Monday, April 9, 2018

Boy Cries Wolf

Seen That Movie,

In a third rerun of the same false-justification-for-more-murder, the US says Syrian government used chemical weapons on people "again", though the last 3 times the US claimed this, and killed Syrians, it was always false, or done by the Imperially-funded-good-terrorists, or just not mentioned. News comes from the "White Helmets", ISIS-in-cleaner-clothes.
Remember when the US admitted Syrian "Rebels" have used chemical weaponsOr when earlier this year, now former Secretary of State blamed Russia for an alleged Syrian chemical attack despite admitting he doesn't know who actually did it? Or when the US finally admitted there was "no evidence" Assad used sarin gas? Or just last week, when Trump said that the US is finally pulling out of Syria as a result of the defeat of ISIS  (much to the Pantagon's fury and open-ended timetable for extracting Syrian resources)?...  On Saturday night, an alleged chemical attack on a rebel-held town in eastern Ghouta reportedly killed dozens of people, according to US-linked medical services with Washington immediately responding that the reports - if confirmed - would demand an immediate international response. Actually scratch the "if confirmed" part - after all, the last time the US "intervened" in Syria, on April 7, 2017, the US did not need confirmation; Trump just needed a geopolitical distraction....  As for Russia, its Defense Ministry immediately denied and dismissed as false reports that the Syrian government had carried out a chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta's Douma: "We strongly refute this information," Major General Yury Yevtushenko, head of the Reconciliation Center in Syria, said in a statement on Sunday. "We declare our readiness, after Douma is liberated from the militants, to immediately send Russian radiation, chemical and biological protection specialists to collect data that will confirm the fabricated nature of these allegations," he stated.  Yevtushenko said that "a number of Western countries" are trying to prevent the resumption of an operation aimed at driving militants from the city of Douma.  "For this purpose, the use of chemical weapons by Syrian government forces – one of the most widespread claims in the West – is being used," he added."

Israel is Again Pushing Washington to War. Paul Craig Roberts. Thanks Susan. Succinct, and with good links.

Thanks for this, Lucy: 
The US should, but likely won’t, pull out of Syria soon, independent journalist Eva Bartlett told RT’s Lee Camp. She added that you have to be “brain-dead” to believe the myths used by the US to justify the conflict. 
US President Donald Trump’s recent comments about wanting to bring home US forces currently operating in Syria caused an uproar in Washington and the media. Administration officials quickly clarified that while an immediate withdrawal was not being seriously considered, Trump was opposed to maintaining a long-term presence in the country. “I wish it were true, but I don’t think it is true,” Bartlett said, commenting on the hypothetical pull-out. “America is clearly still embedded in eastern Syria and doesn’t seem to have any interest in leaving soon.” She said that the US is “still supporting forces against Syria” and has “oil and strategic power” interests in the country. “So I don’t foresee, unfortunately, Trump’s words coming true any time soon.”  

Who blew up Syria last night? Really; the Pentagon says it didn't do it.

How Fake News Becomes Fake History: British Propaganda and WW-1 (Serious historical study) Thanks Eleni.

If Western Media Were Honest about Russia, Caitlin Johnstone:
So when we told you, for example, that Russia was the only government with a motive to poison Sergei Skripal and his daughter, we weren’t being entirely honest. The international allied intelligence and defense agencies of the western empire have every motive in the world to manufacture international support for sanctions and hawkish agendas which disrupt disobedient governments. 

This Is The Turning Point, Charles Hugh Smith

The Bayer-Monsanto Merger is Bad News for the Planet, Ellen Brown (Look who is growing organic vegetables on small plots, even though nothing grows there in winter.) We can grow organic on a small plot, if we have a little piece of earth that gets good sun, water, and enough money to get started. Thanks Jada.

Adapting the Plot

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