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Justifying War Escalation

 Reasonably Suspicious,

  Is it time for false flag attacks to justify escalation of US involvement in Ukraine, or is the video-selfie of torturing captured Russians to Death by a Ukrainian soldier in need of some bad press against the Russians?  (Yes, there are further potential explanations.)
  In this video Ukrainian forces show videos of dead civilians by the roadside in a town of Bucha, which they just recaptured from Russian forces, civilians with white armbands, and say the Russians killed them. The Ukrainian soldiers asserting this war crime wear blue arm bands, which signify support for Ukrainian armed forces. Guess what white arm bands mean.
This is supposed to hit the Western news Monday April 4.

Russia has moved forces from around Kiev, which were tying down Ukrainian armed forces in Kiev, and also attracting attacks from those Ukrainian forces. Russian forces are moving to the Donbass, and Ukrainian forces are also likely to move there. It is open farming country, not forested and suburban. It is a different battlefield.
​  ​The main military developments of the last days of fighting in Ukraine were the partial withdrawal of Russian troops from the Kiev and Chernihiv regions and their advance in the East of the country, taking full control of the strategically important town of Izyum in the Kharkiv region.
​  ​In the Kiev region, in the North-Western direction from the capital, the AFU took control of several towns, where fierce fighting continued for weeks. The Kiev grouping of the Ukrainian Armed Forces confirmed control over the cities of Borodyanka, Bucha, Vorzen, Gostomel, Ivankov.​..
​  The decision to reduce its military operations in the Kiev region was presented by the Russian side as a concession to Kiev aimed at the facilitation of the negotiation process between the two sides. The main goal of reducing the Russian military contingent in the Kiev and Chernihiv regions is certainly the strengthening of the Russian and L/DPR groupings in the Donbas region.
​  ​The decision to partially withdraw from the Kiev region is also due to the difficulties faced by Russian forces near the Ukrainian capital.
​  ​Russian troops suffered significant difficulties with logistics in this region. Russian soldiers stayed in field conditions for weeks, and had no opportunity to gain a foothold in the heavily destroyed towns in the suburbs of the capital after the fighting.

Ukrainians seem to have killed Russian POWs "Terrorists, not POWs", pictures. 
Dead bodies do not speak. It's hard to verify and refute stories being told.

About the selfie-video of torturing/murdering Russian POWs:
Ukrainian Journalist Finds Charred Remains Where Alleged War Crime Was Filmed
Ukraine’s commitment to the laws of war is being tested by how it responds to video that appears to show its forces shooting Russian prisoners.

​From a few days ago. I have not watched the videos. The still images and descriptions are enough for me.
​  ​Two weeks ago, the United States government, State Dept., CIA and their allies in Big Tech, made a public announcement {Go Deep} that stated violence against Russians would be officially sanctioned by Facebook, Instagram and Google.  In essence, Big Tech said it was now okay for Russians to be targeted on social media.  Today, video footage is leaked showing graphic torture of Russian POW’s by Ukraine military units.

​One of many insights shared by Michael Hudson in this interview/transcript 
(The  free-ride of the $US financial regime has been to the imperial military, not the American people.):
​  Well, the United States has been getting a free ride internationally. So, much of the prosperity here has been the result of our not having to pay for our own military spending, not having to pay for many of the foreign investments that we’ve got that supply the US with low priced foreign raw materials. All that is being ended by President Biden’s policy, which, of course, the Republicans support just as much as the Democrats.
  So, there’s really a political movement that is ending up impoverishing, I’d say, 99% of Americans. While the Federal Reserve saves the stock and bond market for the 1%, there’s going to be a huge squeeze that’s going to force, I think, most American families into debt leading to probably a close down of a lot of businesses just as you had the Covid crisis closing down a lot of businesses. You’re going to have the rising fuel prices, the rising food prices utterly force families into default and an inability to be self-supporting without either running into debt or selling their homes and becoming renters.

"Meet The New Resource Based Global Reserve Currency", Pepe Escobar (May I suggest: the "Golden-Petro-Ruble")
A new reality is being formed: the unipolar world is irrevocably becoming a thing of the past, a multipolar one is taking shape​ 
 ​The unilateral sanctions made dollars and euros worthless to Russia. Hysteria fits won’t cut it: this will be resolved – but under Russia’s terms. Period. The Foreign Ministry had already warned that refusal to pay for gas in rubles would lead to a serious global crisis of non-payments and serial global-level bankruptcies, a hellish chain reaction of blocked transactions, freezing of collateral assets and closures of credit lines.
​  ​What will happen next is partially predictable. EU companies will receive the new set of rules. They will have time to examine the documents and make a decision. Those that say “no” will be automatically excluded from receiving direct Russian gas shipments – all politico-economic consequences included.
​  ​There will be some compromise, of course. For instance, quite a few EU nations will accept to use rubles and increase their gas acquisitions so they may resell the surplus to their neighbors and make a profit. And some may also decide to buy gas on the go on energy exchanges.
​  ​So Russia is not imposing an ultimatum on anybody. The whole thing will take time – a rolling process. With some sideway action as well. The Duma is contemplating the extension of payment in rubles to other essential products – such as oil, metals, timber, wheat.

