Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Apocalypse Pretty Soon

Students of History,

Graham Hancock, Archaeology researcher, explains the Younger Dryas Period, an ice age, which followed the collision of multiple large meteors with Earth's northern ice fields 12,800 years ago, wiping out advanced human civilization, most humans, and engendering 200 oral traditions of apocalypse, like Atlantis, and The Great Flood. Native Americans kept a very good oral history. Hancock has been met with derision for 20 years (it's easier), but is now validated, as in the story I came across and sent out last night. He gets to speak for himself here. I'm going to go buy the book Magicians of the Gods. 

The Taurid meteor stream is the result of a comet breaking up, after being captured by the gravity of our solar system. Some of the big core pieces caused the apocalypse 12,800 years ago. We don't usually get the center of the stream coming at us, very rarely, 3000 years apart, or so. Coming in 2030. Smaller pieces hit sometimes...
"In the early morning of June 30, 1908, a huge fireball exploded in the sky above Siberia with the force of a 20-megaton nuclear bomb, leveling 400 square miles of remote forest around the Tunguska River. The glow lit up the sky as far away as Western Europe. The Tunguska object, Clube says, was a 150-foot comet fragment--one of the Taurids... The moon appears to have been pounded again by the Taurids as recently as 1975, when seismometers left behind by Apollo astronauts picked up the impact of a huge swarm of boulders. The onslaught started on June 22."

Earth Is Not Prepared For A Surprise Asteroid Strike:  NASA Warns ‘There Is Not A Lot We Can Do About It – At The Moment — Plan Is To Save Planet-Earth With An Asteroid Re-Direct Mission — But, May Not Be Operational Till 2025-2030  (Well, that might be helpful.)

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