Sunday, November 24, 2019

Naked Apes

Social Anthropoids,

John Kennedy supported human self-determination, as globalism tried to re-assert the European empires from before WW-2. He sought negotiation and cooperation, against the wishes of the Dulles Brothers and their capitalist-fascist global-financial interests. He also, wanted to get the US completely out of Vietnam, after consulting with DeGaulle. He pulled the world back from the brink of nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and negotiated the Test-Ban Treaty. He was going to take the creation of American money back from the bankers. Not mentioned here is the fact that he was working very hard to prevent Israel from developing nuclear weapons, something LBJ covertly aided. 
This is a thoughtful piece, incomplete, imperfect, but the fascist global capitalists won, and still rule us today.
(Oswald was a patsy, not an assassin, folks.)
​ ​Allen Dulles had prepared the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba months before Kennedy entered the scene which was a near disaster for the world. Just days before Kennedy’s inauguration, Allan Dulles ensured that a pro-Kennedy ally who had just recently gained power in the Congo named Patrice Lumumba was assassinated in cold blood knowing that JFK would be blamed, and every effort was made to back up the French fascists trying to stop the Algerian independence movement behind JFK’s back. Both the Cuban invasion and the assassination of Lumumba have been blamed on Kennedy to this day.
​ ​In response to this treachery, JFK made the bold move of firing CIA director Allan Dulles, and two Wall Street-connected CIA directors on November 29, 1961 saying that he would soon “splinter the C.I.A. in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.”

​Burisma and Billions for Bidens stories that go directly against imperial/criminal interests. 
The Impeachment hearings are screaming for shreds when the big crime is right here. Don't LOOK! 
(Not a Trump fanboy. Go Tulsi!)

Today's long and thought-provoking read is from Professor Nate Hagans, an ecological-economics analysis of how we got to where we are, where we are, what is left in the gas tank, and where we might go as it runs out. Superb!
​ ​A bunch of mildly clever, highly social apes broke into a cookie jar of fossil energy and have been throwing a party for the past 150 years. The conditions at the party are incompatible with the biophysical realities of the planet. The party is about over and when morning comes, radical changes to our way of living will be imposed. Some of the apes must sober up (before morning) and create a plan that the rest of the party-goers will agree to. But mildly clever, highly social apes neither easily nor voluntarily make radical changes to their ways of living. And so coffee and stimulants (credit, etc.) will be consumed during another lavish breakfast, but with the shades drawn. It’s morning already.
​ ​It is likely that, in the not-too-distant future, the size, complexity, and (literal) `burn rate' of our civilization will be much reduced by forces other than human volition. This paper suggests that we will not plan for this outcome.

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