Wednesday, July 31, 2019

"Left Wing Trump"

Tired of Reruns,
​ You missed my post last evening, just before the Democratic debate started, in which I made some predictions. I know you missed it. Filter algorithms completely blocked it. Nobody got it, unless they looked at the blog. Bloggy says nobody looked. 
I opined that Warren and Sanders would not attack each other, as some were predicting, and that Marianne Williamson would be the big "left-wing-Trump" disruptor. 
Here is the post from last night, mainly about Marianne Williamson.​

​ ​I’m not so much advocating for Marianne Williamson’s candidacy, and I know I don’t matter, but I observe that she is surfing the Zeitgeeist and historical trend-waves and she’s a righteous surfer.
If you look at her, she knows the waters intimately and comfortably, and is on a third page, her own page not the Sanders/Warren page, nor the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama page that the other candidates seem to be wandering upon.
Marianne Williamson got the most Google searches in 49 states, not Wyoming.

Hollywood Reporter also notes that, but notes that Elizabeth Warren led in tweet activity. Hollywood Reporter used the goofiest screenshot of Williamson they could get, worth a thousand words as to their opinion. Register that, please.

Colbert likes Sanders and Warren, who were righteous, and had each other’s backs, Sanders as left-elder-statesman and Warren as inadequately-chained-junkyard-dog-attacking-thieves.
Stephen Colbert went after those long-shot candidates at the edges of the stage for inadvertently helping President Trump and Republicans make the case against the frontrunners who actually have a shot at winning the Democratic presidential nomination for 2020.
“It’s hard to sum up what happened tonight,” the Late Show host began. “But most of it was a bunch of guys with no chance to win the Democratic nomination yelling Republican talking points at the people who can. It was like watching the seven dwarves offering Snow White a poison apple.”

The Guardian/US likes the sanders/Warren chained-together fight team, but fails to notice Williamson.

​Caitlin Johnstone:
​ Night one of the CNN Democratic debates has come and gone, and if you missed it you didn’t miss much. Basically the entire thing can be summed up as Jake Tapper asking the progressives on stage, “So explain why Americans would vote for your policies when we here at CNN have been telling them for years that they’re not allowed to support those policies?” Then for balance they ask one of the boring centrist candidates to explain why Bernie Sanders is crazy. Repeat for two and a half hours...
 This debate also saw Montana Governor Steve Bullock extolling the merits of keeping a nuclear first strike policy on the table for the United States. This man sincerely argued that it is good and right for the United States to be prepared to use nuclear weapons even when not attacked with nuclear force, and for other nuclear-armed nations to see this and know this. This is clearly an omnicidal, psychopathic position which threatens every organism on our planet, but today everyone’s talking about Marianne Williamson and energy crystals.
 These people are freaks. If someone came into our world from a parallel universe where humanity is healthy, the least of their concerns on that stage would be the lady talking about love and slavery reparations.
If people could really see what’s happening in their nation and their world with fresh eyes, they’d scream in horror. But that’s the exact status quo that all these sane, normal, serious politicians have dedicated their lives to upholding. One where people are deliberately kept poor by a plutocratic class which understands that money is power and power is relative. One where the most powerful military force in history circles the globe and wages endless wars upon disobedient populations. One where we rip apart the flesh of our planet and dump poison into our air and our water in facilitation of a new mass extinction event which will someday claim our own species if not reversed. One where we point weapons at each other that can wipe out cities, cover the earth’s surface in nuclear radiation, and fill the sky with black soot blocking out the sun for decades, and we play with escalations toward the deployment of such weapons like it’s a game.
 The only reason any of this seems normal to anyone is because the propagandists have normalized it. The only reason the politicians who help support this system seem normal to anyone is because the propagandists have normalized them. 

If I may add my assessment (yeah, I just did…) the main thing I looked for was comfort zone.
Sanders was comfortable, fully assured as elder-statesman-lefty.
Elizabeth Warren was as itching to eat-the-livers-of-global-capitalist-lackeys as anybody I have ever seen. She got a big smile on her face when they started talking, then relished the carnage of eating their flesh alive. (graphic?)
Buttigieg did better than I expected.
Others did not. They were either stressed out and showing it, on better drugs than you should take every day, or living in the Reagan era.
Williamson clearly enjoyed what she was doing, and never ​hesitated​ for a moment to clearly elucidate her vision, nor did she blather ​or​ run over.
She was the most-not-like-the-others, a BETTER disruptor than Trump, in my humble(ish) opinion.

​The debate tonight is supposed to be between Biden and Harris, but Tulsi Gabbard (suing Google for political-speech-blocking) is in it and Biden is long dead, a zombie. 
Kamala Harris is the cut-your-beating-heart-out-before-you-finish-your-sentence debater, but Gabbard was an idealist who went to war in Iraq after 9/11, and saw reality, and knows that truth deeply and completely. I'd like for Harris to say "Assad apologist"​ and see Tulsi shine the coronal mass ejection of truth on the Indian-Jamaican-American-elite-neoliberal-prosecutor for a moment.

This could be FUN!

Making Popcorn

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