Friday, June 28, 2019

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The second night of Democratic debate went to Kamala Harris, with good wordmanship and instincts. Kamala got lots of Google searches, the new measure, but also subject to Google's "social responsibility" department... (I'm told that Tulsi Gabbard's search wave has been attributed to "Russian 'bots" by some). What course does Kamala have planned? Hold that thought for awhile. Medicare for all is the only thing agreed upon so far. Who has a clear vision for the upcoming economic reset? Bernie Sanders has shaped political discourse and direction. Is he just too old? (Despite his rebel persona, he has always cut good deals for business.)

Moon of Alabama digs into the different presentations of Tulsi Gabbard's first night "win"/"loss" as portrayed by Google searches, alternate media, and network media/pundits. She was supposed to be nowhere, not the front of that modest pack. That place was reserved for Elizabeth Warren.

Here is fairly broadband proof that Warrior-Sister Gabbard won the first night debate, real polls and all.

Here  more of what Gabbard opposes, and the others ignore.
Venezuela foils attempt on President Maduro's life: government
An attempt to assassinate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has failed, the crisis-hit country's government said. The leader has accused the United States of being behind an alleged coup plot.

CIA funded Venezuelan opposition denies it all. It's OK, they didn't have to be much of a part of it. Mostly out-of-that-loop.

Pat Buchanan says Trump should trade Bolton for Gabbard as National Security Advisor. I think Trump never had that choice, and that train left the station a long time ago. Buchanan's point goes farther, to what America wants, which is not supposed to be on America's menu in 2020.

Poland is way hotter than central Texas! Asphalt is folding. Naked fat Germans seen on scooters. End of life as we know it!

Facebook may Pose a Greater Danger than Wall Street (catchy title of article looking at how Chinese buy stuff with smartphones, not cash, and how Facebook cryptocurrency could displace banks and credit cards in the US and western capitalism. The power structure can adapt to this. We still get controlled.)

Revolted Populist 

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