NATO's Internal Gold War (Brexit not yet all worked out, you say?)
​  Russia´s new rubles or gold payment requirements for any of its goods or services will necessarily prompt a major gold war between the UK and the EU probably resulting in NATO´s first-ever internal head-on gloves-off confrontation. After WW2 the idea was to keep Europe´s gold bullion safely away from the former Soviet Union and Josef Stalin, just in case. So decades ago current EU member states deposited most of their gold in custody at the Bank of England (BoE) in London. Now, the UK will dare to weaponize the approval of EU gold repatriation requests and other gold-related issues as a very convincing bargaining tool for lots of still unfinished yet most important Brexit business. So,
(a) Whitehall could indefinetly delay the EU gold delivery unless Brexit pending issues are agreed in favor of the UK.
(b) Or, quite simply, the BoE would not ever return such EU gold supposedly kept in custody for the past decades because it has been partially or totally sold off or loaned out or compromised as explained below with former UK Prime Minister James Gordon Brown knowing about it all too well.

"Events Like These Only Happen Once Every Century"
(Global financial reset time, like WW-1 & WW-2 ended the colonialist global financial regime. What's next? Lots of facts & details. Some political agenda.)
We are currently working on a project for an international treaty on the introduction of a new world settlement currency pegged to the national currencies of the participating countries and to exchange commodities that determine real values. We won’t need American and European banks. A new payment system based on modern digital technologies with blockchain is developing in the world, where banks lose their importance. Classical capitalism based on private banks is fading away. International law is being restored. All key international relations, including the issuance of world currency circulation, begin to form on the basis of agreements. At the same time, the significance of national sovereignty is being restored, because sovereign countries are coming to an agreement. The basis of global economic cooperation is joint investment in order to improve the well-being of peoples. Trade liberalization ceases to be some kind of priority, national priorities are respected, each state builds such a system for protecting the internal market and its economic space that it considers necessary. That is, the era of liberal globalization is over​/

​The Saker closes the 4/2/22 update with this:
​  ​"And the other thing is, Russia might have had trouble in heavily urbanized regions like Kiev and its outskirts (which are heavily suburbanized) because not only does it create very narrow killzones where mechanized squads are sitting ducks, but Russia seemed to greatly limit its airpower for fear of hitting all the un-evacuated homes everywhere. This made it extremely difficult to fight. But in the Donbass region, where it’s comparatively de-urbanized, mostly huge expanses of flat fields, farmland, small villages, it will play to all of Russia’s strengths – whereas the Kiev regions played completely to Ukraine’s strength, not only the heavily suburbanized areas but most of the region is heavily forested as well, which allowed the ‘partisan’ and guerilla tactics of the Ukrops to be much more successful than in the lower Donbass region of flat farmlands.
​  ​So I will stick my neck out and predict that the cauldron collapse will be more rapid than people expect now that Russia has made the decision to focus everything onto it. The troops are really chomping at the bit, attacks on their homeland (Belgorod), and the torture of POWs has boiled their blood."

​Jim Kunstler closed his piece with this:
​  ​"Anyway, in case you’ve forgotten, the Biden family melodrama is actually a sideshow to the main event in the center ring right now: the collapse of Western Civ, starring the USA as a once-promising beacon of liberty and decency, now reduced to the equivalent of a homeless fentanyl freak gibbering about gender Marxism in history’s gutter. The scaffold of the economy is collapsing, helped along by “Joe Biden’s” foolish bid to disrupt global banking arrangements, boomeranging right back in Western Civ’s chops, as the supply lines to every conceivable precious commodity from fertilizer to rare earths — with oil in the middle of all that — get recklessly severed. Isn’t it bad enough that we no longer make anything in our country; now we don’t even have access to the stuff we might need if we ever actually considered making stuff again? On top of that, no food for you, O nation of whimpering simps, lost in your Tik-Tok raptures of virtual orgasm. March of 2022 sure was a humdinger. And, of course, April always begins with a joke, before the serious fun starts."

​Don't forget about all of the dead and damaged humans from the last 2 years of the "COVID-Pandemic" control-narrative, please.​
Heart Damage Found in Teens Months After Second Pfizer Shot, Study Shows
A new peer-reviewed study shows more than two-thirds of adolescents with COVID-19 vaccine-related myopericarditis had persistent heart abnormalities months after their initial diagnosis, raising concerns for potential long-term effects and contradicting claims by health officials that the condition is “mild.”

(pictured harvesting Texas heirloom garlic of no military significance)

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