Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Negotiating Christmas

 Club Non-Members,

Sister Caitlin in Oz:
  Americans keep expecting a system that’s not built to serve their interests to serve their interests:
 Progressives look to congress for economic justice.
Trumpers think the judicial system will overturn the election.
Liberals thought Mueller would arrest the entire Trump camp.
 What these all have in common is a belief that the system can be used to radically change the system, and it just can’t. The system is built by the powerful to maintain power structures which serve the powerful. That’s it. It’s not going to suddenly start serving your interests.
 This is why the main US factions keep being proven wrong about their predictions of apocalyptic revelations which will take out the other party: they’re taking it as a given that there’s some part of the system which works in opposition to the other parts on behalf of justice. Trump is obviously corrupt, so Democrats assumed an investigation would turn up corruption and he’d be punished for it, erroneously assuming that the judicial system might turn against the president. Same with the Trumpers who think the election results will be overturned.
 And that’s just not what the system is for. Even relatively awake people often cling to the delusion that there exists some part of their federal governmental structure which is there to serve them, when really its primary function is to protect the powerful from them.

Pork For Christmas, Ilargi at The Automatic Earth:
​  The ​Americans the stimulus is supposed to be for, have no seat at the table. Only the people they voted for do, and among those, only the ones who’ve been there long enough, 30-40 years, and who have amassed huge multi-million dollar fortunes while on 200-300K salaries. Newly elected reps and senators have no say. They may gain a say, but only if they comply with what the lobbyists tell them to do.
​ If 200 million Americans finally get a $600 check, sometime in spring 2021(?!), that would cost $120 billion. If 300 million do, $180 billion. The pork stimulus package is for $900 billion. And they want you to believe this is meant to help the people, and most of the people believe that. And that works too, because of the way the media, very much complicit in the charade, “report” the entire thing.
​  ​But c’mon man! Every American could get a $600 check every month for the next half year if the corporate subsidies and all sorts of other pork were left out of bills like this. But that’s not how Washington operates. Washington is not about people, it’s about money.

​Huh?  ​President Trump appeared to threaten to veto the COVID-19 stimulus package that Congress passed almost 24 hours earlier, telling lawmakers to boost checks for Americans to $2,000 as well as "get rid of wasteful and unnecessary items" in the spending bill.

​  ​Trump has been talking about bigger checks for a long time. Was this a bluff that whole time? Amy Klobuchar tries her own private angle, and calls raising the stimulus to $2,000 per person “an attack on every American”. What? Is that also a bluff? At the end of the day, Trump and the Squad both want the same thing. All the rest are stuck in the middle.
​  ​And AOC tries to save the day, and her face, by saying the Squad had the proposals for $2,000 checks already written up.

Pelosi And Schumer Agree To Trump's Demand For $2,000 Stimulus Checks​ (so another $129 billion or so. No cutting pork allowed.)

Bureaucratic ‘black hole’ awaits injury claims from coronavirus vaccine

Experts are concerned that with 200 million people expected to get vaccines, even a rollout with few ill effects could swamp the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program.

Black Pastors Refuse To Push COVID Vaccine, Turn Congregants Into 'Guinea Pigs'
​  ​High-ranking Catholics aren't the only members of the clergy sounding the alarm over COVID-19.
A dozen black pastors interviewed by Reuters say they won't push new vaccines for the virus, citing concerns over its rapid development and lack of evidence for or against potential long-term effects.

French Law Would Ban People Who Don’t Get COVID Vaccine From Using Public Transport
Opposition politicians savage “health dictatorship.”

​ I declined to get the Pfizer vaccine yesterday at our clinic. 
My immune system is good. I take vitamin-D. I have access to testing and to antiviral treatment with ivermectin, zinc and doxycycline. 
Pushing the vaccine through emergency approval requires that there be no safe, effective alternative. There is safe, effective treatment..​
Hospital Workers Turn Down COVID Vaccine: "There's Too Much Mistrust"
Less than a week after we reported on widespread resistance among healthcare workers in one Chicago hospital,'s Ayla Ellison reports that the virus of vaccine mistrust is spreading...

​Well, nobody who knows is going to tell US.
Let’s Be Honest. Nobody REALLY Knows Who Is Behind the US Cyber Attack.

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  1. John Day
    How do I obtain a prescription for Ivermectin in Southern California?

    1. That is a logistical problem, which many people face.
      My best shot was contained here:

    2. Just go to your local Tractor Supply or Petsmart and buy it for your "horse"

  2. I'm curious about your thoughts on vitamin D3 supplementation amounts. Everything I've chased down points to the USDA recommended 800 IU/day as being pitifully low, I finally, personally decided to take 10,000 IU/day - 5K in the morning and another 5K at night - using a brand that includes some vitamin K to help steer things properly.

    1. Vitamin-D Christmas has a lot about that
      I have seen one person get a slightly high level, taking that dose daily for over 3 years. You might take it through winter and back off in the spring to 5000 units per day, or get a level checked.