Tuesday, January 17, 2023

D.U.M.B. Prepping

 Human Inhabitants,

  D.U.M.B.s, deep underground military bases, have been knocking around in my peripheral consciousness for days as I did winter-gardening and woodwork in Yoakum, and read through TAE comments before bed at night. Richard Nixon threatening to spill the beans on the CIA and Jerry Ford never went away.
  There is a thread through this, and it includes Catherine Austin Fitts' "parallel society" and however many trillions have gone missing from the Pentagon and HUD budgets. It also includes "continuity of government", and therefore 9/11.
  It's not a "theory", rather it's a "hypothesis". We can just test it by watching passively for the rest of our lives. 
Maybe there are other tests of such a hypothesis which might present themselves as possibilities in our lives.

  Richard Nixon "knew who killed John" and wanted to blackmail the CIA with that knowledge, and he feared the CIA, so let's accept the meme that Dulles Inc. "the agency" was instrumental in arranging that deed, and the regime change it produced. https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/cia-did-watergate
  George H.W. Bush was head of the CIA in 1976 - 1977, under Ford. I have read that Cheney and Rumsfeld began the continuity of government work under Ford, but it says here that they worked on it formally under Reagan/Bush:  https://www.degruyter.com/document/doi/10.1525/9780520929944-016/pdf
  During the 1970s Cheney was assistant to Rumsfeld in high positions and rose to White House Chief of Staff under Ford/Rockefeller. Cheney worked with Halliburton, and knew the score on oil. His "energy policy" under Bush II was to control all of the energy in the world, militarily and economically.
  I hypothesize that the Bush Crime Family has been prominent since the Opium Wars, contributed to assassination attempts against FDR (and maybe an eventual success) and was core to the "Military Industrial Complex" which Ike warned about on his way out. George H.W. Bush always said he couldn't recall where he was on November 22, 1963, but some other people recalled seeing him in Dallas that day.

  You may recall (or not) that "The Limits To Growth" was fairly well accepted as conventional wisdom during the Arab Oil Embargo years of the 1970s, up through Jimmy Carter's sweater-wearing administration, but repudiated by Ronald Reagan, when Bush was VP and running secret wars under the Iran-Contra deal.
  The Limits To Growth was always intended to influence society, to influence governmental policy. The Club of Rome was that kind of "club". There was no real secret that oil was a finite resource back in the 1970s. Nuke-sub Captain, Jimmy Carter had been an acolyte of Admiral Rickover, who was a proponent of M. King Hubbert's work about peak-oil timing, which was correct, as US oil production peaked in 1971 or 1972, as Hubbert had predicted.

  I hypothesize that Cheney et al always accepted The Limits To Growth as factually obvious, as Deng Xiao Peng reportedly did. Furthermore, the Cheney-Bush cabal reasoned that society would not openly accept the changes in consumption, which Carter had sincerely advocated, not even the little things.
  Under cover of "great communicator" Reagan, who "did not believe in limits", and who was working to remove the nuclear threat, Cheney/Rumsfeld worked hard on "continuity of government", in case of a decapitating nuclear first strike from Russia. Hey, it seemed prudent enough... This was a parallel government, complete in every detail, and appears to have been activated and operated on 9/11/01, though factual details remain "classified".

  The "deep state" remained well and healthy under the Clinton administration, which had always coordinated well with the Bush family. The "Global War On Terror" plans were all made up in advance of the 9/11 events, and were immediately activated that day, including the memory-holing of the $US trillions missing from the Pentagon budget, revealed on 9/10/01 by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld.
  Unfortunately, the wing of the Pentagon where the Office of Naval Intelligence was reviewing all those books was the same one hit the next day by the disappearing airliner, which some think was a cruise missile with a penetrating warhead. The investigators died suddenly.

