Sunday, July 14, 2019

Biotic Pump World

Moving Air,

I am delighted to present this novel (to me) scientific theory of the causal mechanism for airflows which contain water vapor on the surface of our fair planet. It has important implications  for the course of our bucket-ride-to-heck. Charles sent the link to Ugo Bardi's site, Cassandra's Legacy, with the link to the 27 minute video of Dr Makarieva's lecture, which uses the text and images in the first link. Go from page 1 to page 4 in sequence. Page 3 is physical mathematics, but also good footnotes. Page 4 is bye-bye.
The video is much easier to follow after reviewing the text. 
Basically, forests draw water vapor to themselves from the ocean. It is an act of the complex life forms they are. It is an act of agency. 
The mechanism is straightforward physics, and is somewhat mysterious why the power of it remained shrouded in mist these many eons.
Water vapor in air is a gas, mixed in with nitrogen, oxygen and CO2, but with different physical characteristics at temperature and pressure.
At the warm surface of the planet, air can hold lots of water vapor, a high gas pressure of water vapor.
A couple of miles up, where it is much cooler, the vapor condenses to liquid or ice, so the air holds zero water vapor. This creates a continuous pressure gradient for water vapor, much, much higher below than above and the vapor follows that gradient ever upward.
This is high over warm bodies of water and zero over the Sahara.
It is considerably higher, still over the warm Amazon rainforest, with so many little leaves and small life forms transpiring moisture into the air at ground level. That moisture moves up, up, up from the Amazon, over vast expanse, pulling in moist ground-level air from surrounding oceans, which deposits water as rainfall or condensate. Also, the high level condensation has to fall as droplets somewhere, so typically falls back on the rainforest. This was such a novel idea that it took a few years to get published in a scientific journal in 2007. 
It's kind of embarrassing to the established science, and it's Russian, too...

Want to fight climate change, plant a trillion trees! 
Charles also sent this, and these folks don't know about the biotic pump model, but there is a convergence of remedies, so it's time to plant. There are better and less better ways to plant trees, extending mature forest edges is best, but treeless areas along bodies of water also need trees to start drawing the moisture inland (Maybe avocado trees, maybe in Yoakum, Texas, for instance.)

Climate Change and Capitalism, a Political Marxist's View 
(Doesn't that title fail to entice you? It is piss-poor advertising, but actually an excellent article. It explains how the technology of mining coal and processing iron ore was known in many places in the world, such as China, but why capitalism and the industrial revolution were able to coalesce and co-evolve in England, not in China. The rest is our recent history. Again, capitalism is unstable, always lurching forward as fast as possible to avoid collapse as it consumes everything within reach as rapidly as possible to create "products" for us to purchase and send to landfills.) 

Parisians carry yellow balloons on Bastille day so they don't get shot in the face with rubber-bullets for wearing yellow vests. 
They boo Macron in is motorcade and relive the vibe of those heady days of 1789. 
Mainstream news looks the other way again.

Somebody sabotaged the main Syrian natural gas pipeline today to knock out their electric plants and grid. Prob'ly ISIS or some good American-backed rebels/mercenaries, ok? Last month somebody sabotaged 5 undersea pipelines in the Mediterranean that feed Syria. Oops, had to be "state actor(s)", didn't it? Who would kick Syrians when they are down like that?

The S-400 missile systems are arriving to protect Turkey from aerial attacks, but from who? this news release indicates some possible threats, but it's bound to be a mistake, probably just a copy/paste of some Russian advertising brochure. Those aircraft shown are made by Turkish ally, USA.

​Dropping Airplanes​

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