Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Bonnie

Over the Ocean,

Tory Prime Minister, Teresa May, called for upcoming snap-elections to cement a Tory lead in Parliament, going into Brexit negotiations with The EU. She has portrayed herself as a tough negotiator, not merely autocratic and impulsive. The debate a few nights ago was known to be a format in which she performs poorly, so it was not actually a debate, but one guy asking her questions, and asking Jeremy Corbyn questions, in separate meetings. The audience reacted, though, and May really had a lot to explain, which she never did. Corbyn maintained his position better, and it was a better position, and was vigorously attacked and interrupted. A couple of video snippets convey the highlights.

Social media gave Teresa May very low points for that performance. Corbyn ate her lunch as perceived by all sides.

It's hard for pre-election polls to keep up with shifting public opinion, but Tories continue to falter with Teresa May leading the charge.

Jeremy Corbyn urges (challenges) Teresa May to actually debate him tonight, as latest poll suggests hung-parliament as a possibility.

Teresa May urges Britons to imagine Jeremy Corbyn "naked and alone" in a room with EU negotiators in Brussels... 
In all fairness, she was attempting a cutting historical irony with that, but most people seem to have missed it and just got grossed-out. Corbyn is not a porn-star candidate.

Painstaking Detail of Brexit Process Revealed in EU Documents (Uh, being bitchy and strident might not be enough...)

Salman Abedi, the "Manchester bomber" is dead, with his body at the coroner's office, we are told, but we were also told there were pictures of him inside the stadium, and here is stark evidence to the contrary. 
There are absolutely no pictures of him in the stadium, and what blaced-out-background pictures we were shown are heavily retouched, as revealed here. Photoshop leaves fingerprints. Thanks Tom.

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