Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Think Again

Born Normal,

Chamath Palihapitiya, former vice president of user growth at Facebook stated at a recent public discussion at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, “I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.”... “So we are in a really bad state of affairs right now, in my opinion. It is eroding the core foundation of how people behave by and between each other. And I don’t have a good solution. My solution is I just don’t use these tools anymore. I haven’t for years.“ Concerning the issue of social media as a whole, Palihapitiya stated that he doesn’t use it anymore since he “innately didn’t want to get programmed.” And as for his kids, “they’re not allowed to use this shit.”  ...  “Everybody else has to soul-search a little bit more about what you’re willing to do,” he said. “Because your behaviors, you don’t realize it, but you are being programmed. It was unintentional, but now you gotta decide how much you’re willing to give up, how much of your intellectual independence.” ... and stated that those who are best-and-brightest are the most likely to fall for it, “because you are fucking check-boxing your whole Goddamn life.”

Though the study didn’t indicate how many parents were surveyed, the results showed that most agreed 11 was the “ideal” age for children to receive their first smartphone. Nonetheless, the stunning findings showed 25% of parents purchased devices for children six and under. 
Child playing with smartphone

North and South Korea agree on a summit date, Friday, this Friday April 27. (I don't think President Trump and Mike Pompeo are actually running this show, and that's fine. The Koreans can best work this out in the context of unification. There is enough win-win to go all the way around for everybody, everywhere.)

"Iraq war was a mistake, and it's time for the US to Leave Afghanistan" CIA director, Mike Pompeo, finally saying those words to senator Rand Paul. "OK, you've got it", Senator Paul opening the door to Secretary of State and Friday's (same Friday) NATO Summit.

"State Department could do worse", retired Colonel Ann Wright, peace advocate, on Mike Pompeo taking the Helm at "Foggy Bottom".

German reporter in Douma, Syria says "Whole story was staged", and backs it up with lots of facts about the staging and some of the actors, and testimonials from local citizens who witnessed the filming, not all of it at the same time. The "moderates" took a bunch of chlorine canisters to places they expected to get bombed. Awkwardly for them, no civilians died from that set-up.

From anti-tank weapons to tanks, moderate-terrorists are relieved of vast stockpiles of NATO munitions as the Syrian government lets them leave with their lives, and their wives... (No, you've gotta' leave the suicide belts too, guys, even the suicide belts.)

Turkish President Erdogan complains loudly of the US sending 5000 trucks full of free weapons to Syrian Kurdish forces (and others?). "Terrorists" get weapons for free, which Turkey can't buy from NATO "partners".
"We'll destroy your missiles if you deliver them to Syria" , Israeli PM Netanyahu threatens Russia.
Since the massive strike which involved the US, UK, and France launching over 100 cruise missiles, Russia is rumored to be moving forward on delivery of its advanced S-300 missile defense system, which would be a monumental upgrade allowing Syrian defenses to far surpass current capabilities which utilize the Soviet-made S-125 and S-200 air defense systems. Crucially, S-300s have a range of up to 150-200 kilometers (or 120 miles), bringing Syrian deterrent reach easily to within Lebanese airspace (as Israel has routinely struck targets inside Syria while firing over "neutral" Lebanese airspace in recent years), and could even extend airspace coverage into Israel itself. (These would be supplied as freely as the US supplies Israel with weapons systems, quickly, and manned by Russian soldiers until the Syrians get fully trained.)

Poor, rude President Trump blurted out to Israeli PM Netanyahu, "Do you really care about peace",  in winter phone call. (Shockingly anti-semitic! How can he ever make up for such effrontery?)

Massive oil discoveries are the result of test wells drilled in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. (This is the oil hidden away fro a rainy day under President Carter. It's raining on indigenous people and caribou, now. At least no sniper attacks on them yet, though...)

This is Not a Market, Ilargi @ The Automatic Earth, details the made-for-TV-movie that is the facsimile of global stock and bond markets. What are the implications of there being no actual markets, no actual price discovery, and no actual recovery from 2008? Yeah, what? When?

What does too-many-share-bikes look like? China investigates. Here is a picture at human scale. I just couldn't send the ones that are like looking at all the stars in the galaxy. Picture #9 is that way, taken from way, way up high. You can't see any individual bicycles, but all you see is bicycles, unused, overproduced, working bicycles.

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