Monday, December 14, 2020

Votes And Vaccines

 Making The Rounds,

  Here is a medical grand rounds video, and you might safely skip the first 10 minutes, then skip along through the rest as it gets redundant for you. This is aimed, mainly , at those who have not been keeping up with Ivermectin treatment for COVID. 
Speaker: Pierre Kory MD (Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance-USA)

  Here is the treatment protocol. I'd use more vitamin-D. It is hard to get levels up, as I posted in Vitamin D Christmas last week.
I also think that dosing zinc 3 times per day will keep blood levels up better, and quercetin should likely be twice or more per day for the same reason. Quercetin helps zinc get into infected cells.

Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance homepage: Thanks Dr. Clif.

You can buy ivermectin, zinc, doxycycline treatment kits from India here. Dosing is one-size-sorta-fits-all. Thanks Jeremy:

"Pathogenic Priming" is that good thing I have mentioned several times, which happens when a vaccine induces an antibody response which inadvertently makes you sick or kills you when the infectious agent enters the body, and the immune response is activated.
 It's usually detected in animal trials. 
This was the problem with all the coronavirus vaccine attempts after SARS. Lab animals died when the vaccine was "successful".
Pfizer COVID Vaccine Trial Shows Alarming Evidence of Pathogenic Priming in Older Adults

​  Another funny thing can happen with 2-dose vaccines, which is what Astra-Zeneca/Oxford discovered when half of a first dose worked better than a whole first dose. What happened was that the immunity induced by the first full dose was directed against the viral vector, meant to enter the human cell and deliver the genetic material. So, the viral vector got destroyed pronto, and the second dose never did mch. When the first dose was accidentally halved in one arm of the trial, it worked better. Russia can help, by letting Astra-Zeneca give one dose of Sputnik-V vaccine, which uses a different viral vector, so the full dose enters cells each time.
  That's science for ya'. Never know what will turn up in carefully run experiments. Gotta' double and triple check for problems. Takes years.
Both AZ and Russian vaccines are cheap-for-the-world and very similar.​( I've got vitamin-D, and ivermectin ready, so not rushed.)

Russian News RT:
​  ​By washing its hands of responsibility to hear the Texas challenge to the 2020 presidential election, the nine Justices of the US Supreme Court may have sealed the country’s fate and made a kinetic civil war much more likely.
​  ​On Friday, the highest court in the land decided that Texas “lacked standing” to challenge the conduct of elections in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin under Article 3 of the US Constitution. Yet the article in question explicitly states that the SCOTUS will be the original jurisdiction in “Controversies between two or more States; – between a State and Citizens of another State; – between Citizens of different States,” among other things.
​  ​Contrary to media reports, Texas did not seek to “overturn” the election of Democrat Joe Biden. The motion filed by Attorney General Ken Paxton very explicitly called for the court to order the state legislatures thereof to seat the electors, as is their constitutional prerogative. Yes, those legislatures are majority Republican, but nothing guaranteed they would actually back President Donald Trump. After all, Georgia has a Republican governor and secretary of state, and both declared the election clean as a whistle, brushing off all evidence of alleged irregularities.
​  ​The very same media that brayed for the past four years about how the 2016 election was somehow tampered with by Russia – never offering any evidence for that – have declared the 2020 one pure as driven snow, the most secure in history, perfect in every way. In what was surely a massive coincidence, it even happened to exactly mirror the 2016 result, with Biden getting 306 electoral college votes to Trump’s 232.
​  ​The Silicon Valley tech giants, who in the run-up to the election censored and suppressed the story about Joe Biden’s family business deals overseas – that later turned out to be accurate – and slapped “disputed” warnings on Trump’s claims of electoral fraud the way they never did on ‘Russiagate,’ are now openly censoring any notion that 2020 wasn’t perfectly legal.

​Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp did not attend the Trump rally after his 19 year old daughter's 20 year old boyfriend was killed in a fiery inferno​ right after his car crashed Friday 12/4/20. The governor also went back on his promise to check all the signatures on the ballots after that. Picture of the flaming car, billowing smoke to the sky is here, along with pictures of the lovely young couple. "Accident"? Warning?
Lucy​ ​described the feelings of grief she felt over Deal's death.
'The love he showed me was beyond comprehension and I didn’t deserve it. My heart aches at the hole he left in my heart, but oh what a blessing it is that I can rejoice in the truth that we have a sovereign God and Harrison is at home with Him, and I will see him again.

