Monday, October 14, 2019

I Had A Dream

Seen a Lot,

Tom at INN World Report sent this clip of President Trump talking to a large crowd in Iowa this past week. 
He cued it up to the part where Trump talks about the worst thing he has to do, which is to sign all the letters to the families of dead servicemen and women. 
He reads the letters.
He greets the planes and the families sometimes.
He describes his first time greeting families of dead soldiers on the tarmac. 
I wish you would watch these three minutes. 
He wants them to come home alive, now. He seems to genuinely mean it.

Trump can't be a sociopath, having made that unscripted speech to those people. 
He also can't be a complete narcissist, though he sure has some narcissistic traits.
He's human.
He's "The Gray Champion" of this country, for this particular systemic-reset-round as history deploys.

I had a dream early Sunday (yesterday) morning, that I was (sort of) Donald Trump, and I started speaking truth, correcting history, apologizing for nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and explaining why, and explaining FDR's trick to get Japan to attack Pearl Harbor, to get the US into the war, and assure that so many Americans died that day and then more and more, and about JFK and 9/11, and how this is our real world.

It was a good dream. It felt good.

Just a dream, right?


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