Monday, March 20, 2017

Night And Day


WIkileaks Won't Tell Tech Companies How to Patch CIA Zero-Days Until Demands Are Met 
(This sounds pretty bad, but what are the "demands". Hmmm, not mentioned. They might be righteous-but-dangerous, and that is not how Apple and Google do business these days. Notably, the CIA is not telling the companies, many colluding with it, how to patch these door-of-interception.)

Trump is Challenging the Whole CIA-Media Nexus; Nothing Like It Since JFK (Thanks Eleni)

Intel Chair: "No collusion between Trump and Russia; Leak is the only Crime"

A Single Bitcoin Transaction uses at least as much Electricity as a US household uses in 22 hours, down from 36 hours in 2015, but likely to rise again as mining for dwindling number of possible remaining numerical solutions. (The high cost of upkeep of this system is staggering. It's not for regular people; maybe central banks. It's actually fragile and depends on lots and lots of global infrastructure.)

Why Medical Care in America is so very wasteful of resources, and how to change that.
"Republicans and conservatives generally understand only half of the issue of administrative complexity. They understand only the part that occurs within government, especially the federal government. They do not perceive the bigger issue of the administrative costs of private corporations. The direct providers of medical care and equipment cost only a fraction of the health bill. A vast portion of the cost is added by layers of administration, marketing, and other overhead costs. Republicans would solve this by removing regulations. But this would not solve the problem entirely, because much of existing administration is dedicated to the objective of maximizing profits for all the many corporate players in the health-care system, rather than delivering health care efficiently. When I grew up in small-town America, many things were different. Consider just three: First, most hospitals were owned by municipalities (as in my home town) or religious charities and were administered locally and not for profit; second, most drugs and medical devices were generic, not patented; and third, advertising prescription drugs was banned."

Brexit 2 year countdown will begin March 29, when PM Theresa May Triggers Article-5

"Nazi, Nazi, Nazi..." Turkish PM Erdogan does not yet have the votes to change Turkish Constitution to give the President (him) near-dictatorial powers, which he has already been"enjoying", if you can call his recent tortured-human-existence in the pirhana-pits-of-Power "enjoyable". Solution is to call European countries who don't support his (non-Nazi) totalitarian strivings the dirty-word. It's bound to work, right?

Paul Craig Roberts on Apartheid Israel: UN says same thing as Jimmy Carter and Truthful-Head rolls. Thanks Eleni
"In his book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid published 11 years ago, President Jimmy Carter raised the question whether Israel had stolen Palestine and excluded the rightful residents from their homeland. On March 15 UN Under-Secretary General and director of the UN’s West Asia Commission Rima Khalaf published a UN report that also concludes that “Israel is committing the crime of apartheid.” By Friday March 17, Israel’s puppets, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, had forced Under-Secretary General Khalaf to resign."


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