​Don't let Jim Kunstler cheer you up too much. Who does he talk to about this?
​  Are you aware that in the weeks since the election there have been unusual movements of US military aircraft around the country, including C-130 “Hercules” troop carrier planes? And that the navy has two carrier groups out along the Pacific Coast and three strung along the Atlantic coast? That’s what I hear. Remember, the president cleaned house at the top of the Pentagon this fall, and probably not for nothing. Sounds like preparation for something… some extraordinary executive action to prevent the national security risk known as Joe Biden from being sworn-in as president — in the absence of anything else in a strictly constitutional way that would keep that from happening, like a Supreme Court decision that would order the rare passing on of the disputed 2020 election to the House of Representatives for resolution, with a strong statistical likelihood that the body would re-elect Mr. Trump.
  These are the sorts of things I imagine the Supreme Court justices might be palavering about and weighing over their sherry in the comfortable back room of their august clubhouse. There is, of course, the likelihood that such a momentous decision to send the vote to the House would provoke a violent, batshit crazy response from the Democratic Party’s street warriors, BLM and Antifa — thus the C-130 flights perhaps deploying troops around the country. This time, expect the Black Blocs to get their asses kicked, and swiftly. Expect also a mind-blowing raft of arrests of political celebrities on charges like treason. Does it sound like a bad dream? Yeah, kind of does. But there it is.

Electors meet in the states today:
​  ​And while 33 states require their electors to choose whoever won the state's popular vote, 17 other states don't "bind" their electors - who can vote for whomever they choose. If they cast a vote for another candidate than the one which won the state, they are considered 'faithless electors.' In 2016, two faithless electors didn't vote for Trump, while five faithless electors didn't vote for Hillary Clinton. The seven electors were from Hawaii, Texas and Washington State

  There will need to be gifts-from-above to soften the economic blows which are coming, or have already arrived, depending on how "essential" your work is. Medicare for all and legal pot are the low hanging fruit, and have been for years.
  Cheap gas helps, too, and food banks, but we have to feel like we are getting something new from the system after we suffer losses. 
If we got Medicare for all before the collapse, what could they give us to placate us?
'Seems Like a Good Policy!' CBO Shows Medicare for All Could Cover Everyone for $650 Billion Less Per Year
The analysis shows that administrative costs under a single-payer healthcare system "will be lower than what even the most rabid Medicare for All supporters have traditionally claimed."

Germany Looks To Protect Russia-Led Nord Stream 2 From US Sanctions
​  ​The German state where the controversial Russia-led natural gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 is planned to land has proposed the creation of a state-protected foundation that would hold the assets of Nord Stream in a bid to protect the project from U.S. sanctions, Bloomberg reported on Friday, citing a proposal of the provincial government of Mecklenburg–West Pomerania.

​"European values" are the edicts of unelected Eurocrats. The old, outdated countries believe in national sovereignty. Soros is powerful.
​  ​George Soros is gunning for Angela Merkel, after the German chancellor "caved to Hungarian and Polish extortion." The two populist EU nations had been holding up a 1.8 trillion Euro ($2.2 trillion) budget and pandemic recovery fund over plans to link cash payouts 'to a country's respect for core European values.'

​Vitamin-D, Bill. Ivermectin, Bill...​
Bill Gates Says Lockdowns Should Carry On Into 2022
Declares ‘normal’ will not return until there are “high vaccination rates”

​Stir Crazy​


  1. Thanks so much for the consistent C19 updates, they are really helpful. May be a dumb question but any advice on how to find a physician that agrees with the FLCCC approach? Tried to ask my semi-regular physician who disagreed, they are under the umbrella of our local hospital network. Based out of the DFW area and found they aren't always open to new medical ideas! Also since I never comment, appreciate your garden updates as well, very inspiring, but i've got a ways to go! Thank you!

  2. American Association of Physicians and Surgeons has a list by country and state, of physicians treating for COVID. I'm sorry that the Texas list is not lnoger, but here is the link.