump administration will not be able to implement rapid reform.

Odds of US government shutdown on April 28 are up to 40%. (There is more than one way to bet on this...)

"A World Without Retirement" looks at the unique postwar influences which made government retirement programs attractive to ruling elites, and easy to pull off back then. It's not the retirees who are bleeding the economy dry. It's just painted that way. You know why. Article is a bit too long, and wanders through the garden without directly addressing collapse and reset at all. Make your own plans...

"A Nation of Landowners, But For How Long", looks at how rentier capitalists have used title to property over the recent centuries, in order to capture ownership of all the production gains of workers and governments. It's about to go through another change.

Kaspersky Labs provides software to protect industrial computing in Russia. They say 40% of industrial computing systems in Russia came under cyberattack in the second half of 2016.

Central European governments declare that they will not accept bottled-up refugees, no matter the financial threats from the EU.

Turkey carried out extensive spying in Germany, then asked the German government to help them deal with some of the spying targets and got... Firm German refusal, and German warning of all targets. This had to be expected, right? It's going back to the old days of Ottomans against Northern European kings and armies.

Who took down General Flynn, and why? Moon of Alabama has a scoop. It's plausible.
An Israeli company (or whoever is behind it) wants a gas pipeline to Turkey. It hires Flynn and Alptekin to arrange a positive climate for the Leviathan pipeline within the Turkish government. It offers Flynn more than half a million for a little (4-month long) influence work. His job is to create a "friendly atmosphere" for the deal by using his influence in the U.S. to accommodate Erdogan. A major point that is expected from Flynn is to arrange the handover of Gülen, by whatever means, from the U.S. to Erdogan...
The projects which Flynn is involved in, especially removing Gülen, are against the long term interests of the (neoconservative-driven) CIA. Selected tapes of his talks are transcribed and distributed within the anti-Trump campaign. This is the origin of the "wiretapping" of the Trump Tower the U.S. president lamented about. The stuff the CIA dug up about Flynn's dealing was and is used against Trump.


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