Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Email Inbox Notifications To End Soon

 Dear Readers,

Google is doing away with Feedburner, the widget that allows people to sign up for email notifications of blog posts.

Some people avail themselves of this functionality for Johnday's Blog.

It has been a free-feature, without strings or encumberments, which probably has a lot to do with why it is being discontinued. There are for-profit services, targeting for-profit blogs, but it does not look like there is an equivalent widget.

I hear from reliable sources that MailChimp is involved in communication-sabotage and AI censorship.

Other functions I have looked into appear to be along the same business-model, with same targeted clientele.

This is a disappointment, since I do pay for Blogger, and this has been a useful part of it.

The noose is tightening on the remains of the free-internet we knew 20 years ago, because capturing populations for rent extraction is the currently dominant business model.

John Ward deals with this, and his resentments, which I share, but the most important bit is at the end.

The UK National Health Service made a massive purchase of midazolam before COVID-19 hit, then made it available to hospitals and care-homes early in the pandemic, to help along the passing of the sorely afflicted, without asking. Is there such a thing as "mini-murder". It was completely planned. This drug is used in the US to ease people into general anaesthesia, just before they get the breathing tube put down them, for which they should be fully relaxed. This is like super-Xanax. Mix it with opioids and you can't be bothered to breathe right now. I presume most of the sufferers were also having their pains relieved with opioids, when the got the lovely grandmother's-little-helper.

The drug Midazolam – see yesterday’s Slogpost – is a case in point. Our departed Health Secretary has left a very disturbing timeline behind him. The dumping of NHS patients into care homes probably matches a first-wave “Covid19 blip” of 30,000 additional deaths; in turn, the purchase of vast quantities of Midazolam from April can be correlated with 40,000 hospital entry deaths…and now in 2021 the police investigation of 50,000 UK deaths from Midazolam misuse in general.

We are once more in the surreal land of Thinking sleuths in pursuit of the Unthinkable.

Living With And Without The Machine

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