  Deep Underground Military Bases have been under construction since the Russians got the bomb in the US, and were already a fact-in-the-ground in the UK in the first and second world wars. Their locations and budgets have always been classified secrets. Contractors would always know that any work on such national security projects must remain secret. It was always "normal", part of doing government work. It would not be unusual for these bases to be large, to have underground railway connections, to have extensive life-support systems, and to have vast supplies of food, fuel and weaponry.
  Our thoughts usually stop about there, because we just can't get confirmation, so how can we go on?

  We can war-game a scenario in which there is a surface catastrophe and the government/military retreats to command-centers and barracks deep underground for an extended period of time.
  What happens on the surface during this time? That would be important in war-gaming a survival and dominance scenario for the "continuous-government". What if the surface society were not wiped-out, but was able to continue in enough places, with enough factories, farms, fuel and electrical generation to be able to remain essentially functional, at least in some areas? Would that be "good" or "bad" for the "continuity-government"? It seems like it might be either "good" or "bad", depending upon whether the surface-dwellers accepted the underground rule, or rejected it as "unconstitutional", or even "criminal".
  Military planners would seek to maintain full-spectrum-dominance in all scenarios. The DARPA-net would need to maintain lines of communication and command, but how relevant would the local "commanders" remain when people were all having to solve their own problems on the surface?

  How could control of surface inhabitants be maintained? It would have to be well-established ahead of time, or they might have to be wiped out, which would be a vast loss of their work-utility. The underground authorities would not want to expend much stored food or fuel to maintain control/obedience on the surface. Something cheaper, something to just eliminate non-compliers cheaply would be more utilitarian. Controlling communications should be on the short list. AI controlling surface communications would be a very useful feature. Holding some key to life-itself would be extra-special good, but people, plants and animals are self-sufficient under normal circumstances. That one is hard to figure out.
  What if everybody had some kind of illness that could be treated long term and you had all of the medicine? Just thinking out loud here. What are the possibilities? Are there any? Who could look into that?

  What if almost all the surface dwellers in the US got killed, but not in other places, and people came from other places to take over the surface of the US? How could they be controlled? Could they be made obedient? What if they were the Chinese army?
  There are so many scenarios to run, and the need to be dominant runs through all of those scenarios as one of the primary considerations. The need for the surface population to be healthy and productive is secondary to the need for surface dwellers to be universally subservient. That much is kind of like what we see around us every day, especially in the age of COVID, but the subservience is challenged by renegades, who seem to be gaining.
  What now? Can societal control , especially "trust" be renewed somehow, before it degrades into persistent self-reliance? 
Can better lies be made to work, or will it be necessary to resort to partial truths this time (a slippery-slope)?
It is critical to re-establish a good, durable control-narrative, "noble lie".   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noble_lie#:~:text=In%20politics%2C%20a%20noble%20lie,as%20described%20in%20The%20Republic

  Here is another scenario, a catastrophic scenario, in which D.U.M.B.s would also serve well, the scenario of bad space weather from things like "giant meteor", magnetic-field collapse and magnetic pole reversal, solar micronova, and/or another Carrington Event. 
  This is 17 minutes of plausibility. How much should we consider this scenario? I consider it, but don't know how I could afford to prepare against this as a possibility. It would take a lot more money than I have. The presentation is alarmist, but this is alarming if it comes to pass. 
It has all happened in the "distant past". (Well, the Carrington Event was in September 1859  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrington_Event  )

  This is an explanation of the modern timeline of catastrophism, especially relating to magnetic polar shift, which was researched in the 1940s by the OSS (CIA precursor), as pertaining to over the pole navigation of aircraft and ICBMs. Some of that research data got out, and was "debunked" by the CIA, though Albert Einstein had independently come to think that the earth changed rotational axis at times before he died. There have been further developments since then, such as the suddenly more rapidly weakening of earth's magnetic field between 2000 and 2020, and not reported upon since then, though measurements are ongoing. One might presume the now-classified magnetic field strength information to be disturbing to the lay public...

Surface Dweller (pictured in the garden at sunrise, with glass bowls covering tomato seeds for protection from cold fronts)

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